Lyn’s Favorite Songs of 2020

You KNOW how much I love putting together my list of favorites songs of the year. But this year I was dreading it. How would I have any favorite songs when I didn’t listen to any music? And how would music without memories even work since it was just experienced in my house?

But it turns out, music was the consistent friend you often take for granted. Turns out, the playlist with all the songs I liked throughout the year (my WLYN playlist) contained 291 songs–only down from 352 last year!

So the process of going through them was just like any other year–agonizing over what cuts to make and which songs to keep for even 50 song playlist. And then putting them into the perfect order.

A trend was immediately evident as the list came together–and it seems counterintuitive–but actually makes a lot of sense! The majority of the songs are dance songs or songs that are very uptempo. Very little in the way of singer/songwriter types. I like things that kept the mood up and had some spirit to them. The lyrical content could be kinda down, but the overall package had to be up. So you’ll find this list is way more electronic and danceable than any other year. I’m sure there were great albums that came out this year that I never got to, but I just couldn’t with some of them. (looking at you, sufjan stevens.)

It also helps that most of my memories from this year are dance related. From the start of the year when I was working on my dance show (ugh–I still can’t even talk about it not happening) to doing three classes a week consistently since mid-March with new choreo weekly. So much dance–it’s been wonderful! Many of these songs are ones I used in class, which has been my safe space and my grounding force throughout this pandemic.

This year the DJ saved my life, literally.

And with a long winter ahead of us–just a quick plug that anyone is invited to class who wants to give it a try! It’s donation based and you can keep your camera off. It’s very chill and a lot of fun! And we’ve had people from throughout the country join us which is a delight. We also do a little check-in after class just to chat and see how everyone is doing. It’s been a highlight of my year.

Without further ado–here’s the list! I just ask that you play it once all the way through in order and then you can shuffle it. I view it as a two CD set–old-school style–with Disc 1 ending with Rain on Me and Disc 2 starting with Head & Heart–my favorite song of the year!

And from some of the conversations I’ve had with some folks, there was interest in the songs I cut. So here’s 50-100 for those who need more music and have nothing but time! 🙂

What songs and artists were your tops of the year? Anything you had on repeat? I love to throw them into a playlist and check them out, so add them in the comments!

And if you aren’t following me on Spotify–get on it! I’ll be dropping my favorite albums of the year playlist soon and it is pretty fantastic, if I do say so myself. (and you know i do!) 😉

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