My Recent Media Binges!

Thanks to the drudgery of winter, I’ve have time to catch up on some shows and podcasts. Let me tell you about my recent binges!


Catch up on Hulu

Several friends tipped me off to this one- I love Sutton Foster, so once I had access to Hulu, it was first on my list. This is a 22 minute rom-com about a 40 year old woman who, for reasons, has to pose as a 26 year old millennial to get a job. With Darren Star as the producer, it fills that Sex and the City shaped hole in all of our hearts. It’s dumb, fluffy, somewhat predictable, has great outfits, and is just all around delightful- who knew Hillary Duff was so lovable? It also has some great commentary on a 40 year old’s view of youth (“are you one of those millennials who’s never smoked a cigarette and thinks your parents are heroes??”), which is obviously relatable. I binged this so fast I might need to watch it again.

Difficult People

Catch up on Hulu

Another justification of my Hulu subscription is this irreverent entry from Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner (whom I adore). It’s about best friends living in New York trying to make it as comedians, and they are kind of terrible people, but not so much in a cringe-y way, more in a “yeah, I would totally want to do that” way. The jokes fly fast and the cameos are amazing, and hey! Lyn’s sister worked on this show, so give it some love! Also, is there a list somewhere of all Arthur’s terms of endearment for Julie?? Wait, there is!

The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst

Catch up on HBO Go

Sooooooo Robert Durst has probably killed at least 3 people but has only admitted to/served time for one and he had a really good reason for dismembering the body soooooooo……

You guys, this case is bananapants! If you are at all interested in true crime, check this 6 part mini-series out. Robert Durst himself allowed filmmaker Andrew Jarecki not only to interview him (exclusively!), but also full access to, well, everything. Did he really kill these people? Or has he done such a good job of re-inventing the truth that he believes it?? Every episode had me staring, wide-eyed, with my mouth hanging open, and hey! Over the years it took to make this documentary, new evidence was uncovered that led to Robert Durst’s arrest and he will be on trial this spring. !!!

My Dad Wrote a Porno

Catch up wherever you listen to podcasts

Reader and longtime friend Sarah recommended this podcast on a post a while back, and at first, I was like, “whaaaaaatt…..”, but I trust her and jumped in. You guys, it is HILARIOUS. Like, stupid, laugh out loud, crying in my car and have to compose myself before I go out into public funny. Listening to it at the gym was slightly dangerous, and probably made me look like a crazy person with my random outbursts. So, the general idea is that Jamie finds out his dad wrote an erotic novel. Jamie’s dad has never written anything before, and the fact that he chose to self-publish a piece of erotica is quite the surprise. So he gathers with two of his friends each week to read each chapter aloud, providing commentary to the very un-sexy scenarios along the way. You’ll think it can’t possibly keep being funny, but then… let’s just say the pots and pans industry is nothing like I imagined!

Schitt’s Creek

Catch up on Netflix

Again, the lesson here is LISTEN TO YOUR FRIENDS WHEN THEY MAKE RECOMMENDATIONS. I let this one sit for too long, but then I guess I was rewarded by having 3 seasons stockpiled to watch over the very very very cold New Year’s weekend. Give this one a few episodes to simmer- it starts off a little clunky and predictable, but eventually you’ll fall in love with the Rose family, to the point where you cry when something nice happens, but also it is so flippin’ funny. Season 4 has started to air but I’m letting those pile up now, too…. and I might go back and rewatch it from the beginning. 😉

What’s next on my list? Well, for Podcasts I’m planning to dig into Dirty John and Atlanta Monster. For shows, I’ve been trying to make my way through The Staircase, and I just started The End of the F***ing World on Netflix, but it isn’t grabbing me like I expected. What are you watching?

No, I haven’t watched Shameless yet!

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