Sephora 20% off–spring edition

I haven’t bought much at Sephora lately. It’s not that I haven’t been picking up new products–let’s be real–but I’ve been really digging a lot of drugstore makeup or cheaper lines like Essence, Flower Beauty and Wet N Wild. I’ve actually returned quite things at Sephora (which I’ll mention below.)

Additionally–I haven’t had much time to watch YouTubers to even see what’s good out there. So there’s been little product FOMO in my life.

But with the 20% off discount code in my inbox–that was all about to change.

Here’s what I got in three categories: Restock, Give a Shot, Legit Wishlist with recommendations built-in. At the end, I included two bonus sections: Things I Returned and Things I Recommend:

Restock: I am obsessed with Drunk Elephant products. My skin just has never looked better and I’m using primarily this line, especially with my nighttime routine. Since DE products are on the pricey side, getting a discount seems like a good idea. Unfortunately, some of the items have a short shelf-life, so it’s not ideal to let them sit in a drawer. Without being able to see inside the packaging to know how much I have left–I had to just make a guess based on the weight of the bottle to see if it felt full or empty. Using that scientific determination, I decided to get a few items I think I’ll need in the next month or so. (sadly–i had JUST repurchased the Protini cream two weeks ago without the discount and it feels weird to return it and repurchase it on sale. but i still might…)

I credit my skin turnaround to the T.L.C. Framboos™ Glycolic Resurfacing Night Serum. I love it completely. So I grabbed one of those since mine feels light. I mix it with the A-Passioni™ Retinol Cream, but I’ve purchased that fairly recently and I will definitely have enough to get me to November’s sale. But if you’re looking for a really gentle, but high performing Retinol cream–this is for you! I’m also completely in the tank for the Lala Retro™ Whipped Moisturizer and cannot go without it. So I grabbed one. I use the La La and Protini together often–or when I’m lazy–I’ll grab whichever is handiest. But they are very different creams, the La La being heavy and Protini is a serum/moisturizer hybrid. However, with summer coming (it is coming, right?) I decided to try the B-Hydra™ Intensive Hydration Serum again as my day cream moving into warmer months. I’ve tried it before and didn’t LOVE it, but I’ve been having such success with DE lately, I’m going give it another shot. I’ll just return it if it’s not what I really want.

If you haven’t tried Drunk Elephant before, they have a new trial box out called Get Even™ Kit with pretty good sized samples of the Night Serum, Retinol, Protini, the C-Firma™ Day Serum–which I use and like enough for something I do because I feel I should but not really sure I notice a difference because of it–and their sunscreen which I haven’t tried. These are some heavy hitters and you’ll definitely get enough uses to know if it’s for you or not. There’s also still The Littles™ Set which gives you more products to try but no Retinol. Neither of these sets have the La La cream and it’s seriously my favorite–but these are nice ways to try the line–especially with the discount on top of it. I would also strongly recommend the T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial™ Mask Mini which is a very impactful mask and a quantity that is realistic and more reasonably priced.

i got to use this photo again–i repurchased during the summer 20% off sale last year!

The other restocks I grabbed were my Milk Makeup Matcha Toner and Watermelon Brightening Serum which are both a couple weeks away from being cashed out. So the sale was good timing. I thought about not getting the Brightening Serum–but I really like it–so I’m keeping it as part of my morning routine.

Finally–and I can’t believe I’m admitting this–I’m obsessed with the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Liner in Pillow Talk. I have spent a stupid amount of time trying to find the right dupe for it and I just can’t. I love it so much. It’s just perfect for me so I got the full size one. UGH.

me using all the new products including the pillow talk pencil and sugar sugar marc jacobs beauty gloss that is my go-to combo and my new giannis mean mug t-shirt!

Give a shot: I have no problem returning products I don’t like, so I use the sale as an opportunity to try out products I’m curious about–they could be amazing or terrible–and I’m for finding out.

When it comes to high end products, my favorite line recently has been Marc Jacobs Beauty. The Enamored Hydrating Lip Gloss Stick was one of my top finds of 2018 and I now have them in several colors although Sugar Sugar is my favorite. I got a Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner during the November 20% off sale and have already picked up a few more in matte, shimmer and glitter finishes. I love them all and they have replaced UD as my favorite eyeliners. I got a couple of the Le Marc Liquid Lip Crème liquid lipsticks during a Wow sale but the colors I grabbed are sold out online–they were available at the West Towne Sephora when I was there over the weekend. These are very nice liquid lipsticks–not drying at all. And then on a Facebook recommendation during the November 20% off sale–from Rachel I think–I got the Shameless Youthful-Look 24H Foundation SPF 25 in Light R250 and I’ve really liked it a lot! It’s been my go-to non-drugstore foundation option ever since.

Thanks to a Kathleen Lights video on what to grab during the sale, I got the Velvet Primer – Epic Lash Primer and the See-quins Glam Glitter Eyeshadow in COPPERAZI 86. I’m wearing both for the first time today. I don’t have an eyelash primer at the moment and I like this. I’m going to try it a little longer. But I can already tell the shadow is going back. It’s toooooo glittery for me but also doesn’t really pack much more punch than some of my more shimmery copper shadows I already have. So nope.

Legit Wishlist: These are items I’ve had in my “Loves” and have been waiting for an excuse to purchase. I have a friend who is desperately searching for a good pore filler and I really haven’t been much help in finding something I like. The Tatcha, The Silk Canvas Protective Primer Mini always comes up–including in that Kathleen Lights video–so I decided to get it. I’m wearing it today and I think it may be a winner! My skin is looking pretty legit so fingers crossed this might we the one!

I love face oils and tinted moisturizers so I noticed the KOSAS, Tinted Face Oil Foundation in Tone 3 the second it showed on on the “Just Arrived” page. Tati did a review of it that was positive but it’s expensive so it’s just been waiting. I got it and tried today. It’s HELLA watery. So much so it may be a deal breaker. BUT! My skin looks really good. I think I’ll give it a week and see how I feel. I’ll keep you updated on Instagram if it goes or stays.

I’ve never tried the Beauty Blender, liquid blendercleanser® so I grabbed one to see how it fairs compared to the solid–or just soap TBH. We’ll see.

And then I use the world’s smallest mirror at my desk at work, so I ordered a small but WAY bigger than what I’ve been using mirror which I already love! Sephora Collection, Seeing Double Compact Mirror is perfect!

Things I Returned: Perhaps you need to be talked out of some items or minimizing your order a bit. Here are some things I tried recently but returned.

Sol De Janeiro, Coco Cabana Cream made me understand the people who couldn’t get over the scent of the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream which I love. This scent was an immediate NO! for me. And I also started to feel a little icky about spending $45 on lotion, so I bought a lotion from The Body Shop at Ulta during a discount and it was less than $20 and I really like it.

Milk Makeup, Lip Color in OG Red is messy and slides easily and just no. Way too many fantastic and cheap lipsticks out there–and I’m not hurting for red lipsticks. It went back.

Nudestix, Nude Gloss Balm Founder Set: Ugh. This was a in-line impulse purchase I immediately regretted. These glosses are nudes and are basically all the same color and all too light for me. This wasn’t event close.

Tata Harper, Volumizing Lip & Cheek Tint: Please don’t even look at the price. My lips were super chapped. I was feeling low and made a bad decision. Luckily, Sephora has a generous return policy when I came to my senses.

Things I Recommend: I bought an RMS Beauty Wild With Desire Lipstick sampler during the November sale and really love the formula and would recommend the set. I’m crazy about Temptation in particular and got the full size this winter. It’s AMAZING!

I still really miss my Laneige Sleep Mask, but I got this Farmacy, Honey Butter Beeswax Lip Balm at some point and it’s very nice. And at $10, it’s more than a drugstore lip balm but nicer by a lot with really good ingredients.

My love for Fenty Beauty by Rihanna is well documented. I picked up two more Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick in Thicc – sultry mauve and
Ma’Damn – royal red and my only regret is I can’t find my red!

So yeah–that’s a lot! But I hope it gives you some ideas before the sale ends on May 6th. What’s on your list? We’ve all got a few days to do a little more damage! What do you recommend? What do should be avoided? Let us know in the comments below!

All my money. Which makes that stupid Tatcha Harper even more embarrassing.

Flower Beauty vs. Glossier: battle of the blushes

I really like cream products. I like the easy application–you just dab a bit and go. No brushes or blenders or other tools necessary. It also feels like playing–and really–isn’t the joy of makeup getting to play with color and textures?

We’ve been big fans of the Glossier Cloud Paint since Pamela introduced them to us in spring of 2017. I know she’s still a Cloud Paint stan and I’ve been converted, too. They have been a go-to blush option since they launched and part of my basic makeup routine.

So I was super intrigued when Flower Beauty launched a VERY similar product in the fall of 2018. Flower Beauty Blush Bomb Color Drops are based on the same premise as the Cloud Paints–cream blushes in a tube.

my four from each line: Glossier Cloud Paint and Flower Beauty Blush Bomb Color Drop

Over the past few months–and a few Ulta sales here and there–I’ve grabbed a range of Flower Beauty blushes to compare with my Cloud Paints. I tried to get different colors because I actually want to use them and definitely don’t need anymore redundancy in my makeup collection. I mostly wanted to see how they compare in application, color and wear time.

My basic takeaway: they are both amazing!

Each line has six shades in the range. While it seems like there is overlap–Bubbly and Puff, for example, are both a light cotton candy pink–of the four I have from each line, I find the colors quite different. A lot of my recommendation is based on the colors you want instead of the products themselves. (ftr–i have puff and never use it. too pink for me.)

There are really only two drawbacks to the Glossier Cloud Paints: 1) you can only order them online (unless you wade through the CRAZY that is the NYC flagship store) which means you have to meet minimums for shipping, etc. 2) they are SO pigmented a little really goes a long way so you do have to be a little careful when using them. Their tube has a wider opening where the Color Drop releases less product per squeeze–which is nice.

the glossier store in nyc was probably the busiest store i’ve ever been in

But the benefits of Cloud Paint are mighty: amazing color payoff, super long lasting–both on your cheeks and in the tube–it will take me forever to work through one of them–and the color selection has everything you need.

With Flower Beauty, you can get them at Ulta or anywhere Flower Beauty is sold including Walmart, which makes it very convenient to give them a try. (and remember–you can always return it if you don’t like something, including through glossier!) And they are $10 instead of $18 with Glossier, and you can often get them on a discount.

Color Drops are also less pigmented so I find them a little easier to use. I’m not as concerned about the possibility of clown cheeks with their formula. Their wear time is slightly less than the Cloud Paint, but comparable.

There really aren’t downsides to the Color Drops aside from a few missing colors. My favorite Glossier Cloud Paints is Storm. It looks really intimidating because it seems like its dark red, but it leaves a gorgeous rosy finish. I love it. I don’t see there is a similar option through Flower Beauty.

I also have Haze from Glossier and Bitten from Flower Beauty–a purple berry color–and between the two, I prefer Haze. It has a softer hue and doesn’t read as harsh considering how pale I am. They aren’t exactly the same, but I’m likely to return Bitten because I don’t see myself using both.

And while the Cloud Paint Beam seems to be the same as Color Drop’s Nectar, Beam is a lot peachier. Nectar is more coral and has more brown to it. I like them both. I don’t have the Cloud Paint coral option, Dawn so I wonder if it’s closer to Nectar. But I would just stick to Nectar for a coral cheek. I have used Beam a lot though–especially in the summer–and love it.

Of the Cloud Paints, as I mentioned, I don’t have Dawn and I also don’t have Dusk. But my favorite of the Color Drops is Pinched, which I think is the perfect everyday blush color. I’m not sure how to describe it exactly. It’s not a bronzer but it does warm up your cheeks. It’s also not very pink or peach or berry–it just reads like a perfect nude lipstick–but for your cheeks. I’m obsessed. Dusk might be closest to it for Cloud Paints, but I don’t have it to confirm. I find it’s an especially great compliment on red lip kinda days.

Speaking of bronzers, I also have Color Drop in Cinnamon which I use as a bronzer, not a blush, and really like it. I think it pairs perfectly with Pinched and I can see myself putting these two together often.

me wearing pinched and cinnamon today–although not super easy to see

Overall, I think they are both great! I love the concept, application and finish. I would decide based on the colors you want and if you want to just pick it up or have other Glossier orders to make. I’ve liked a lot of Flower Beauty products including these and they are often discounted at Ulta. Glossier has a discount on buying two Cloud Paints at once which also gives you free shipping, if you were thinking of trying them out.

You really can’t go wrong with either option if cream blush is your jam.

Have you tried these products? What do you think? Please comment below!

And yes–paid for by me.

New masks reviewed–keep or return?

Masks are such an indulgence–but sheesh–I really love them! And with the Sephora’s recent 20% off sale, I grabbed some high profile products to try.

I’ve only used these a few times over the past couple weeks, but I definitely have some first impressions I thought I’d share, especially since masks make great gifts or ways to use the onslaught of Sephora gift cards that will hopefully be coming your way this holiday season. (or truly–you can just go to sephora and get samples–which is perfect for trying out new masks.)

All of these masks have received not only high marks on but also have logged a lot of reviews. Are they worth the cash? Do you really see a difference? Let’s find out!

OLEHENRIKSEN, Cold Plunge Pore Mask: Full disclosure–I got this one a few months ago but I’m not sure I ever wrote about it. Of all the masks, I’ve found this one to be the most basic, but also has the best and most reviews of all these options. It’s not terribly different than a clay mask you can get at Walgreens for a fraction of the cost. And from my POV–I’d save my money on this one. It’s kinda thick and gunky. It definitely has a cooling sensation. But I would not say it’s pore minimizing which it claims in the description. If you were having troubles with breakouts, this would definitely be your option in the bunch, but again, I think there are better options out there for the price.

Omorovicza Cosmetics, Deep Cleansing Mask:  This one is DEFINITELY the most expensive of the bunch. Like by a lot! I got it as part of a three-pack of products called, Omorovicza Heroes. All of these products, especially the mask are extremely lux. The scent is straight up spa. Does it work? It does. My skin really looks fantastic after using it. Very bright and fresh. There is a noticeable difference after using it that isn’t just temporary. My skin still looks good a few days after. This mask has great reviews and people are definitely obsessed–and I can see why. It also carries the Clean at Sephora™ designation and is CF, which makes me happy. Should you rush out and buy it? If you feel like your skin needs a wake up call or you need something that gives you a 20 minute spa experience–sure. But I would mainly recommend it in this setting and during a discount period.

Drunk Elephant, T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial™: Because if you really are having a skin emergency–dull skin, roughness, just general blah skin–this would be the product I would recommend more than any other. I’m having a serious Drunk Elephant moment and this product is another home run for me. I picked this up in the checkout line as a smaller trial size. While I’m sure the per ounce price jacks up an already pricey product sky high, I would definitely recommend going that route before spending $80 on a mask to make sure it’s a good match for you. It’s got a weird color but goes on easily. It does generate a tingling sensation to your skin and I would only use it at night. The trial size I bought came with a tiny vial of the virgin marula oil. It is recommended to put the oil on after removing the mask. I have been doing this, but any moisturizer will work. I do want to note thought–I actually don’t find it that drying even though it’s basically an acid peel at home. But it doesn’t hurt to load up on the moisturizer just to be safe. All Drunk Elephant products are also Clean at Sephora™ certified.

Summer Fridays, Jet Lag Mask: I’m struggling the most with this one. It’s extremely weird. Let me try to explain. The whole point of the mask is hydration. To be fair–I haven’t actually flown anywhere and worn it there like it’s name suggestions. (when I do fly–i tend to load up on an oil like Josie Maran, Kora Organics, Acure Organics or whatever i happen to have at that moment. anyway!) When you put it on, your face legit looks like you have a filter on it. It’s kind of amazing and also kinda weird. You have NO pores when wearing the mask. Yet, it’s not meant as a primer. It also feels like you have a seal on your face. Like wax on Gouda cheese. But it also doesn’t FEEL waxy. It’s like if you mixed a little wax or plastic into your moisturizer. It’s also a mask you don’t have to take it off. You can just wear it overnight. Like a souped up lotion. But you can also remove it after 20 minutes. I’ve used it both ways. Putting it on and sleeping in it and removing it after a spell with a warm wash cloth, as recommended. But here’s my complaint, when you sleep in it and wake up in the morning, it feels exactly like how it felt when you went to bed. But when I rinse it off in the shower, my skin doesn’t actually feel more hydrated than days when I just follow my overall routine. So it feels good on–but I just don’t know that it’s doing anything. With all that said–I also haven’t had any major redness or skin episodes that may call for a mask like this–however, I’m not sure I ever really do.  Overall–I think it needs to go back.

Kora Organics, Turmeric 2-in-1 Brightening & Exfoliating Mask: I weirdly really like this one. I’ve used it a few times in the morning in the shower and it really softens my skin and gives it a glow. It also has a tingling effect but it’s not annoying and doesn’t make my skin red. The reviews are also super strong on this one although there aren’t as many of them as the Cold Plunge mask. It’s a grainy mask with pretty big pieces in it. It doesn’t feel abrasive, it just really feels like your skin is getting a good clean. And it feels like you really accomplished something when you use it.  I’m a fan and I also like that it’s part of the Clean at Sephora™ collections.

There you have it! I wish I could take back the Cold Plunge but I think it’s been too long. The Summer Friday needs to be returned, but the others are all very solid masks just as the reviews state that I think I’ll be keeping. They all do sort of a similar thing but in different ways. If I had to choose just one, I’d go with the Drunk Elephant but the Kora Organics would be right behind.

Any masks you’re loving? Anything you picked up during all the sale periods you’d like to share? We’d love to hear about them in the comments!

Otto Titsling’s newest creations reviewed including ThirdLove

It’s been two years (TWO YEARS!!) since I chatted about my favorite bras. Not too much has changed regarding my favorite style—bralettes—or my boob size: small (although I have confirmed my “A” size—more on that below.)

What has changed is the number of online shops featuring specialty undergarment lines since that first post published including our girl, RiRi’s launch: Savage x Fenty, which just rocked New York Fashion Week with a runway filled with all the shapes, sizes and styles you can imagine.

In my limited experience, new outfitters are AGGRESSIVE. I swear I get a postcard mailer weekly from ThirdLove boasting their best fitting bras. And if you should decide to check out their website—be aware—their ads will follow you everywhere. And I’m having a similar issue with AdoreMe which I haven’t purchased from and am reminded by them of that every day.

And some retailers are adding undergarments their collections. One of my favorite online clothing sites, the, famous for its sustainable, reclaimed textiles just launched a line of lingerie that quickly sold out, but has since been restocked.

I figured it had been a while since I had picked up anything new—and with a post request from a friend on ThirdLove—now was the time to see what’s good in the world of Mr. Otto Titsling’s newest creations. Let’s recap!

Savage x Fenty

I am an unabashed Rihanna stan. Period. But I try to be honest about reviewing her products—it just so happens I’ve also really loved them—so it hasn’t been hard to continue stumping for her.

The makeup line is wonderful. I just got a deluxe sample of her Pro-filter Primer and just ordered two of her three new Stunna lip paints to check out.

Could her lingerie line live up to the level set by Fenty Beauty? What do you think?

Yes—of course—it’s wonderful, too!

There are so many styles and fabrics and it’s incredibly inclusive. I wouldn’t imagine you could go to the site and NOT find something you’d like to order regardless of your size. Honestly, going to the site is worth it just to see the gorgeous models she used and all the personality and beauty it celebrates.

one of the sets i purchased. photo courtesy of

I ordered three sets during a recent sale. It was 2/$39 bralettes, 3/$24 undies and 25% off online. Overall–I got three full sets for $80–which is just over $26/set which is incredibly cheap.

The fit—especially the bras—is exceptional. I also really, really love the fabric. It feels substantial without being thick or heavy. It’s very smoothing although it’s not designed like Spanx or that kind of product. It just lays without lines or bunching.

There is a small detail along the edge of the underwear that I was able to snag with my fingernail, which was a little disappointing.

the little black detail on this set is what i managed to snag. oh well. photo courtesy of

But I liked the fit of the underwear so much I bought five more through their recent 5/$35 sale.

There is one negative. Savage Fenty offers a $49 subscription service/membership. I did this with my first order to get a shipping discount. But I will be canceling it. I don’t see myself needing to buy anything else in the near future that would offset the cost of the annual fee. But in case you were wondering, this is what’s included in the membership according to the website:

  • Enjoy membership-only pricing, 20-25% off every style.
  • Free Shipping – Both ways on us.
  • The Drop – Early access to our latest drops, before they sell out.
  • Xclusive Access – Members only access styles hand-picked by Rihanna!
  • $30 Reward – You will automatically receive $30 off your first purchase of $35 or more after your free trial ends.

So unless you buy a lot of lingerie, I don’t see this as a necessity. And they also seem to have lots of sales going if you aren’t in a rush to get something and can wait for a deal.


The Reformation

I have a lot of thoughts about this line but I’ll stick to the lingerie.

Of the three purchases I made, these are my absolute favorite. They are so simple but fit perfectly and are super comfortable.

Some of the looks are very basic–but I find them to be quite pretty in their simplicity.

a basic black set i selected, photo courtesy of

I am always reaching for just a basic bra to wear, especially under t-shirts. This style is exactly what I want and I’ve been wearing it constantly.

this one is gorgeous–and i look exactly like this when i wear it. 😉 photo courtesy of

The lace options definitely have more pizzazz and I really liked this green color, so I grabbed this set, too.

Lace is tricky, especially to take care of and I’m really bad at not just throwing everything in the wash, but so far they have held up nicely.

They also lay flat so there aren’t lumps or ridges showing through when I wear them, which is nice.

I feel the prices are fairly standard for a higher end option, especially ones that fall into the sustainability subcategory. Bras run from $35-45 and the underwear is $12-$18.

Overall, I would definitely purchase from here again.

I had been asked to do a review on this brand a while ago and kept forgetting. But then I got a postcard in the mail and thought it was time.

Their whole concept is to find the best fitting bra possible. Regardless of your size, even if you’re are a half-size, they believe they have a bra for you.

But honestly–this isn’t really my problem.

I generally buy a 36/B when purchasing my specific  band/cup size. If I’m buying by general sizes, I’m usually a medium or large depending on the band more than the cup.

Since I usually wear bralettes, the fabric conforms more to my chest than I have to fill up the cup, if that makes sense.

It gives me more flexibility in selecting bras to wear.

When you start with the ThirdLove process, you take a quiz. It asks you about the fit of your current bras and what you generally wear.

Then it asks you your breast shape. Honestly–I had never thought about this! It seems pretty naive, but I didn’t even think about boobs coming in different settings, just sizes.

I was really surprised by this concept, but based on the descriptions, I figured I was teardrop since I can lay my hand flat at the top of my chest and my boobs come out under my hand. (very scientific, i know.)

It recommended a 38/A for me in the T-shirt style–a larger band and a smaller cup. And this was what I ordered.

this is the bra it selected for me and i purchased, photo courtesy of

They say you should wear your bra on the loosest setting, so the 38 does kinda make sense–although I’m not sure I notice a difference in how it feels with this change.

And in this particular style, the A was a good choice. It definitely doesn’t gap or feel loose.

My issue with the bra is that the fit is fine. I don’t generally wear an underwire and the fabric is slightly padded.

It’s just more bra than I’m used to–and at $68 for one bra–it’s a lot. I got three sets through for $12 more.

But I also understand that my bra size makes it easier for me to find a bra that fits.

So I checked in with my friend, Shelly who definitely has a different bra issue than me.

She ordered through and her size was a 34/G. So while I have a larger band size, my cup size is small. She has the opposite issue. (i actually didn’t know there was a thing called a G.)

She kept her first bra through them–although it isn’t the miracle bra she was hoping for–and looked to try other styles.

Remember–the quiz helps you find the best style for your fit.

After the first bra recommendation, Shelly had a tougher time finding a second option that worked.

One thing we agree on with ThirdLove–they have amazing customer service.

You get a bunch of updates letting you know where your order stands and then they text you to see how it fits.

Even if they use bots–the texting experience was great and felt real!

Shelly ended up receiving and returning three different bras and none worked out. ThirdLove was in contact with her throughout the process and recommended they just give her a refund.

That’s some pretty impressive customer service.

Shelly  shared that as a 34 or 36 DDD, which is usually what she wears “it’s hard to find bras and definitely hard to find fun bras.”

For her size, she said “that’s why I love Adore Me – totally fun bras in my size! And prices are good. It’s amazing! Victoria Secret has a decent selection for bigger boobs, too but they are pricey.” 

I didn’t end up ordering anything from AdoreMe because at this point, I had already spent too much on undergarments!

But if a larger cup size is your issue, it sounds like AdoreMe is worth checking out.

I should’ve returned the ThirdLove bra because of it’s cost, but I kept it because of the customer service and laziness. And I’m really keen on both the Savage x Fenty and options.

Hopefully, this gives you some ideas on what’s new in the world of Otto Titsling and the current state of my underwear drawer (in major need of a declutter!)

What bras are working for you? Have you used any of these online sites? Thoughts? Any interest in hearing about my favorite online retailers for a future post?

Let me know in the comments below!

I’m on a spending freeze right now because I bought all these things with my own money. Even on sale–it was too much!



Reviewing some new purchases: Flesh, Born to Run collection, Dose of Color and Essence

I’m so excited the weather has decided to return us to what our August SHOULD’VE felt like–sunny, 80s and dry–in September! It gives me an excuse to continue trying out looks and products I picked up at the end of the summer season so I can slowly transition my look into fall.

A trip to Chicago in July lead to a spontaneous Ulta visited where I grabbed some new to me lines: a Flesh Firm Flesh Thickstick Foundation (this name is ridiculous) in 10, Pudding “light medium beige, neutral undertones”and my first Dose of Color product, their Block Party Single Eyeshadow, in Shell We Dance “pink champagne base w/ platinum reflects.”

Another random Ulta visit put the Urban Decay Born to Run palette in my hands, along with two eyeliners from the collection: Double Life, a “reddish-brown metallic” and Overdrive, a “deep green metallic.” I had my eye on this collection for a while but felt like getting another palette and more eyeliners was absurd. Boy, am I glad I gave in and just got it!

my new pick-ups taking my look from summer to fall

Finally, I ended up ordering Ulta online–some deal or something I’m sure–a Dose of Colors, Matte Liquid Lipstick in Campfire “burnt sienna,” and another Flesh stick in 08, Custard “light, neutral undertones.” Plus I started trying out an Essence Satin Touch Blush in Satin Coral and Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara I had acquired along the way but hadn’t started using.

My summer has been dominated by all things peach. I love that fresh squeezed summer shade–really natural but with a little pep in its step. Mostly this summer I kept things pretty light with CC cream or really light coverage foundation, mandatory bronzer, brow gel, mascara, a single swipe of a peachy eyeshadow and a little peach blush and lipstick. (okay–that actually sounds like a lot of makeup–i guess it is!)

typical summer look–all things peachy

This new round of makeup has been a perfect addition to my summer favorites and will definitely carry me into the new season.

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Halo Beauty–did it change my life?

If you’re not familiar with Halo Beauty, you’re probably not familiar with Tati Westbrook, the YouTuber/beauty influencer/glam guru who developed this supplement designed to give you amazing hair/skin/nails.


I go in waves with watching YouTube videos where I’ll watch a ton and then go a few months without watching any. But when I do watch them, Tati is definitely one of my favorites.

Her sheer quantity of uploads is impressive. Girl puts in the work! And you can tell she is very thoughtful in the type of videos she posts with a large range of topics although all are makeup/skin care focused. I appreciate her point-of-view and her clear knowledge and passion for products–which I totally feel! I can tell she believes in miracles–and so do I.

And she’s not 22, which I appreciate.

So when she announced her launch of a supplement, it rocked the influencer beauty world in a very non-story story kind of way.

I’ll let her explain how she came to create the product:

And if you have an hour to kill and want to immerse yourself in some silly YouTuber drama, you can click here.

But regardless of all that noise, I decided to give the supplement a try (as you know if you follow us on our Instagram page.)

And I just finished my first month on it.

Here’s what I think in a simple pro/con list:

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Let’s Try “Lifestyle” Ice Creams!

Have you noticed something going on?? Something in the freezer section of the grocery store?? So many “ice creams” are now trying to be all “hey! Hey! I’m totes healthy! You can eat the whole pint and it won’t blow your calorie budget for the day AND you can get some protein! Do it! Dooooo iiiiiitttt!! Ice cream for health!!”

I mean, it sounds good, but also a little bit like a clown trying to lure me into a van with candy. Are they worth the hype? I caught about 700* people buying Halo Top the last time I was at the grocery store, so maybe there’s something to it. Let’s try a bunch and find out!


Halo Top was invented because the founder was hypoglycemic and wanted a delicious dessert that wouldn’t spike his insulin, which is a valid reason to make such a thing. Somewhere along the line, fitness influencers and Crossfitters adopted it (22 grams of protein in a pint! #gainz) and it has become crazy popular. I mean, have you seen how much freezer real estate it gets at the store?? They even sell it at Walgreens!

My husband has some dietary reasons to avoid huge amounts of sugar as well, so it seems like there’s always a pint or two of Halo Top in our freezer- this one was easy to check off the list! I will agree that it is a pretty good ice cream replica, and a bonus is that it comes in a billion flavors, and even a few non-dairy alternatives, so there’s something for everyone. BUT it is sweetened with stevia, and I hate stevia. Like, haaaaaate it. For one, I really don’t like how it tastes, but even if I could get past that, if I eat stevia, it’s basically like I’ve eaten 100 very explosive bees all armed with tiny steak knives. So I get really mad when a thing says “no artificial sweeteners!!!” and then I dig deep into the ingredient list and fucking stevia is lurking around. NO THANK YOU.

So this whole stevia thing has my list narrowed down to lifestyle ice creams that also don’t have stevia, which is…. a shorter list.


“Fit Frozen Desserts!” “Lactose Free!” “Gluten Free!” “Fat Free!” “GMO Free!” are things listed all over the package for this guy. It should also include “Flavor Free!”. I tried Cookie Shake, and it was sad. Not terrible, per se- it was, chocolate-ish? But so boring that eating the whole pint wasn’t even appealing. You know it’s good when you forget it’s even in the freezer- I never finished eating it beyond the first half inch down.

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Reviewing some random recent purchases–summer peach edition

The past few years I’ve been really into peach and orange hued makeup. I must not be alone–Too Faced has really gone all in on their Peach line–especially after the success of the Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette, which I like a lot.

There’s something about peach I find really fresh and and pulled together, casual. And orange feels unexpected and a little interesting. I also feel like they both give me me a more youthful look–at least that’s what I’m hoping!

The downside is that peach is a very soft color and orange just feels more relevant when it’s warm, so both tend to work best on me in the summer.

I’ve had my eye on some new launches–many of them in the peach or orange color story–and now that summer is here, I went ahead and picked up a few things to celebrate my favorite season.

And here are my initial thoughts:

Too Faced, Sweet Peach Creamy Lip Oil in Pure Peach and Papa Don’t Peach: I’ve been looking at these for a while. I really like lip oils, especially in the winter, but as I said early, peach feels really made for warm weather looks. That’s kinda the rub with these products. The formula is wonderful. Continue reading

Cheap Thrills: Two New Ulta Finds!

You know how you’re just going to pop into Ulta quick to buy one thing that YouTube convinced you that you need and then end up grabbing a few more things even though your husband is (patiently!) waiting in the car? Here’s what happened a few days ago- I’m happy to report that it was, at least, successful!

One impulse buy was shampoo and conditioner- I didn’t need it, but the kind I like was on crazy sale so I grabbed liters. Spending money on shampoo is no fun, so I embrace the sales!!

Then, while on my way to the area of the store that had the aforementioned YouTuber recommendation (more on that later), I noticed these new Powder Puff lippies from NYX:

Nyx Powder Puff Lippie (photo via

Intrigued, I swatched the shade “Moody” on my hand and then thought it was dumb to be buying (more) lip stuff so I moved on. But then I couldn’t stop looking at it. Continue reading

Are Fenty Beauty by Rihanna lip products worth the price?

In a word–YES!!!

On December 26, Fenty Beauty added the Mattemoiselle Plush Matte lip collection to the already comprehensive makeup line with 14 shades of magic–at least based on how they look on Rihanna’s IG posts.

yup. (photo courtesy of

A December 28th visit to Sephora–both the main store and in JC Penny’s one–was the perfect opportunity to check them out in person.

There was a swarm around the kiosk at the main Sephora, but I used my old school boxing out skills and was able to swatch the colors I was most interested in.

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