Put A Lime In It: A Poolside Cocktail Guide


I’m really committing to not letting summer pass me by this year, which means Sunday-funday afternoons at the pool are mandatory. While soaking up vitamin D and catching up on my Instagram feed, which beverage should be at arm’s reach?? Let’s discuss options while we cut up some limes:



Despite my Wisco heritage, beer is not my go-to, but I really love a light, refreshing Mexican beer with a lime in it on a hot summer day. It’s kind of like a snack, right? I mean, there’s carbs in it? I’m not too picky or bougie about what kind- I can hang with a Corona or a Dos Equis without complaint. I can’t remember if the lime, traditionally, is to keep bugs away or improve the flavor, but either way, it’s in there. Bonus: beer goes great with Pringles, which are a poolside requirement.

Pro Tip: If you’re really feeling summer, or having a pool party*, mix up a batch of frozen margarita and “float” some on top of your beer. This is called an iceberg, and it is our vacation go-to after we are sick of sweet drinks, but still want something fun in the sun (sorry).

*inviting me to your house to watch Blue Crush counts as a “pool party” 


Sure, making your own sangria is fun and not too hard if you like chopping up stuff! But if you are trying to reduce your kitchen time in order to optimize your pool time, grab yourself a box of Target red sangria and a big bag of mixed frozen fruit. Use the frozen fruit as “ice” in your drink. Squeeze a lime in it. Eat the boozy fruit at the end. Boom!! Snack drinks win again!!

Target wine is tested and vetted by us, but we must tell you to AVOID ED HARDY SANGRIA AT ALL COSTS. Sure, it’s cheeky and the packaging is cute and it gives you a reason to dig out your old trucker hat, but it will split your head in two. TRUST ME.

Rosé Spritzer!

We are kiiiiinda big fans of rosé around here- can you blame us? It’s refreshing and delicious and goes great with a burger. It’s so delicious, though, that it goes down a little too easy, especially if it’s nice and cold. Plus, we’ve all had that day-after-drinking-too-much-wine-in-the-sun hangover, right? It’s unpleasant. A lovely solution to both prolong the life of your bottle of rosé while avoiding total dehydration at the same time is to cut it, 50/50, with some sparkling water. Yes, it’s very 1980’s housewife, but who cares?? It’s fabulous! Garnish it with a lime wheel, throw on some yacht rock, and you are living the life, my friend.



You know what I’m not a fan of? The taste of gin. But I cannot deny that on a super hot, sweltering day, a gin and tonic just hits. the. spot. It’s not at all sweet, which can be cloying on a hot day (plus sweet increases my rate of Pringles consumption), but it’s cold and crisp and it’s a sloooooww sipper. Also: limes.


Sometimes, though, I do want something a little sweet. There is something about the smell of a fresh cut lime that immediately makes me relax and feel strong summer vibes, so crushing a bunch up in a glass with sugar is just full on summer! Add some cachaça (or white rum if it’s on hand) and you, my friend, have made yourself Brazil’s finest drink- the caipirinha! It’s good and smooth on it’s own, but if you’re looking for a long, slow day of day drinking, I’d top it off with a generous pour of- you guessed it- LaCroix. This is a nice one to put in one of those big insulated sippy cups with a straw. Classy AF.

This is an easy one to just keep refilling/diluting with more and more sparkling water, until you have fully converted to a tasty slightly sweet non-alcoholic water/lime drink.

Rum and… !

I am not ashamed to admit that I have big love for spiced rum. And if I’ve been drinking rum, I probably have big love for you. And you. And you!! I love everyone when I’m having rum. My personal favorite is the locally made Cane and Abe rum by Old Sugar Distillery- it’s really special, and drinkable over ice on it’s own (with a wedge of lime, obvs). For poolside, though, I usually have slightly lower standards and a bigger cup to fill, so I’ll reach for the very tasty and cleverly designed Kraken or- hold on- Kirkland spiced rum. Costco rum!! I know! But it’s actually pretty good!! Anyway, what do I mix with it? I’m sure I’ll shock you when I say lime and sparkling water!! OR! A very very spicy ginger beer, if I’m really feeling like a pirate. Aaaarrrrr.

Happy summer, everyone- cheers!!

Pleeeeeeease drink responsibly- pools can be dangerous!!

What are YOU drinking by the pool?? Can I come over? I’ll bring Pringles and limes!!


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