Try, try again.

Since I am STILL not allowing myself to spend money on new things and even on some repurchases, I’ve recently been re- trying some beauty products and things that I have had tucked away in my drawer.  Could be that I didn’t initially like them, or had just forgotten about them….  either way,  here are a few things I’m having a second moment with.

Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder in Incandescent

Am I missing something with Hourglass?  Why is this stuff supposed to be so great? I remember two holiday seasons ago being pretty excited to get this in the Sephora “Glow For It” set, and at that time also being pretty unimpressed.  I didn’t use it for very long.  And now giving it another shot, I feel the same.  It’s not that good!  And it’s too expensive to be not that good. Time to give this one away.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

I have this in it’s mini size – I got it in one of the Sephora Lash Stash kits, and grabbed it the other morning not really remembering much about it.  It lengthens, separates, adds volume and even a slight bit of curl (which is great because I’ve been too lazy to use my lash curler lately), all of those things are thoughts I had after applying.  I was pretty convinced I’d be purchasing this with the Ulta 20% off coupon I had just received.  And then I got home last night and looked in the mirror.  Raccoon eyes, big time.  I don’t remember rubbing them at all… it could have transferred due to the extra oils and moisturizers I’ve been layering on my face?  And just now I went back to read my original review and it definitely stands up – this is not the one for me.

E.L.F. Stipple Brush

This is something I just realized now, but before Lyn got me this Tarte blush palette for Christmas (thanks Lyn!!), I hadn’t used any of my brushes in a really long time.  Most of the things I use these days are quite easily applied with my fingers. So I dug into the tool chest and got this E.L.F. brush out, and it’s great.  It’s not the only E.L.F. brush I have, there are more… they are all really good – I don’t notice any fallout, and the price is unbeatable.  If you’re in the market for a new brush, I recommend trying them.

AVEDA Tulasara Wedding Masque Eye Cream

I recently ran out of my go to eye cream (which is this Algenist one…. that I don’t think I’ll repurchase now that Lyn has pointed out they are not cruelty free.)  I had the Tulasara one stashed away in my drawer, purchased just before I left the spa I previously worked at.  I had tried the Tulasara Wedding Masque Overnight face cream as well as a sample of the eye cream, and had really liked them both.  I will say I liked the face cream a lot more, and I know this won’t be my new go to overnight eye cream.  But I like it well enough and am glad I have it while I figure what I might want to try next.

That’s all I’m rediscovering, for better or worse, right now…. but trust that this using up and retrying will be an ongoing journey.  I have way too much not to!  Stay tuned for more.

*bought this all with my own dollars.

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