Happy National Lipstick Day–deals on lipsticks I love!

It’s National Lipstick Day! Who knew?! Clearly, many retailers and brands did, because my inbox today was filled with various offer emails.

Looking over these BOGOs and percentages off–some of them are really good!–I thought I’d put together a quick list of current lipstick favorites with links to corresponding deals available.

So jump on these now–or save these recommendations for later–because everyday is lipstick day for me!


Ulta is really a one-stop shop for most of these deals–AND today you get 5x points with purchase!!–so I’m going to stick to sharing deals through Ulta instead of through the brand websites. But most are offered through their site, too if you prefer to buy direct.

There are lots of high end and drugstore options so I’ll give you both starting with high end.

Too Faced: I recently reviewed Sweet Peach Creamy Lip Oil–and while I returned the shade, Papa Don’t Peach–I kept Pure Peach and picked up Tickle-Me-Peach, a brighter orange gloss. I love these both and wear them constantly. Here’s your chance to give them a try on the cheap. Continue reading

A smattering of Milk Makeup products reviewed

There’s something about a stick. As you know–I really hate products in pots. Pumps are awesome and squeezy tubes are fine, but I’ve always loved products that are packaged in sticks.

My favorite foundation for forever has been a Tarte Colored Clay CC Primer, which I rarely mention because it’s ALWAYS on sale on the website so I’m certain it will be disappearing into the ether soon. (and why i hoard several for the future.) But it was the first stick foundation I ever tried and I’ve been hooked on sticks ever since.

Sticks are just so convenient. You swipe it on, rub it–and bam–you’re done! No mess, no brush, no worries. And they are really easy for travel–TSA-friendly–plus super fast to put on in the car. (not that you should apply makeup while driving…)

So Milk Makeup’s packaging really speaks to me. And there’s also something about the clear containers that look really fresh and make me reach for them regularly.

Back in September, I ordered the Matcha Toner stick. I don’t really understand toner, so I’ve never used it with regularity. The description for this product says “The world’s first solid facial toner removes oil and detoxifies pores.” Okay!

Here’s the thing–since I got it in September–I use it every day, twice a day. And you can see from the photo, there’s still some left and I got it months ago.

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I Feel It All

My birthday was almost a month ago. As hard as I try to convince myself that my birthday—and similarly, New Year’s Eve—is just a day on the calendar, it always serves as a source of anxiety. They are days of introspection. That can quickly turn into periods of melancholy and ennui. Not that I’m not checking in on my “self”—probably more than I should—but those dates serve as reminders that time is continuing whether I’m ready or not.

Aging is not something I’ve ever done particularly gracefully. I distinctly remember walking to the mailbox on my 10th birthday to check for cards and sobbing once I got there at the realization I would never be a single digit again. I would have to live to 100 to be special. A concern that still nags at me.

But what does that even mean? To be special? I guess it’s like porn. You know it when you see it.

I see it often in others, I just struggle to see it in myself sometimes.

Perhaps to my determent, what it meant to me at 10 versus what it means now at 43 hasn’t really changed. I think it’s about being relevant. A feeling that if I was gone, I would be remembered. And not just remembered for something I did, but something I was doing and something I could’ve still done.

For me, it’s become more a question of am I getting better? Am I doing enough? Why can’t I do more?

It’s an internal challenge. A constant game of chicken I’m playing with—or against—myself. While I’m a competitive person, it’s always been more of a battle with myself than against other. It’s more of a game of solitaire than poker, if you will. But the rules aren’t clear and the end isn’t defined.

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