Deal Breakers- What Make Us Hard-Pass On A Product?

I recently was trying a new face mask sample (the Fresh, Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask to be exact) and I was struck by the cucumber scent. Now–I have no problems with cucumbers–I actually really like them, but I know Jess is not a fan. And I wondered if it was just the taste of cucumbers that she was against or cucumber anything.

Which then got me thinking about product deal breakers. Things that are just NOT going to work for you when it comes to a new product. Would a cucumber scent be enough to send Jess running away from the Fresh mask? (it’s actually not included in the description for it and only in the ingredients, btw.) I wondered what other things might be product deal breakers for us–and you!


Why yes, I DO hate the scent of cucumber- it literally makes me gag!!

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Try, try again.

Since I am STILL not allowing myself to spend money on new things and even on some repurchases, I’ve recently been re- trying some beauty products and things that I have had tucked away in my drawer.  Could be that I didn’t initially like them, or had just forgotten about them….  either way,  here are a few things I’m having a second moment with.

Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder in Incandescent

Am I missing something with Hourglass?  Why is this stuff supposed to be so great? I remember two holiday seasons ago being pretty excited to get this in the Sephora “Glow For It” set, and at that time also being pretty unimpressed.  I didn’t use it for very long.  And now giving it another shot, I feel the same.  It’s not that good!  And it’s too expensive to be not that good. Time to give this one away.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

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I don’t think I can understate how badly this winter has affected my skin…. and it’s only just begun!  I cannot remember a winter that has been so cold and so dry so early on in the season.  To say my skin is dry and dehydrated is one thing, but it’s a whole new level of red and irritated on top of that.  I have had to pause any use of exfoliants and retinols, and up my mask game big time.  Here are the three masks that I’ve been rotating between to find some order and relief:

Multivitamin Power Recovery Mask

This mask is hands down my favorite mask of all time.  I’ve been using it for about 13 years now, and it never does me wrong.  It’s super soothing and calming, but also replenishes, hydrates and plumps fine lines.  It saves me in winter, but is perfect in summer as well (I’ve treated a mild sunburn with it.)  It’s just the best.  If you’ve not tried it, you need to.  I’m going to go use it right after I finish this post! Continue reading

Lightning Round: 2017 Beauty Favorites!

Ok Lovelies- 2017 is about to wrap up and we couldn’t be more ready to ring in a fresh new year. Here’s a quick snapshot of everything we reached for most over the past 12 months. Ready? Hands on your buzzers!!

Daytime moisturizer:

J: Dr Jart Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Balm!

L: What Jess said! But I’ll also go with Glossier, Priming Moisturizer

P: Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50


J: NYX Micro Brow pencil

L: Lashfood, Browfood Tinted Brow Enhancing Gelfix in Brunette

P: Glossier Boy Brow


J: L’Oreal Voluminous Feline Noir (waterproof formula)

L: Covergirl Clump Crusher–the green one, for every day, L’Oreal Lash Paradise

P: Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir

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20% off–how we recommend you spend your Sephora discount

Lyn has already spent some serious cash at both the Ulta and Sephora holiday sales. And being the enablers we are–here are our recommendations on what to pick up during this weekend’s Sephora sale and some of the items we have our eye on.


I’m thawing out from my spending freeze for the Sephora 20% off sale! And also because I am most certain I won’t maintain my VIB status next year, because I’ve not spent enough money with them this year. So, I may as well stock up a little? Having said that, most of my purchases will be repurchases because I am trying to at least spend practically or some justification like that.

So, I know I have expressed my dislike for this product at least once or twice on the blog…. but now that I don’t have it, I totally want it again! Yep… I will be repurchasing the Sol De Janeiro Bum Bum cream. I never thought I would! I bought it in the holiday gift pack last year, and will again this year, which includes the lip butter and fragrance mist as well, which both seem exciting to try. The cream itself though, is what I’m after. It is so seriously hydrating. My fall/pre-winter skin misses it immensely. And I kind of miss the scent as well – it’s strong, but in the end I started mixing it with a regular unscented moisturizer and it really made it so much more subdued – and really the scent itself was never my issue…. It was the strength of it.

I can’t say I’ve gotten to the end of a tube of lipstick in forever (probably because I have about 30 currently that I need to use, sitting in a drawer upstairs) but I just ran out of my BITE Beauty Matte Cream Lip Crayon in the color Peche. I originally purchased it specifically to wear for my wedding. It’s taken me three years to use it all up, but I do love it and want it back.

And I will (maybe) be purchasing the Maison Margiela REPLICA fragrance – By The Fireplace, because they are sooooo expensive I would never buy this if I didn’t have 20%. I’m still on the fence about spending the money. These bottles are huge, which is great! But I don’t wear fragrance on a daily basis, and if you remember last year I got the MM REPLICA – Lipstick On, which I still love, but have barely made a dent in. So, this is more of a wish than a need. I honestly really dislike smelling like a campfire (but I really like camping – weird), and if you have smelled this you would think I’m silly to want to wear it, because it smells exactly like a campfire. BUT, the campfire smell is warmer and fades to a woody and sweet vanilla. It’s yummy. I really wish they sold it in the travel size. So, I guess I’ll see how I’m feeling about my finances the day I make my purchases.

Oh yeah…. I might also get this years Glow For It set too. I definitely don’t need it, I have or have had a couple that are in it, but I am also a sucker for highlights. And bonus – it still appears to be in stock, unlike last year.


Alrighty… *rubs hands together*… what’s my plan?? Well, I also need to restock some of my favorites. I continue to love Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash (Lyn!! Why do you hate it so??? It’s minty and cleans everything off without drying you out!!), and that’s a boring thing to spend money on so I’ll grab one with my haul. I might also pick up some Bumble and Bumble Tonic Lotion– I don’t use it every day, but I like having it around, especially in the winter.

And speaking of winter problems, I’m also super stoked about this Dr. Jart Magical Skin Potions set Lyn pointed out last week- you get a FULL SIZE Cicapair Treatment PLUS a bunch of other stuff that I will use (their micellar water is pretty great, and I love a mini) for the price of the balm alone!!

Remember last year when I tried a whole bunch of liquid eyeliners?? Well, I’ve finally used them all up! Then I found a fresh mini sample of some Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in my stash, and realized, once again, that it is actually the best eyeliner ever. So… I’ll be adding that back into my daily rotation. (For the record, still love the Physician’s Formula and the Tarte one totally grew to be one of my faves!)

Now for the fun part: the “things I don’t really need buuuuutttttt…..” list. Since I’ll be in the KVD aisle anyway, I really think I need to pick up one of these new Everlasting Glimmer Veil Liquid Lipsticks. I swatched a few on my hand last time I was in the store, and they are BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, out of control gorgeous. I talked myself out of it because honestly, when will I wear this?? But screw it- it’s the holidays and I need something shiny!! (Which color though???)

I need another eyeshadow palette like…. I don’t need anymore eyeshadow palettes. But! This Tarte Tartelette In Bloom Clay Eyeshadow Palette is calling to me for some reason. Anyone have it? Thoughts?? It seems like just the right combination of shimmers and lights and deeps and would be a good grab and go travel palette…. maybe??

It might be way too expensive for several things I already have, but this Superstars Everyday Must Haves kit is kind of great, right? I might need it. Probably because I am also still using a Beauty Blender from the dawn of time.


I already spent a ton of money on the VIB 20% sale–I posted what I ended up going with on our Facebook page–so here are some things I think you should pick up:

FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna, Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer: This is the most wearable, universally flattering, beautiful lip gloss of all time. I’m not exaggerating. I feel like everyone should have one or three lying around. It’s beyond wonderful and smells amazing. And every time you wear it, it makes Rihanna smile. Go get it!!

LANEIGE, Lip Sleeping Mask: I’m obsessed with this! Since I had some troubles with my old standby, I grabbed this to give it a go. I love it. I wear it every night and throw it on sometimes on no makeup days. Too bad it’s in a pot, but even that doesn’t spoil the magic of this product.

Ouai, Treatment Masque: Yeah, these are stupid expensive. Yes, they work miracles. My hair always looks and feels its best after slapping one of these on. And I get two uses per packet making it slightly more defensible. 

bareMinerals, OIL OBSESSED™ Total Cleansing Oil: Gets makeup off. Has a nice light texture. Makes your skin feel amazing. What more could you want?

Peter Thomas Roth, Mask-A-Holic Kit: I bought a version of this probably two years ago and I’m still working through them. It’s a really nice collection of nearly full size products to fix all face predicaments. Feeling puffy? Go for the cucumber. A little congested? Use the clay mask. Dull looking? Grab the pumpkin. Wanna feel fancy? It’s time for the gold. I’ve never tried their undereye patches, so that’s a bonus! Still a little too much for you, even with the discount? Have fun with these.

And have I mentioned the Anastasia Beverly Hills, Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette? Yes? Ok.

And YAY, PAM!!!! Go get that Bum Bum cream!!!

What have you picked up? Anything you’ve got your eye on? Let us know below!



Glossier Body Hero: first impressions

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Well, of course my favorite company would come out with brand new products in the middle of my self imposed spending freeze.  And not just any new products – body products!  Taking care of my skin is a bit of a passion for me, which is not limited to just my face.  Since I’m in love with Glossier, naturally I ordered these the day they were released.  The Glossier Body Hero Duo is made up of the Daily Oil Wash, an oil cleanser for body and the Daily Perfecting Cream, a daily body moisturizer.  I’ve only had the chance to use both of these products twice (of course I couldn’t wait til I used my current products up!), and here’s what I think of them so far:

Daily Oil Wash

It smells sooooo good!  It’s a subtle sweet orange blossom scent, that’s really refreshing in the morning.  The consistency is basically the same as the L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil, which I love and have written about in a previous post.  I’ve used it directly on my body, the recommended method, which allows the formula to lather up when it mixes with water, and I’ve also used it on my shower loofah, which I think is my preference…. I’m not sure if the benefits to the skin are different using it that way, but it forces me to use way less product –  this is coming from a shower gel over user – I go through shower gels so quickly!

Daily Perfecting Cream

The body cream has the same scent, which again, it’s so good!  And it remains subtle enough that as the day goes on it eventually fades almost completely, which is good as I found it doesn’t over power or clash with any perfume I might decided to wear.  It has light reflecting particles in it, which gives skin an immediate glow, but not in a weird glittery way like the Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum cream, which I could probably write another post about entirely.  The Bum Bum cream is straight up glittery and that annoys me almost as much as its overpowering scent – it’s a good scent, but that’s all I can smell when I wear it….. I could even smell it on my sofa for a few days one time because I sat down too soon after applying it.  Anyway, I digress…. back to the Daily Perfecting Cream.  I would say it’s a medium weight cream that sinks in almost immediately, so getting your skinny jeans on after isn’t a problem.  I’m not sure it’ll be hydrating enough for me going into the colder months, but for now in this transition to fall, it’s good – I wish I had it all summer – it’s probably perfect for the summer months.  My current go to is usually a Body Shop Body Butter, especially in winter.

Both are 8.4 fl. oz. which I feel like is a pretty decent size.  The packaging is super pretty and functional.  And right now you can get them both, as a duo, for $35.00, which is 5 bucks less then if you bought them individually.

And that’s my hot take on the new Glossier body products.  I really like them!  You probably will too, and remember you can get 10% off your purchase with this code!

*As always, purchased with my own money….. that I’m not supposed to be spending on product.



Summer, We’re Not Over You Yet

Summer is the only season that has a distinct beginning and end, and the weeks between Memorial Day and Labor Day zip by entirely too fast! We are scrambling here, as we enter August, to squeeze every last drop out of the remaining dog days of summer. Here’s what’s left on our lists:


How is it already August??!!! While I admit that I do look forward to back to school at our house, to get everyone back into our routines, summer is flying by way too fast. There is a lot I still want to do! Starting with Mile of Music, which is Appleton’s very own music festival in it’s 5th year, and it starts tomorrow! 70 music venues with 900 live music sets. Sound overwhelming? Yeah, it is. Luckily they have an app for the whole thing that conveniently lets you plan out your itinerary if that’s how you roll…. or if you are more of the wandering type, there is literally music everywhere…. If you don’t dig an artist at one venue, there is someone playing next door that you probably will!

Almost every year we get to a county fair, and this year won’t be an exception. I want to eat corndog and a giant ice cream cone, look at some poultry and cows and if we can make it happen, see some monster trucks. I’d settle for a demolition derby or some tractor pulls, but definitely would prefer a monster truck show!

Labor day is my favorite holiday. What’s not to love about a three day weekend? Sure, it’s slightly bittersweet as it signals the end of summer in many ways, but I prefer to think of it as the last hurrah! The last summer holiday to soak in the sun! My requirements for this holiday are a lake to swim in, some cold beverages, burgers on the grill with a campfire and s’mores to follow. We will be camping with friends this Labor day weekend and it should be pretty awesome.

Lastly, the thing that should probably be firstly – I really need to refigure my budget. In April I moved into my own studio space to practice aesthetics and massage out of, after working for someone else for 12 years. Being on my own and working independently has been so great so far…. some days can’t believe how much happier I am. But having said that, I am having to watch my spending much closer now, and in the past few months with having acquired new business expenses as well as some new personal expenses, I really do need to have a sit and recalculate my budget so I have a very clear idea of what’s to come as I head into the rest of the year.


August is the month that causes me panic. All the glorious dreams of hot days by the water and warm nights…also by the water start to feel like missed opportunities. But not this year–I am committed to ending the summer with a bang–or at least a splash.

I haven’t been standup paddleboarding yet. That must change. Jess and I tried to get up on the water at the start of summer but the wind had other ideas. But all is not lost and I will make it on a SUP sometime this month. (jess—what’s your schedule look like in august?)

I have two nieces that I adore and one of my favorite things to do is take them swimming which hasn’t happened, but it still can. I will be poolside at least one time before this month is over, if not more.

Speaking of said nieces, I took my eldest niece to a drive-in movie two years ago and we had a blast! I was super bummed that it didn’t work out last year. I wasn’t going to make the same mistake this summer and yet, we still haven’t gone. Mosquitoes be damned, I am going to the drive-in this summer!

As weird as it sounds, I want one day to just walk around Madison this summer, without any plans and enjoy all the things I love about the city. I’ve only done the market once this year. I’ve been out to the terrace but you can never go too much. I haven’t put on my headphones and set off seeing where the day takes me. I want this to happen. And it will. Soon.


At the beginning of summer, I was ready. June started out solid, and I had a few great pool days, some long morning walks, an amazing NYC weekend, and a lot of rosé. Then it got cold. Then July was crazy stormy. Lately, I feel like I am just going from one freezing cold air-conditioned building to the next. So here we go- full stop, let’s reclaim summer with the following:

Just like Lyn, I need more time on the water. I even bought a membership at a nearby boathouse this year, thinking it would give me a “no excuses” outlook on running over to paddle around randomly throughout the week. Well, turns out I am not that person, but I still need at least one (or two?) good, solid hours paddling and/or floating around on a lake. In previous years, we’ve also done a day trip kayaking down the Wisconsin River- I don’t know if that’s in the cards for us this year, but I hope we can figure it out! (ps- I’d also like to join Lyn on that meandering walk!)

I have not been to the Memorial Union Terrace AT ALL this summer, and that is a mistake!! I could go for a Sunday afternoon with nowhere to be, hanging out with a pitcher of Spotted Cow, lively conversation, and maybe some card games. Who wants to join me??

Just in general, I feel like I need to slow. down. Summers are notoriously busy for me, so it’s easy for it to slip on by. I need more bike rides around the arboretum, visits to the zoo, ice cream stops, and street festivals. Basically, I need to take a month off work! 😉

What’s your favorite season? Do you have any musts left on your list for summer?? Tell us in the comments!!


We just disagree

Of all the products and things we have tried here at E&N, we tend to agree on most of them. From the magic of Mario Bedescu facial sprays to the ridiculousness of the drybar experience, we are nearly always on the same page. Which can actually make it a little challenging to find things to write about since we kinda like and dislike the same things.

before drybar blowouts on top, after on the bottom. we basically spent $50 to look exactly the same as we do every day but fluffier.

So it’s a surprise when we disagree. And when we do–we really do.

What are the products that have us divided? Let’s have at it!


Lyn loves Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint. I do not. And that’s a pretty big statement considering all I ever do on this blog is gush about how amazing Glossier is and how they can do no wrong. It’s not even that it’s wrong, as a product, it’s actually really good. I’m currently trying to save money and instead of buying something new, I’m getting to just using it up. But nope, still don’t love it. It’s not the shade I chose – that seems fine. It’s not the packaging – the packaging is good and user friendly. If I had to put my finger on it, I think it’s really just the consistency I don’t like. It makes me feel like there is a film on my skin – which I know is due to glycerin being a main ingredient – I feel the same filmy feeling on my hands if I use a glycerin soap. And glycerin isn’t a bad ingredient, it’s a humectant, which means it helps retain moisture…. something I certainly need. Perfecting Skin Tint is definitely not a tinted moisturizer, but not quite a foundation. It’s unique. Which is cool, because I can’t say I’ve tried anything else quite like it (see, Glossier rules again with an innovative product). But it’s just not for me. I’m still going to use it up though, waste not, want not…. right?


That’s fair, Pamela. Perfecting Skin Tint does have a different texture–it’s pretty watery–but that’s something I love about it. It’s really light to apply. But it’s also very light coverage–and that’s something else I love. I put on a moisturizer/sunscreen and then pop this on the top. But I get it. It’s not for everyone.

I am prone rants. It’s ridiculous, really. And I got a sample of Origins Checks and Balances face wash, tried it again after trying it years ago and I went on a crazy Snapchat tirade to Pamela and Jess about how much I hate it. (yes, our primary mode of conversation remains Snapchat.) The texture of it feels like it’s separating in my fingers, something about it seems almost metallic and I feel like I can’t get it to rinse off my face. I also don’t think it cleaned my face so much as left a minty scent on it. I thought this was a universal affront to hardworking cleansers everywhere. No kidding–Jess gets a sample of it in a 500 point Sephora gift or something–and she reports back that she loves it and is committing to it as her primary cleanser. I’m still shocked! I feel like I don’t even know you anymore, Jess!!!! (jk, love you!) So yeah–we tend to agree on most things–but we are pretty far apart on this one!


First off- I think it’s hilarious that Lyn hates Checks and Balances. I love it!! I got a sample in a discovery set, and liked it so much I went out and bought a full size. It does a great job taking off my makeup, it’s creamy, frothy, minty, and doesn’t leave my face feeling stripped. *Shrug*. If you get a sample, try it and tell us what you think!

I am very sad to report that I can’t get behind dry shampoo. I really want to, but I just can’t get it to work! Last year, Pamela recommended a bunch of her favorites, and I’ve tried a few of them (NYM and Batiste), plus a bunch of random samples that I’ve collected from Birchbox or whatever, to no avail. It tricks me for just long enough to think it’s working, then later in the day I realize I look like a greaseball. WHAT AM I MISSING GUYS. I spray it on my roots, let it hang for a while, then shake it through with my fingers or a brush. Why isn’t it magic?? *sobs* I am 100% willing to blame this on user error, but for now, I’m just going to wash my hair with regular shampoo and water. Boooooo.

But hey–as Dave Mason says “There ain’t no good guy, there ain’t no bad guy There’s only you and me and we just disagree.”

Have you tried these products? Weigh in with your thoughts below!

Per usual, we bought these products with our own cash, unless it was a sample we were also getting because we were spending cash on something else. Either way, cash was spent.

Freezer jeans.

One quick google search will bring up lots of information both supporting and denying that a great alternative for washing your jeans in the traditional fashion (in the washing machine) is to stick them in the freezer.  I did not google this before trying.  Sure, I’ve heard of it, so it’s probably totally legit, I thought.  But turns out, maybe not.

I love the look and feel of a great pair of vintage Levis.  That’s why I buy them… they’re already perfectly worn in all the right spots by someone else – but they can be pretty pricey these days online and are few and far between at the Goodwills and thrift shops – which leads me to have to wear my own new denim a little more often to try to get that great lived in vintage look and that takes quite some time.  We also at our house like to find small ways to reduce our water usage, specifically by wearing things maybe a few more times if we can before we throw them in the wash.  So after our last camping trip, and a good week of wearing one of my less than broken in new-ish pair of levis, they were starting to finally feel and look really good.  And while I wouldn’t say they smelled bad or were extremely dirty, I felt they could be freshened up a bit but I wanted to keep this lived in feeling and process going.  I had heard about people wearing jeans for a full year !!! or more without machine washing them, but instead putting them into the freezer to clean them.  So I blindly packed them in a plastic bag and threw them in the freezer next to the sourdough bread and tuna steaks.  And then I honestly forgot about them, until this past Friday when I couldn’t find them anywhere.  I happened to need some ice, and ah-ha!  There they were.  It was 82 degrees that day, and putting those babys on in a non air conditioned house was heavenly!  But now they not only still smelled a little dirty as my body heat warmed them up, they also smelled a little like freezer burn. Not cute. So I finally decided to actually do some research into why anyone would put their jeans in the freezer to clean them?  Does it even really work?  I certainly was not sold on this method.  Here’s what I learned:

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Happy 4th!!! and the winner is…

Happy 4th, everyone! We hope you are enjoying time with people you love doing things you love–whether you are traveling, having drinks by the pool or camping.  And of course–wearing plenty of sunscreen regardless of the activity! 🙂

We are excited to congratulate, Val for winning our one year anniversary prize pack!! We hope you love these products as much as we do!

Thank you for continuing to support Everything & Nothings! We raise a toast to you!

We are always looking for new things to write about–so please let us know in the comments if there is any topics you want us to cover, products to review or feature you want added.

And we will leave you with patriotism at it’s best: GaGa and Beyonce-style

(thanks for the inspiration, Kathleen!)

Have a great week!!! Cheers–Lyn, Jess and Pamela