I tried Barre classes…..

and didn’t murder anyone. But I can’t walk very fast right now, and sitting for too long results in me swearing a lot once I try to stand up. So yeah, I’m pretty sore, as you may have guessed, and I fully expected this. I haven’t been all that great with my fitness regime this past year, and have been wanting (actually, NEEDING) to find something that I liked enough to stick with and hopefully tone up and lose a little weight because… if I am being honest, my pants don’t really fit me that well right now. That something is Barre. What is barre anyway? It’s not the kind that you drink at, which is probably one of the things (wine) that got me into this situation with my pants…. also, pizza. Barre is a class that uses ballet inspired movements as well as some exercises with light weights and some Pilates, to tone and strengthen your entire body. Using a series of high repetition and small isometric movements, you WILL want to say all of the swear words. Some of the class is done at the barre and some of it on your yoga mat. And at this particular point in my life (40) I really feel like this class is just the right amount of resistance and movement while still remaining low impact, that I want/need (and I also probably like it because I really wanted to be a ballerina when I was a little girl.) You don’t need any prior training or experience with ballet or dance, and even if you think you may be the most uncoordinated person around, you can do this. Trust me. It wasn’t scary at all! Nor did it feel awkward… even the part when we did these up-down bridge booty squeeze moves while laying on our backs with our feet on the barre to Pony (Real talk: it was my favorite one so far. Thanks Channing Tatum!). I have committed myself to three months of classes and plan to go 4 times a week at least. I should probably lay off the rosé and pizza as well. Stay tuned for updates.

UPDATE! It’s been three full weeks since I started writing this post, and I’ve been sticking to my plan of going to barre 4 times a week (I’ve been going 5!). Firstly, I feel great mentally. Not having a regular fitness routine was making me kind of crabby, I now realize. Though I am still sore every week, it’s a good sore…. the kind that lets you know that you are definitely making changes to your muscles and body (not the swearing kind of sore) And, I see results! My arms are showing more definition, my clothes are fitting better and I can actually tell that I DO have abs (come through abs!) I have yet to lay off the rosé and pizza. Baby steps. Additionally I should add that I have now committed myself to a year membership! Is barre right for you? Find a studio and give it a try. It can’t hurt, right? (ummm…. Yes…. it can…. and it will….. but in a good way!)

Our Can’t Live Without Summer Essentials

Summer is so great, and yet so fleeting. The three of us are in complete agreement that summer is not the time to be futzing with products but should instead be spent with sun on our faces–protected by sunscreen–obvs, toes in the water and summer tunes in our ears (our full summer playlist at the bottom). So we’ve broken down our top three summer essentials–at least two of us did *cough JESS cough*–and can’t wait to hear yours!


SPF for face and body – I’ve been called the sunscreen police once or twice before. Sun protection is really important, people! No matter the season I ALWAYS have sun protection on my face, but in summer, with so much skin exposed I lather up full body, daily as well…. you never know when you might find yourself outside when the days are long and the sun is out. For face I opt for a moisturizer with an SPF, and whatever I put on over that as far as SPF in my makeup is a bonus. This year I am really liking Dermalogica’s Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50 for face, and Juice Beauty SPF 30 Sport Sunscreen for body.

Official summer jams – To me a summer jam is either a song I fall in love with over summer or just a song that embodies the feeling of summer…. driving with the windows down, sun shining, singing along.   Could be new, could be old…. but it has to be played non stop, all summer long.  In any case, these are my 2016 summer jams thus far:

Usher – Crash

Beck – Wow

Leisure – All Over You

Sam Hunt – Make You Miss Me

Bronzer – With wearing sunscreen (properly) I rarely get much of any color, especially on my face. But like most of us, I feel a little golden color in the summer months is just really pretty.  Enter bronzer. I have always shied away from bronzer due to the fact that it just seemed to make me look dirty…. not a good look. It turns out though, I just needed to find the right one.  This year on a whim while at Target, I decided to buy Wet n Wild’s Color Icon Bronzer with SPF 15 in the shade Ticket to Brazil.  You guys.  I LOVE this bronzer!  I was intrigued initially with the SPF in it (bonus SPF – never a bad thing) and the price is definitely right at $3.99.  It’s a big pan, so you get a ton of product for the money. Also it’s not matte, it has a very slight sheen which I feel like for me personally makes it more wearable (and not dirty looking).  I have been using it in place of my blush as well as a little on my forehead along my hairline, my neck, on my collarbones, and shoulders if I’m wearing a sleeveless shirt. Throw on some highlighter and a bold lip and I’m good to go. I think it’s pretty great.


St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub – There was a time I used this classic scrub on my face—horror! Even reformulated, it’s a bit too harsh as a facial scrub. But it’s perfect for the back of your arms, chest, and back—all the places that get uncovered in the summer—and could be prone to bumps or breakouts.  And I wax and I’ve found it works great at preventing ingrown hairs. Plus it’s cheap—less than $5—and I get it at Target.

Easy Go-to Eye Makeup Routine – I start this look with the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Minor Sin. This primer works great as a stand-alone shadow. It provides shimmer but not in an overwhelming way. Mostly—it looks like you are awake and put some sort of effort into getting ready for the day—even though all you had to do was dab a little on your finger and pat it into place. It doesn’t crease and legit lasts all day–it even stands up against summer sweatiness. (If you already own the Urban Decay Naked palette–and you’re not in the market for a new product–you can also just use the “Sin” powder shadow to get the summer shimmer effect.)  I like to complete the look by lining my lower lashes with Urban Decay Sidecar, which is also in the Naked palette and using my favorite summer mascara, the CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara. I love all the options in this line–but my favorite is the green tube–it lengthens your lashes, but still looks fresh and natural, and stays put. One might even say it’s easy, breezy, beautiful

Favorite Summer Songs, Latin edition Nothing says summertime to me like these five tracks:

Suavemente, Elvis Crespo

Salome, Chayanne

Bidi Bidi Bom Bom, Selena

Magdalena, Mi Amore (quimbara), DLG

La Tortura, Shakira with Alejandro Sanz


Summer Hair is the Best Hair – I know it’s not a popular opinion, but I love love love my hair in summer, especially since getting it chopped off to chin length last month. My secret to this love? Verb Sea Spray. I use it on wet hair after washing, but also to refresh and scrunch dry or damp hair later in the week. It gives your hair enough “dirt” to hold a style without feeling weighed down and gross, plus it smells fresh, not perfumey or like coconuts. A second must-have in my summer hair arsenal, after I noticed my hairstylist friend using it on herself and her daughter periodically while poolside in Mexico, is Bumble and Bumble Tonic Lotion. This is a great detangler, product re-activator, and just makes your scalp feel good. It even soothed a little sunburn I got on my forehead once! I always keep a travel size of this guy in my beach tote. Despite these miracle sprays, I also love that, in summer, it’s much easier to get away with tying a cute scarf or bandana around your dirty pool hair, or wear a trucker hat to the gym. Summer! A time to embrace your inner slacker!!

Vans! – Someday, I will gather all of my Vans in one place and realize that I have a problem. That day, however, is not today. I love the timeless look of a classic Vans Slip-On, and yes, my all time favorite is the “Spicoli” black and white checkerboard. Some people might think “oh, but what would you wear with such a zany print?”, and the answer is EVERYTHING. Jeans, shorts, casual dresses, leggings… turns out, checkerboard is a neutral. Who knew?? These are the shoes I would pack if I was following Lyn’s packing rules. They offer the summertime ease of a flip flop (no socks, needed, slide them on and you’re out the door) without the danger of flip flops (I drive stick, plus chasing an ice cream truck down in flippies is hard). Bonus: easy on and off in airport security, and I can deadlift in them. Vans are super affordable, so having several flavors to choose from, based on your mood, is fun and easy. Vans! (Real talk: while writing this, I may have perused the Vans site and considered buying more…)

Summer Blockbuster Movies – I’m not sure why- maybe because I share a birthday with JAWS, maybe because I spent my childhood summers living up north where movies were our main source of family fun- but I have always loved summer blockbusters. Please give me aliens, explosions, dinosaurs, superheroes, natural disasters, unnatural disasters, sharks, snappy one-liners, improbable scenarios, science experiments gone awry, giant insects, and Jeff Goldblum to save the day. This summer, I am super excited for Ghostbusters, The Shallows, Star Trek Beyond, Suicide Squad, and obviously, Independence Day: Resurgence, even though the reviews are total shit. (I am saving The Conjuring 2 for Haunted October- no spoilers!)

And overachieving with an extra essential…

Jess’s party boat jams –

Head Over Heels- the Go Go’s

Five More Hours- Deorro ft Chris Brown

All Night Long- Lionel Richie

Don’t Let Me Down- Chainsmokers



My Top Ten Tried and True Tips for Packing Light

I’m not a planner. And I’m not generally an organized person. At all. Except when it comes to packing.

I really don’t like to carry heavy bags—and I don’t want to wait for a checked bag—so packing light is a necessity for me.

I just got back yesterday from four days in New Orleans for work and I’m leaving in three days for a vacation in Copenhagen (yup—that sounds completely ridiculous and made up—but it’s real).  So you can believe these tips are tried and true.

Here are my top ten tricks to traveling light with a carry-on—even for more than a week—with room for purchases:


  1. Roll everything: I can’t remember where I learned this trick—probably on Oprah back in the day—but it’s legit in keeping your packing game tight. It makes your clothes compact and easy to cram into tight spaces.
  2. Wear dresses: Dresses make packing light easy because: math. It’s takes less space to pack one thing versus two. Plus dresses roll easily. Bonus points for packing dresses in fabrics that don’t wrinkle i.e. no linen ever.
  3. Bring one pair of jeans: Seriously—just bring your favorite pair. You’ll feel the most comfortable in them and you can just hang them up at night if they need some airing out.
  4. Maximize your bra game: I try to bring just one black, white and/or nude bra for traveling. I also prefer bralettes which roll down to nothing. But if you need a bra that offers more coverage—just stick to ones that go with the most outfits and plan to re-wear them during the trip. You can always wash them in the sink and air dry overnight.
  5. Plan ahead: I know—I’m not a planner—but I do plan what I’m going to wear. And I don’t give myself options. I plan exactly what I will wear including the undergarments that go with them.
  6. One pair of shoes, two max: Don’t think about shoes as fashion, think about shoes for function. Shoes are heavy and take up too much space. Ask yourself:  what can you walk in and what goes with everything?  Bring day-to-night black flats and a pair of running shoes/trainers—if the trip calls for them. Bring Vans or Converse or sneakers that can go casual with your jeans or funky with a dress. Bring sandals that go with everything. But no more than two pairs.
  7. Pack an extra bag: Roll up a canvas bag or a drawstring backpack and pack it at the bottom of your bag. Now you have extra space for new purchases and it can double as a purse. Or at least serve as a laundry bag.
  8. Holy Grail makeup only—and preferably ones that don’t require lots of tools: Pack only the makeup you love, what’s absolutely necessary and what you know works best. If you can skip a step, like your powder, skip it. I go with one foundation like a CC cream with sunscreen so no primer  is needed, a stick blush, one eyeshadow palette, eye lash curler, mascara, and a couple lipsticks—generally my favorite red (OMG! my favorite red is discontinued!!!!) and a nude. I will generally skip my brows (although the Glossier Boy Brow Pam got me for my birthday is small and divine—so I’ll probably add this to my kit), a highlighter, bronzer and liners. But if this sounds like horror to you, pack what you need, but just pack one.
  9. Bust out skin care samples: All those Sephora packets you have lying around—use them. While I don’t recommend experimenting with makeup when you travel, I do think it’s a good time to try new samples. They are packed in travel ready containers, are small and can easily be shoved in small side pockets or between layers of clothes. Plus you can toss them out when you’re done leaving more room for new purchases.
  10.  Remember–most places have stores: Even when hiking in the Himalayas I was able to purchase a face mask when I desperately needed one and a deep hair conditioner that saved my life. You don’t have to plan for all scenarios. Just buy something once you’re there if you need it.

Here’s to a summer filled with carefree travel! What are your favorite packing tips or products for packing light?

Product Test Drive: The Quest for Beautiful Lady Feet

ladyfeetA few Fridays ago, I found myself with a few (rare) hours to myself. I wandered around Ulta a bit and came upon the TonyMoly display. I’ve used TonyMoly face masks in the past, and liked them a lot- Korean beauty products are some next level stuff. So, when I came upon the “Changing U Magic Foot Peeling Shoes”… I mean, how can I pass that up?? At $6.99 plus a bottle of rose’, it was easy to decide that my Friday night would be made of magic. And feet.

I regret that I did not document this experience more thoroughly. Honestly, I had pretty low expectations: 1. How much can $6.99 do? 2. The ingredients list things like apples, lemons, grapes, aloe, rose hip oil… I wasn’t scared. 3. My feet, while not super hideous, are pretty beat up. I train barefoot, and often work barefoot, so I didn’t expect this tiny packet to perform a miracle.

Most of the instructions are in Korean. The English instructions on the package begin with the statement “steps that can transform and average-looking woman into an attractive lady”. Obviously, yes, that is what we are here for, and I appreciate your straight-forward attitude, TonyMoly.


However, you must begin this process looking like a hobo by putting giant paper socks on your feet for 90 minutes. They were wet and squishy inside, but pleasant smelling. I had to wear my Adidas slides in order to not kill myself moving around the house. Vogue is going to be all over this look come fall.

After an hour and a half, the instructions say to just wash your feet. Don’t scrub or peel them forcefully, because in “4 to 6 days, the dead cells will naturally start falling off your feet”. Oh, ok. And then it will take up to 2 weeks to see results. Whatever- I rinsed my feet, saw no visible difference (maybe they were a little softer?), and went on with my life.

I wasn’t prepared for the horror.

The following Monday, I was enjoying my kettlebell class, barefoot, as you do. We were doing a move that requires standing up from a kneeling lunge. I looked down, and realized the tops of my feet, which had been rubbing against the floor, were peeling. I looked around my feet, and noticed I was leaving flakes of skin on my yoga mat. I joked that I hoped no one got murdered at the studio, because my DNA was everywhere.

I resigned myself to wearing socks the rest of the week. My feet looked like they were peeling from a nasty sunburn, minus the burn part. On Friday (one week past the initial treatment), I decided to do some deadlifts during a break in clients. Barefoot. I wasn’t paying attention to the snowstorm that occurred as I removed my socks. I hinged over to grab the barbell, and OH DEAR GOD. My feet were peeling from all sides!! I was leaving NICKEL SIZED CHUNKS OF SKIN all over the floor!! WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?!?! Even the sides of my toes were peeling!! It was truly a terror. I jammed my shoes back on for the remainder of my workout, and that night, gave my feet a thorough pumice stone scrubbing.

after scrubbing. not kidding.

after scrubbing. not kidding.

It didn’t help. It was like I was trying to unravel a skin-sweater, and someone kept knitting… and knitting… and knitting…

I wondered if I would even still have feet after this.

Another week has gone by, and I am pleased to report that I do, in fact, still have feet! And they are mostly done peeling… I think. Are they the feet of a beautiful lady? Well, I would say they are slightly softer in places, but my heels are still on the rough side. I do not feel inclined to ever do this again, but if you want to try it, I would recommend waiting until winter, when your feet are generally hidden away. Next time, I think I’ll just stick to their face masks and pony up for a pedicure.

Want us to test drive something? Ask, and we might! Unless it’s scary. Or painful. Or permanent. xo


Is the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray Worth the Crazy Price?

In a word–yes. At least it is for me.

I have hair issues. My hair makes me crazy. I have thick hair–as in–each strand is thick AND I have a lot of hair. Seriously–I could floss my teeth with a strand of my hair–not that I’ve tried. Because my hair is thick, it laughs at hair spray. Hair spray works for approximately the amount of time it takes me to spray my hair and leave my house until it flattens out again. The only benefit to my hair’s insatiable ability to absorb Aquanet is that I don’t have regrettable sky-high bang pictures from my youth. Not that I didn’t try.


can you spot me by my drooping bangs?

My hair is also wavy. In an unpredictable, annoying kind of way. Some days–it almost appears curly–and other days it looks like I had my hair in a ponytail too long and my hair is just bent. (comment below if you feel me!)

And my hair is soft. I get this could be considered a good thing. But it means it can feel clingy and unmanageable. (i’ve been told i wash my hair too much–which is fair–and a post for another day.)

In general–my hair controls me–and not the other way around.


I decided to try the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray because it seemed like every YouTuber I follow had it on a “holy grail” list or as part of hair routine.

I started with the travel size, which is still a pricey $22 for 2.2 oz.


I quickly found this spray gives my hair the texture I’m looking for, especially on days when it’s stuck to my face. It helps define my waves and makes them appear more intentional than unruly. And it provides a bit of hold. It’s still not going to keep my hair in any sort of unnatural, upright position, but it gives it some body and definitely some height at the roots. Basically–it’s the first finishing product I’ve found that accomplishes all of the things I’d want to address my mess.

big oribe

So I’ve committed to the full-size can and now it is a staple in my hair routine, too. In fact–I’m such a convert–I keep a travel size in my purse for daytime boosts or post dance class refreshing AND a can in my car for a lift after hours of driving.

I purchase this product through Birchbox because of their reward program


but you can also find it on Net-a-Porter.  I bought a few things on Net-a-Porter and found they have speedy delivery and a good return policy, so you can send it back if you don’t like it. Plus it makes you feel fancy! But Amazon works, too.

The product claims to work for all hair types, and I’m curious to hear if this is true. So if you’ve tried it before–or decide to give it a go—let me know your thoughts. I’m also game to try other texturizing sprays that you love to see how they stack up, especially given Oribe’s hefty price tag. But for now—the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray has definitely made my Holy Grail list, too.

(P.S. I have tried the Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray when it was a Birchbox sample. It’s fine. But it wasn’t enough to make me switch over even though it’s a little cheaper than the original. I have not tried the Oribe Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray—yet—so I can’t compare it to the other two options.)




Product Review aka You Need This

milky jelly cleanser

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

I am an esthetician, so naturally, skin care is really important to me. I am also a product junkie. Glossier has been a brand on my radar for quite some time now, so I pulled the trigger and ordered a few products. First of all, I should comment on the package itself. If you want to get something delivered on your doorstep that makes you feel girly and sophisticated and just really special all at the same time, stop reading and go order immediately. You won’t be let down. Now, as a self described product junkie, I’m sure you can guess that I did not *need* a new cleanser, but none the less I was compelled to add their Milky Jelly Cleanser to my shopping cart (all in the name of research, of course). Best decision ever. Packed with a bunch of healing and moisturizing ingredients, the stand out is poloxamer, which is the same ingredient found in contact lens solution. Which is what makes this cleanser super gentle (and really special), so it’s totally safe to use on your eyes. And let’s face it, at the end of the day I pretty much want to get my makeup off and my sweats on ASAP, without having to try too hard. Simply put, Milky Jelly Cleanser removes all of your makeup like a boss, but most importantly, your eye makeup, which is gold if you don’t like to/can’t be bothered to use multiple products (unless you’re wearing something waterproof on your eyes, then you should probably use an oil cleanser on that first)! Use it in the morning on wet skin, or in the evening on dry skin, to melt away dirt and makeup. The scent is light and pleasant and rosy. I am in love. Oh hey, and here’s a link to get 20% off your first order! http://bff.glossier.com/dPZ4T You’re welcome!

PS. As long as you’re ordering, you may as well add a Coconut Balm Dotcom to your cart. Unless you don’t like satisfyingly thick, moisturizing and soothing multi purpose balms that smell like a beach vacation. The answer to that is yes. Yes you do. And you need this in your life.

Pretty Good, Actually: 6 of Jess’s Drugstore Faves

Pretty Good, Actually is a regular feature where we tell you about stuff that we think you might be surprised to find out is pretty good, actually. 

It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of high-end makeup. I know- I’m a card carrying Sephora VIB AND Ulta Platinum Rewards…. card carrier? Anyway, I love makeup, and sometimes I feel you really do get what you pay for as far as quality goes. But, you know, it doesn’t take much arm twisting on my part to try new makeup, and if it’s something I can pick up in the same errand as cat food and half n half, even better. Lately, the drugstore lines have really upped their games, and these are some products I am consistently reaching for OVER their high-end fancy pants counterparts:

drugstore 0516

1. Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Powder Foundation

I don’t go for full coverage with my foundation on most days- usually I use a BB cream, then dust a light veil of powder on to set things and even out my skin tone. I have been incredibly faithful to Kat Von D’s foundation powder for a good 2 years now, and still love it, but as I was coming to the end of my last compact I felt really grumpy about spending $35 on powder. I was roaming Target (as you do) and decided to give this Maybelline powder a whirl- at $5.99, I didn’t have high hopes, but also didn’t feel like it was going to sting too badly if it didn’t work out. YOU GUYS: this is a total dupe! I might even like it better than my trusty KvD. It’s a little less milled/creamy in texture, but it really holds up all day, blends great, doesn’t look “powdery” but keeps my face from being oily, and a little goes a long way. Total win!

2. Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24 Hour Cream Gel Shadow

Some days, you want to not look dead, but you also don’t want to make a big deal about putting on makeup. Or you’re kind of hungover. And you were supposed to leave the house 5 minutes ago. I get it! This is a product that works in these situations- similar to the MAC Paint Pots, this is an easy to apply eye shadow cream (you can just pat it on with your finger- less risk of poking out an eye with a pointy brush) and it sets into a smudge-proof, crease-proof, kind of subtle but kind of special something. This also works great as a base for more elaborate looks, but lets not over complicate a good thing right now! Also this is right around $6 a pop. BOOM. I especially enjoy the shade Bad To The Bronze. Wait… is that a Buffy reference???

3. Cover Girl The Super Sizer by LashBlast Waterproof Mascara

While we’re hanging out around our eyeballs, let’s talk mascara. Now, I’m pretty picky about my mascara, but also fair-weather when it comes to loyalty. I have wicked bad allergies, and my eyes tend to be watery, so I almost always have to go with a waterproof formula. I am also susceptible to raccooning under my eyes as the day wears on, so I like a mascara that doesn’t flake or transfer easily, especially if I mindlessly rub my eye (allergies are THE WORST). Recently I picked this guy up on a whim before a beach vacation, and was so impressed by it’s performance in the pool that it has quickly wandered into my daily routine.

4. Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise Ink Pen Eyeliner

I talk about eyeliner more in depth in another post, but a good liquid liner is a staple in my makeup wardrobe. This one is not my all time favorite, but it’s an excellent choice for around $8. The formula is easy to apply- the slightly flexible felt tip makes for a pretty easy application, even if you’re still half asleep. It has decent staying power and doesn’t transfer too badly once it dries down. I like this one on Monday mornings when I have to be to work extra early and deal with people right off the bat.

5. Cover Girl Oh Sugar! Vitamin Infused Balm

For as much as I love a bold lip, they can sometimes be a little more than you’re willing to deal with on a trip to the grocery store. (But not always! Rock that bold lip anywhere, friend!!) I have been a fan of Fresh Sugar’s tinted lip balms for years, but holy bananas, they are PRICEY. Cover Girl was nice enough to launch this stand-in last winter, right at the height of my feeling-pathetic-about-my-dry-winter-lips phase. I was pleasantly surprised! These go on really smoothly, have just enough tint to make them look like something is happening, and continue to feel good on your lips for a few hours. Because I’m super classy, I can also vouch that they do a great job refreshing partially worn off lipstick that you are too lazy to reapply. This guy is always in my purse, ready to go.

6. Nyx Micro Brow Pencil

Nyx can be hit or miss for me, but THIS PRODUCT IS THE JAM!!! I cannot express how much I love this little dude. In a world where everyone is selling you $20+ eyebrow pencils, this guy comes in at just under $10 (and Nyx is often BOGO50 at Ulta), and it is THE BEST. The formula is a little on the stiff side, which is perfect for a soft, sketchy application, which you can buff out with the spoolie brush on the other end. The color is spot on for me (I’m in Espresso), it doesn’t come off until you want it to, and it doesn’t go on so heavy that you can feel it when you express emotions. I use this pretty much every day and have yet to break into my backup pencil that I bought months ago fearing that I was about to run out.

So there you have it! I didn’t realize how much Maybelline was killing it until I put this together. Huh. What are your favorite bargain products?? Comment below!


Lyn’s 7 for 7–Summer Jams

Lyn’s 7 for 7 is a week’s worth of music you should know.  This week’s 7 for 7 playlist contains your fresh summer jams. They are sticky. They are sexy. They are smooth. And none of these songs have been played to death by Top 40 radio–yet!–so get them while they’re hot!

  1. Something About You, Majid Jordan
  2. Am I Wrong, Anderson.Paak featuring Schoolboy Q
  3. Into You, Ariana Grande
  4. In Common, Alicia Keys
  5. waves (Tame Impala remix), Miguel
  6. Girls Like, Tinie Tempah featuring Zara Larsson
  7. All My Friends, Snakehips featuring Tinashe and Chance the Rapper

Pop on this playlist–either using the YouTube player or Spotify playlist below–and get your summer groove on.




Rosé All Day

I don’t know much about wine. But I DO know I like it. And in summer my wine of choice is rosé. This summer I plan to try many different rosés and you’ll get to hear what I think about them. Let’s enjoy a glass together!

EAT, DRINK, LOVE Rosé 2015 - Mouton Noir Wines

EAT, DRINK, LOVE Rosé 2015 – Mouton Noir Wines

EAT DRINK LOVE is a rosé I picked up at World Market. They were having a sale, and who am I to argue? If I am honest, the label and name are really what sold me on this one. This beauty is bottled by Mouton Noir Wines in Dundee, Oregon and it is delicious! It tastes like strawberries and tart rhubarb, but it’s not sweet and not too dry. Pretty great on a steamy, humid Friday night (I opened it on May 27th, and the weather was steamy. Not normal for May in Wisconsin.) And it is the prettiest pale salmony pink, you know, like the color of the bathroom at your grandmother’s house. The label says only 34 barrels produced, and I’m not sure exactly how big a barrel is, but you might want to move on this on this one asap. I’m planning to go get more… sale or not. Cheers!

Do you have any favorites Rosés? What should I try next?

*Hey party people, please drink your rosé responsibly.

We Don’t Know How To Feel About Eyeliner


Lyn: I’m kinda the worst when it comes to eyeliner. In my defense–there are three key reasons why liner and I aren’t friends.

  1. I’m super klutzy with it. It’s never even and can look super janky. It also doesn’t help that I’m always running late and perfect eyeliner takes a patience I don’t have.
  2. I feel like it takes hours before my upper lids aren’t completely puffy in the morning. (There really ought to be a serum/primer to help with this–UD get on it!) Within minutes–it looks like the liner is an inch from my lash line–no matter how tight I try to apply it..
  3. I read that putting eyeliner on small eyes makes them look smaller. This probably isn’t true–but given the above issues—it gives me a reason to skip this step.

But my January Birchbox gave me new eyeliner hope. (Yes–I still get Birchbox–and Ipsy. I’m always one month from cancelling but then…) I received the Eyeko Fat Liquid Eyeliner–and I love it. I’ve been getting Birchbox for so long–this is the second Eyeko liner I’ve received. I actually really liked the other one too. And it lasted a really long time before drying out.  

This liner creates a really heavy line. It’s easy to hold and works like a marker. But because the line is so thick–which I love (ask Jess and Pam about my Flair addiction)–I can really give it one swipe and it’s pretty good to go. So when I wear a bold, black liner–this Eyeko liner has been the one I reach for–and will definitely be repurchasing.



Jess: I wear eyeliner quite a bit. Not every day, but when I do, it’s because I’m either trying to really bump up my look, OR I’m having a super lazy/rushed morning and trying to fake that I am put together and/or awake.

On a regular day, or as a base on a fancy day, I reach for my favorite Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil. Over the years, I’ve collected quite the range of colors- these pencils are so creamy and easy to use, and the color range is amazing- but my go-to shade is Hustle, a slightly metallic medium-brown. It is pretty fool-proof to apply in a hurry, and adds something special while staying neutral and daytime appropriate. My second favorite is Perversion, the blackest blackety black pencil in the universe. This one is definitely reserved for Super Fancy Makeup days, because the drama is real! It’s perfect for lining the inner rim/waterline.*

I’m also a big fan of liquid-lined eyes for days when I can’t deal. I realize this sounds like an oxymoron, but hear me out: If I throw on a winged liner, a quick coat of mascara, and some long-wear bold lipstick, I don’t need much else, and I am good for the entire day. I look like I’m actually awake, and I don’t have to worry about touch-ups, transfers, or Snapchatting while looking like a monster. This look takes about 3 minutes to achieve, and makes an early Monday morning outfit of black leggings and a t-shirt look suddenly chic.

lazy vs fancy

lazy vs fancy

My all time favorite, holy grail, ride-or-die liquid liner is Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner in Trooper. It is unique in that the tip is an actual brush, providing a line that is easy to apply and make as thick or thin as you like. This liner also lasts, like, forever. I’m sure you’re not supposed to keep using a liquid eyeliner for a year, but… it’s just so consistently good. It wears all day, the color is super pigmented and once it’s dry, it is LOCKED IN. This will be a liner that I will mourn if it is ever discontinued.

A drugstore runner-up that I’ve been enjoying is the Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise Ink Pen Eyeliner– it has a felt tip, but it is flexible enough to make application pretty foolproof. I’ve only had it a few weeks, though, and the tip is starting to dry out. But, for less than $10, it’s a good back up in a pinch.

*I’m pretty sure Lyn’s inside-voice telling her that eyeliner makes your eyes look smaller is a throwback myth from the 80’s, when girls (the “burnouts”, we’d call them) would wear black liner ONLY on the inner rims of their eyes. I hated this look so much that I refused to line my waterline until only, like, within the last decade. Lining the rim can instsantly make your look more dramatic- just be sure to also outline the OUTSIDE of your eye to make it look more open and bigger. You can also fake looking awake by lining the inner rim with a nude or white pencil.

Pamela: I NEVER wear eyeliner.  I have nothing to contribute to this post.  The end.  Okay, not really.  I do sometimes wear it.  Like, twice a year.  I think the reason I rarely wear eyeliner is a combination of, I am really, really bad at applying it, and I have never found one eyeliner I have loved and that has given me the look that I want/wish for.  Having said that I LOVE the look of liner and am totally jealous of girls that can pull off a fierce winged line.  It’s my dream.

I purchased the Kat Von D Tattoo liner that Jess loves so madly because she loves it, (and it looks great on her), but I can’t get it to work for me…. not to the point where I think it looks good at least. If I do try to do a winged liner I def have to use post-it’s or scotch tape  to get clean lines. And even at that it usually still looks like a mess and takes a good half hour. Plus, the KVD tattoo liner looks shiny to me, and I don’t dig that in an eyeliner (ask me about my highlight addiction though. That’s a WHOLE different story.)
The one go to liner I do have that I can manage a simple line with is the Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes liner in 1L-star black, which is a muted black with a tiny bit of shimmer. I feel that it’s buildable and easier to correct mistakes. If I am wearing this one though, I usually wind up smudging it out for a smokey look (because I just can’t be bothered to fix all the mistaking that’s happening.) All in all I’m often not sure if I have the right eye shape for an awesome cat eye, or for liner in general, so that’s the biggest reason I skip it. But I plan to keep trying…. maybe even three times this year.

Ready? Try these tricks!

  • Start easy! Use a brown or grey liner or eyeshadow to add some soft definition and depth. Smudge it out with a stiff brush to smooth out any wobbles.
  • Not ready for black? Navy, plum, and even maroon shades can really make your eye color pop, without the severity of a black liner.
  • Ready for a wing? Use a soft brown shadow and an angle brush to sketch in where you want it. Extend the line of your lower eyelid, staying outside the crease of your eye, then fill in the triangle to the desired thickness
  • Really ready?? Take a deep breath, ask Jesus to take the wheel, and GO FOR IT!! Don’t think about it too hard. Don’t over-analyze. Remember that no one else but you will be 3 inches from your face. Cover with bangs or glitter if it all goes to hell.

Remember, makeup is fun!! You can always start over. Unless you’re running late.

What are your favorite eyeliner looks and tips?? Tell us in the comments!

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