Summer, We’re Not Over You Yet

Summer is the only season that has a distinct beginning and end, and the weeks between Memorial Day and Labor Day zip by entirely too fast! We are scrambling here, as we enter August, to squeeze every last drop out of the remaining dog days of summer. Here’s what’s left on our lists:


How is it already August??!!! While I admit that I do look forward to back to school at our house, to get everyone back into our routines, summer is flying by way too fast. There is a lot I still want to do! Starting with Mile of Music, which is Appleton’s very own music festival in it’s 5th year, and it starts tomorrow! 70 music venues with 900 live music sets. Sound overwhelming? Yeah, it is. Luckily they have an app for the whole thing that conveniently lets you plan out your itinerary if that’s how you roll…. or if you are more of the wandering type, there is literally music everywhere…. If you don’t dig an artist at one venue, there is someone playing next door that you probably will!

Almost every year we get to a county fair, and this year won’t be an exception. I want to eat corndog and a giant ice cream cone, look at some poultry and cows and if we can make it happen, see some monster trucks. I’d settle for a demolition derby or some tractor pulls, but definitely would prefer a monster truck show!

Labor day is my favorite holiday. What’s not to love about a three day weekend? Sure, it’s slightly bittersweet as it signals the end of summer in many ways, but I prefer to think of it as the last hurrah! The last summer holiday to soak in the sun! My requirements for this holiday are a lake to swim in, some cold beverages, burgers on the grill with a campfire and s’mores to follow. We will be camping with friends this Labor day weekend and it should be pretty awesome.

Lastly, the thing that should probably be firstly – I really need to refigure my budget. In April I moved into my own studio space to practice aesthetics and massage out of, after working for someone else for 12 years. Being on my own and working independently has been so great so far…. some days can’t believe how much happier I am. But having said that, I am having to watch my spending much closer now, and in the past few months with having acquired new business expenses as well as some new personal expenses, I really do need to have a sit and recalculate my budget so I have a very clear idea of what’s to come as I head into the rest of the year.


August is the month that causes me panic. All the glorious dreams of hot days by the water and warm nights…also by the water start to feel like missed opportunities. But not this year–I am committed to ending the summer with a bang–or at least a splash.

I haven’t been standup paddleboarding yet. That must change. Jess and I tried to get up on the water at the start of summer but the wind had other ideas. But all is not lost and I will make it on a SUP sometime this month. (jess—what’s your schedule look like in august?)

I have two nieces that I adore and one of my favorite things to do is take them swimming which hasn’t happened, but it still can. I will be poolside at least one time before this month is over, if not more.

Speaking of said nieces, I took my eldest niece to a drive-in movie two years ago and we had a blast! I was super bummed that it didn’t work out last year. I wasn’t going to make the same mistake this summer and yet, we still haven’t gone. Mosquitoes be damned, I am going to the drive-in this summer!

As weird as it sounds, I want one day to just walk around Madison this summer, without any plans and enjoy all the things I love about the city. I’ve only done the market once this year. I’ve been out to the terrace but you can never go too much. I haven’t put on my headphones and set off seeing where the day takes me. I want this to happen. And it will. Soon.


At the beginning of summer, I was ready. June started out solid, and I had a few great pool days, some long morning walks, an amazing NYC weekend, and a lot of rosé. Then it got cold. Then July was crazy stormy. Lately, I feel like I am just going from one freezing cold air-conditioned building to the next. So here we go- full stop, let’s reclaim summer with the following:

Just like Lyn, I need more time on the water. I even bought a membership at a nearby boathouse this year, thinking it would give me a “no excuses” outlook on running over to paddle around randomly throughout the week. Well, turns out I am not that person, but I still need at least one (or two?) good, solid hours paddling and/or floating around on a lake. In previous years, we’ve also done a day trip kayaking down the Wisconsin River- I don’t know if that’s in the cards for us this year, but I hope we can figure it out! (ps- I’d also like to join Lyn on that meandering walk!)

I have not been to the Memorial Union Terrace AT ALL this summer, and that is a mistake!! I could go for a Sunday afternoon with nowhere to be, hanging out with a pitcher of Spotted Cow, lively conversation, and maybe some card games. Who wants to join me??

Just in general, I feel like I need to slow. down. Summers are notoriously busy for me, so it’s easy for it to slip on by. I need more bike rides around the arboretum, visits to the zoo, ice cream stops, and street festivals. Basically, I need to take a month off work! 😉

What’s your favorite season? Do you have any musts left on your list for summer?? Tell us in the comments!!


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