Standouts and Game Changers of 2018!

Another year is in the books, and you know we LOOOOOOOVE a good round-up of favorites! We’ve got beauty we can’t stop reaching for, life changing products, and things that just make life better. And away! We! Go!


LanoLips 101 Ointment Multipurpose Superbalm

Pamela gifted this to me last year, and as winter tries to turn me into dust, this stuff is a lifesaver. I put it on my lips every night before bed, and it’s still a little bit there in the morning! It’s also great for those dry spots that show up around your nose, or cuticles, or basically anywhere. I hope to never be without it!

Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint in Uncuffed

I know Lyn has gotten us all to buy something Fenty over the past year or so, and with good reason: this shit is bananas. I picked up the shade Uncuffed during one of the V.I.B. events late last year, and it is PERFECTION. The shade is the absolute perfect rosy mauve, which is my go-to shade for “I don’t want to look dead but I don’t want hot pink lips today” every day wear. The formula is truly weightless, and while it’s not 100% transfer-proof, it’s pretty locked in, and it fades without getting clumpy or flaky. I reach for this almost every day, and it lasts through coffee and lunch and life.

Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Retractable Brow Pencil

While I love the Kat Von D Brow Struck Dimension powder and think it’s seriously a stand out this year in the world of brow products, I find myself reaching for this $4 pencil nearly every day. It applies soooo quickly and easily and lasts all day. KVD comes out to play if I’m being fancy, but this guy is my ride or die right now.

Saalt Menstrual Cup

Early in the year, I was maybe 85% thinking about making the switch to menstrual cups; when Pamela told me she was switching, it was enough to make me take the plunge. After trying an ok, but not quite right cup the first go around, I found the Saalt cup on Amazon and it is my glass slipper. I like the Saalt because it is a softer silicone, made for “”active women. It’s totally comfortable, and haven’t had any leak issues despite deadlifting, working on my feet, dancing, sleeping… whatever. Plus, it just feels… well, less gross overall!! They last for years, so a bonus is that it feels great to not be throwing/flushing so much (including dolla bills) away. I also like that the company is owned by women who give back to women who may not have access to period care. I am seriously mad I got all the way to my 40’s before realizing cups are the way to go BTW- once you get past the learning curve (and yeah, it for sure takes a cycle or three to get the hang of it), my period is no longer such a pain in the ass. Well, obviously it still is a little, but for sure way less of one.

Apple AirPods

I have gone through about 17000 variations of arm bands, pockets, bluetooth devices, and fanny packs trying to listen to music or podcasts at the gym. My husband finally convinced me to YOLO and buy a pair of AirPods, and they are PURE WIZARDRY. I don’t even know why I resisted for so long. I haven’t ever liked the earbuds that come with Apple products, but somehow these feel mostly invisible in my ears, and yeah, they don’t fall out! I use them everywhere, too- not just the gym. Washing dishes? AirPods. Cleaning my office? AirPods. Grocery shopping? AirPods. The charge lasts forever- did you know they charge right in the case?? I probably charge them once a week or so, but I’ve never even come close to draining them. If I had any complaints, it’s that I wish they would get just a tiny bit louder, but it’s probably better for my health if they don’t. 😉

Spindrift Sparkling Water

For whatever reason, I, along with the hipsters, can’t get enough of sparkling water lately. BUT HAVE YOU TRIED SPINDRIFT?? It is sparkling water with real juice squeezed in!! Not a lot- just like, if you squeezed a lemon wedge into your drink. It’s enough, though, to make it crazy good. Like, CRAZY good. Does it add a few calories? Sure, but the worst offender (grapefruit) only has 15 calories per can. I haven’t gotten my hands on every flavor yet (so far I’ve only found it at Target and Costco), but the blackberry and grapefruit are worth having in your fridge AT ALL TIMES.


Drunk Elephant, everything: Okay–maybe not EVERYTHING–but a lot. This girl ain’t loyal when it comes to skin care products and I’m notorious for bouncing around and trying lots of things to see what’s magic. Well–I think Drunk Elephant might be it! My top favorite is the T.L.C. Framboos™ Glycolic Night Serum. It is pricey, but a little goes a long way and the results are immediate. It’s crazy to me how incredibly different my skin feels in the morning after using it at night. I also find the Lala Retro™ Whipped Cream is luxuriously divine. Wanna give them a shot and see what you think? The minis pack The Littles™ is a great introduction to the line.

Urban Decay, Born to Run eyeshadow palette: I’m really unclear why this palette didn’t get much love when it came out. The layout is great–especially if you generally dislike the long, skinny shadow structure of the Naked palettes–this one is in squares and the rows act like little mini palettes. The color range is very unique and offers a lot of new looks. I also like that the palette itself is thin, but sturdy and it has a huge mirror so it’s great for travel. Definitely a good deal with 21 shadows and a lot of room to play.

Marc Jacobs Beauty, Enamored Hydrating Lip Gloss Stick: I tried one of these in Sugar, Sugar and then went HAM and bought a bunch. I’m crazy for these in so many ways. They are a gloss–but a stick and not goopy or sticky or messy. I think even you would like them, Jess! They give the perfect amount of reflection to make your lips look full and fab. And layered over pencils gives them even more versatility. Definitely worth the price.

Norman Kamli, Kamali Kulture Go Crew Neck Dress: This is the greatest, easiest dress of all time. I know that sounds crazy and like a huge over-exaggeration, but it’s not. It’s an instant classic LBD. It’s100% flattering, super soft, simple to pack, no wrinkle, forgiving, like pajamas but classy, any occasion dress. Put Vans on and it’s casual. Throw a necklace on and heels and it’s dressy. Grab boots and it’s somewhere in the middle. With tights–it’s perfect for winter. No tights–it’s a spring/fall/cool summer day dream. If I could wear it every day, I would. I honestly might order another one to have a back up, I love it that much.

photo courtesy of

Apple, AirPods: Jess and I were going to do a joint review of these magical wonders, but never got around to it. (aah, life.) I agree with everything she said. I also bought them because Michael Boggs told me to–in fact–Team Boggs drove me to the Apple store and went with me to get them. I keep them in my pocket and use them constantly. They are super convenient so you can just pop them on and go. I walk a lot and always have them on, even if I’m just going a few blocks. They are also the only way I’ll talk on the phone anymore. I will legit tell someone I’ll call them back so I can grab them, if they aren’t immediately available. You don’t have to yell when talking and you can hear perfectly. Unlike Jess, I have had them die on me, but I’m also spacey about charging them. Which is silly because they charge super fast. I think it’s less than an hour to bring them back to full capacity. The only downsides are the volume isn’t super loud which Jess mentioned–I guess it’s good because it makes it so you can still be aware of your surroundings when walking with them–but on some podcasts I feel like I’d like a little more juice. When you wear them on an airplane, you have to keep your Bluetooth on to have them paired with your phone, so you can’t go into full “airplane” mode. And I do feel a little self-conscious wearing them because they are kinda douchey looking and I lose the effect of traditional headphones that say “I can’t hear you so don’t talk to me.” But aside from those few things, I can’t say enough about what a game changer they were for me this year. Bonus–I’ve had them for six months and haven’t lost them, which is huge!

(and side note: yes to fenty beauty too! and there are 10 new mattemoiselle plush matte lipsticks–thicc being my favorite!)

Schitt’s Creek: Another shout-out to Jess–she called this one and was ON ME  (and you) to watch it–and she was so right. I haven’t been this excited about a show in a long time. And it’s coming back on January 16th so you have time to get caught up before the new season comes out, if you didn’t take her advice the first time around to check it out. I’m the worst at binge-watching and we blew through this faster than any series ever. Also–my closet goals = David Rose and Dan Levy is a great IG follow, if you’re not already on it.


Milwaukee Bucks: YOU GUYS!!!! We have the best team in the entire NBA!!!! Seriously!!! We are #1 right now!!! I told you not to sleep on the Bucks two years ago and I’m telling you again–get on it!!! #fearthedeer

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone! We love you all so much and are excited for new products, adventures and all the everything and nothings life invariably throws at us. We’d love to hear what rocked your world in 2018 or things you’d like us to check up on for you in upcoming posts. 

Because if 2018 taught us anything–life can be much too much sometimes (and also that it’s okay to declare “it’s my turn to take a selfish!”)–and 2019 could be more of the same.

So let’s do 2019 better–together.

Otto Titsling’s newest creations reviewed including ThirdLove

It’s been two years (TWO YEARS!!) since I chatted about my favorite bras. Not too much has changed regarding my favorite style—bralettes—or my boob size: small (although I have confirmed my “A” size—more on that below.)

What has changed is the number of online shops featuring specialty undergarment lines since that first post published including our girl, RiRi’s launch: Savage x Fenty, which just rocked New York Fashion Week with a runway filled with all the shapes, sizes and styles you can imagine.

In my limited experience, new outfitters are AGGRESSIVE. I swear I get a postcard mailer weekly from ThirdLove boasting their best fitting bras. And if you should decide to check out their website—be aware—their ads will follow you everywhere. And I’m having a similar issue with AdoreMe which I haven’t purchased from and am reminded by them of that every day.

And some retailers are adding undergarments their collections. One of my favorite online clothing sites, the, famous for its sustainable, reclaimed textiles just launched a line of lingerie that quickly sold out, but has since been restocked.

I figured it had been a while since I had picked up anything new—and with a post request from a friend on ThirdLove—now was the time to see what’s good in the world of Mr. Otto Titsling’s newest creations. Let’s recap!

Savage x Fenty

I am an unabashed Rihanna stan. Period. But I try to be honest about reviewing her products—it just so happens I’ve also really loved them—so it hasn’t been hard to continue stumping for her.

The makeup line is wonderful. I just got a deluxe sample of her Pro-filter Primer and just ordered two of her three new Stunna lip paints to check out.

Could her lingerie line live up to the level set by Fenty Beauty? What do you think?

Yes—of course—it’s wonderful, too!

There are so many styles and fabrics and it’s incredibly inclusive. I wouldn’t imagine you could go to the site and NOT find something you’d like to order regardless of your size. Honestly, going to the site is worth it just to see the gorgeous models she used and all the personality and beauty it celebrates.

one of the sets i purchased. photo courtesy of

I ordered three sets during a recent sale. It was 2/$39 bralettes, 3/$24 undies and 25% off online. Overall–I got three full sets for $80–which is just over $26/set which is incredibly cheap.

The fit—especially the bras—is exceptional. I also really, really love the fabric. It feels substantial without being thick or heavy. It’s very smoothing although it’s not designed like Spanx or that kind of product. It just lays without lines or bunching.

There is a small detail along the edge of the underwear that I was able to snag with my fingernail, which was a little disappointing.

the little black detail on this set is what i managed to snag. oh well. photo courtesy of

But I liked the fit of the underwear so much I bought five more through their recent 5/$35 sale.

There is one negative. Savage Fenty offers a $49 subscription service/membership. I did this with my first order to get a shipping discount. But I will be canceling it. I don’t see myself needing to buy anything else in the near future that would offset the cost of the annual fee. But in case you were wondering, this is what’s included in the membership according to the website:

  • Enjoy membership-only pricing, 20-25% off every style.
  • Free Shipping – Both ways on us.
  • The Drop – Early access to our latest drops, before they sell out.
  • Xclusive Access – Members only access styles hand-picked by Rihanna!
  • $30 Reward – You will automatically receive $30 off your first purchase of $35 or more after your free trial ends.

So unless you buy a lot of lingerie, I don’t see this as a necessity. And they also seem to have lots of sales going if you aren’t in a rush to get something and can wait for a deal.


The Reformation

I have a lot of thoughts about this line but I’ll stick to the lingerie.

Of the three purchases I made, these are my absolute favorite. They are so simple but fit perfectly and are super comfortable.

Some of the looks are very basic–but I find them to be quite pretty in their simplicity.

a basic black set i selected, photo courtesy of

I am always reaching for just a basic bra to wear, especially under t-shirts. This style is exactly what I want and I’ve been wearing it constantly.

this one is gorgeous–and i look exactly like this when i wear it. 😉 photo courtesy of

The lace options definitely have more pizzazz and I really liked this green color, so I grabbed this set, too.

Lace is tricky, especially to take care of and I’m really bad at not just throwing everything in the wash, but so far they have held up nicely.

They also lay flat so there aren’t lumps or ridges showing through when I wear them, which is nice.

I feel the prices are fairly standard for a higher end option, especially ones that fall into the sustainability subcategory. Bras run from $35-45 and the underwear is $12-$18.

Overall, I would definitely purchase from here again.

I had been asked to do a review on this brand a while ago and kept forgetting. But then I got a postcard in the mail and thought it was time.

Their whole concept is to find the best fitting bra possible. Regardless of your size, even if you’re are a half-size, they believe they have a bra for you.

But honestly–this isn’t really my problem.

I generally buy a 36/B when purchasing my specific  band/cup size. If I’m buying by general sizes, I’m usually a medium or large depending on the band more than the cup.

Since I usually wear bralettes, the fabric conforms more to my chest than I have to fill up the cup, if that makes sense.

It gives me more flexibility in selecting bras to wear.

When you start with the ThirdLove process, you take a quiz. It asks you about the fit of your current bras and what you generally wear.

Then it asks you your breast shape. Honestly–I had never thought about this! It seems pretty naive, but I didn’t even think about boobs coming in different settings, just sizes.

I was really surprised by this concept, but based on the descriptions, I figured I was teardrop since I can lay my hand flat at the top of my chest and my boobs come out under my hand. (very scientific, i know.)

It recommended a 38/A for me in the T-shirt style–a larger band and a smaller cup. And this was what I ordered.

this is the bra it selected for me and i purchased, photo courtesy of

They say you should wear your bra on the loosest setting, so the 38 does kinda make sense–although I’m not sure I notice a difference in how it feels with this change.

And in this particular style, the A was a good choice. It definitely doesn’t gap or feel loose.

My issue with the bra is that the fit is fine. I don’t generally wear an underwire and the fabric is slightly padded.

It’s just more bra than I’m used to–and at $68 for one bra–it’s a lot. I got three sets through for $12 more.

But I also understand that my bra size makes it easier for me to find a bra that fits.

So I checked in with my friend, Shelly who definitely has a different bra issue than me.

She ordered through and her size was a 34/G. So while I have a larger band size, my cup size is small. She has the opposite issue. (i actually didn’t know there was a thing called a G.)

She kept her first bra through them–although it isn’t the miracle bra she was hoping for–and looked to try other styles.

Remember–the quiz helps you find the best style for your fit.

After the first bra recommendation, Shelly had a tougher time finding a second option that worked.

One thing we agree on with ThirdLove–they have amazing customer service.

You get a bunch of updates letting you know where your order stands and then they text you to see how it fits.

Even if they use bots–the texting experience was great and felt real!

Shelly ended up receiving and returning three different bras and none worked out. ThirdLove was in contact with her throughout the process and recommended they just give her a refund.

That’s some pretty impressive customer service.

Shelly  shared that as a 34 or 36 DDD, which is usually what she wears “it’s hard to find bras and definitely hard to find fun bras.”

For her size, she said “that’s why I love Adore Me – totally fun bras in my size! And prices are good. It’s amazing! Victoria Secret has a decent selection for bigger boobs, too but they are pricey.” 

I didn’t end up ordering anything from AdoreMe because at this point, I had already spent too much on undergarments!

But if a larger cup size is your issue, it sounds like AdoreMe is worth checking out.

I should’ve returned the ThirdLove bra because of it’s cost, but I kept it because of the customer service and laziness. And I’m really keen on both the Savage x Fenty and options.

Hopefully, this gives you some ideas on what’s new in the world of Otto Titsling and the current state of my underwear drawer (in major need of a declutter!)

What bras are working for you? Have you used any of these online sites? Thoughts? Any interest in hearing about my favorite online retailers for a future post?

Let me know in the comments below!

I’m on a spending freeze right now because I bought all these things with my own money. Even on sale–it was too much!



My rookie mistakes and other advice when clothes shopping in Europe–or the mall

I just got back on Sunday from a week-long trip to Copenhagen to visit one of my besties.

I’ve been to Denmark a lot–I think this was my 8th trip!–I really love my friend, and CPH.

And after that first trip in 2003, I’ve found shopping in Copenhagen really changed my thinking about clothes, opened up my fashion palette and expanded my personal style to be more adventurous with shapes and silhouettes.

It really feels like shopping in the future. You tend to see a lot of trends before they break in the US.

My love of jumpsuits happened with my first purchase of a fantastic grey strapless number in 2010 that is still one of the favorite things I own.

my first night out with erin in my jumpsuit from the future, 2010

But as experienced as I feel I am at shopping when visiting Erin–I still make rookie mistakes–and have a thing or two to learn.

So if you have an upcoming European adventure or an Epic work trip, here are some ways you can learn from my mistakes and find the best pieces to maximize your European–or any–shopping experience!

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Fabletics–to join or not to join

So spoiler alert–I joined.

I hadn’t heard of Fabletics–or even Kate Hudson’s affiliation–until the winter of 2015, when a lovely lady in a musical I was working on recommended it to me. She had recently joined and was really digging it. She was in the process of becoming a yoga instructor and needed new outfits and found it to be both a good deal and liked the product.

Strangely, it had been years since I had purchased workout gear. Not since Jess and I had started running together and I went through a serious Nike phase had I acquired any new pieces. Which at the time, was probably five years earlier.  So the timing was right for her recommendation to really register with me.

me running in my favorite Nike running capris in 2013. *photo courtesy of the best running partner ever, Jess Boggs

Plus I like trying new things AND love getting mail! So honestly–it wasn’t a hard sell.

But what is Fabletics, you ask?

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Things I’m Loving Right Now: Summer Flings Edition

As we’ve pointed out about 87000 times on this blog, we love summer!! I got really mad at Target the other day when I came upon the Back-to-School section already on full blast. Uugh. But hey, we’re only about halfway through, and no one has even made any Labor Day party plans yet. So! Let me tell you about a few totally random things that I’m loving right now, and may or may not continue to love them once the leaves start to turn…

Urban Decay Go Naked Perfume Oil


Did you know that Urban Decay came out with a limited edition perfume oil last month? They did, and I sleepily snatched it up the morning I got the email about it’s release (we all shop in bed now, right?), and I have no regrets. The main notes are citrus and lavender, and UD describes it as “the scent of sun-warmed skin and salt air”. Since I want to be at the beach at all times, I didn’t even think twice about buying this. It is a perfect light scent- it lingers but never overpowers. It is an oil with a roller ball applicator, which also makes it perfect to pop in your purse or travel bag. And it really does smell like sunshine! I may need to stockpile a few for next year.

Breakfast Smoothies

I realize this is far from a newsflash, but I do love the ease of a breakfast smoothie in the summer. When it’s hot, I don’t feel like cooking breakfast on the stove, or like, chewing… and some mornings I really am just in too much of a hurry to sit down with a meal, or too antsy to get outside for a walk to work on my tan and get some fresh air. Plus, I recently rediscovered that my blender has a handy smoothie-cup accessory.

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Freezer jeans.

One quick google search will bring up lots of information both supporting and denying that a great alternative for washing your jeans in the traditional fashion (in the washing machine) is to stick them in the freezer.  I did not google this before trying.  Sure, I’ve heard of it, so it’s probably totally legit, I thought.  But turns out, maybe not.

I love the look and feel of a great pair of vintage Levis.  That’s why I buy them… they’re already perfectly worn in all the right spots by someone else – but they can be pretty pricey these days online and are few and far between at the Goodwills and thrift shops – which leads me to have to wear my own new denim a little more often to try to get that great lived in vintage look and that takes quite some time.  We also at our house like to find small ways to reduce our water usage, specifically by wearing things maybe a few more times if we can before we throw them in the wash.  So after our last camping trip, and a good week of wearing one of my less than broken in new-ish pair of levis, they were starting to finally feel and look really good.  And while I wouldn’t say they smelled bad or were extremely dirty, I felt they could be freshened up a bit but I wanted to keep this lived in feeling and process going.  I had heard about people wearing jeans for a full year !!! or more without machine washing them, but instead putting them into the freezer to clean them.  So I blindly packed them in a plastic bag and threw them in the freezer next to the sourdough bread and tuna steaks.  And then I honestly forgot about them, until this past Friday when I couldn’t find them anywhere.  I happened to need some ice, and ah-ha!  There they were.  It was 82 degrees that day, and putting those babys on in a non air conditioned house was heavenly!  But now they not only still smelled a little dirty as my body heat warmed them up, they also smelled a little like freezer burn. Not cute. So I finally decided to actually do some research into why anyone would put their jeans in the freezer to clean them?  Does it even really work?  I certainly was not sold on this method.  Here’s what I learned:

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MeUndies review for you.

Last June, one year ago, I was convinced I had found the best birthday gift for my husband.  I just didn’t know that he had found it first.  It was a subscription to MeUndies (if I’m being accurate, we now had 2 subscriptions, one of which we did cancel).  Anyway, I didn’t know anything about them, I’m not even sure how I discovered them but it seemed fun, and everyone likes a monthly subscription, right?  (I always had felt he was a little envious of my monthly Birchbox)  

One year later and their ads are all over the place.  And though we have since ended his subscription (how many pairs of underwear does a person really need?) they have proven to be selling a really great product.  

So, how this works is you pay a monthly subscription fee of $16.  That gets you one pair of undies a month, and you choose which style you want at your initial sign up – for men -boxer brief, trunk, boxer or brief, and and which color collection it comes from –  the classic solid colors, the bold brighter solid colors, or the adventurous patterns (he went for boxer brief in adventurous.)

Womens cheeky brief and mens boxer brief. Image from

One year since his first pair, here are his thoughts:

The first pair still feels good and looks as good as the last pair received.  The fabric is super soft and stretchy, but keeps it’s shape, as does the waist band.  None of the pairs are losing shape or falling apart.  They don’t ride up, and aren’t too tight, nor are they too loose. They don’t have any annoying or scratchy tags. The only con is that some of the brighter color prints have faded with wear and washing, which is to be expected probably.  

Also, in my opinion, they look really good on him.

All in all this was a great investment (and actually, writing this has prompted me to sign him up again!).  They almost make me consider getting a subscription for myself! (TMI – I don’t wear underwear)

*These MeUndies were bought and paid for by me.

My camping essentials.

Camping season is upon us!  Now with more shelter!  My husband and I have always been tent campers, but as fate would have it, this spring we found and  purchased a camper (I don’t mean to brag, but it’s not just any camper… it’s a 1972 Airstream!!!) Tent camping – you’re dead to me.  Even still, many of my camping essentials remain the same.  Here are some of my requirements to survive a long weekend in the woods.

Coffee – More than likely I’ll sleep not quite as good as I do in my own bed at home.  You know….. that bed, that is in a house, not on the ground or a less than comfortable mattress of sorts.  While I love camping, getting a good night’s rest is a challenge for me.  I require lots and lots of coffee in the AM.  We always bring pre-ground beans and a french press, which is how we have it at home.  Just add hot water and you’re good to go.

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First impressions: Girlfriend Collective leggings

I’ve mentioned before that I rarely go on Facebook.  Maybe once a day.  And I certainly never click the ads when I’m on FB.  But then there was this “free leggings” ad.  Free leggings from Girlfriend Collective. The ad looked nice, pleasing to the eye.  The leggings pictured looked flattering and actually like they could be kind of expensive – like the original Nike legends or Lululemon wunder unders – both of which I have had in the past and loved.  But ok, free?  What’s the catch?  So I clicked.  I proceeded to read all about these free leggings.  They’re eco friendly (made from recycled plastic bottles.) High waisted (12 inch rise that sits above your bellybutton). Shaping with a perfect amount of compression, but comfortable as the fabric responds to your body heat and molds to your body.  All this with a high end look and feel.   Ok, but still what’s the catch?  Their retail cost is $70, but during this pre-launch campaign they’re FREE with a shipping cost of $19.95.  Ahh…. ok.  So, not free.  Why $19.95 shipping though?  Because this pre-launch batch of leggings is coming directly from their factories in Vietnam.  Ok, seems legit.  I was intrigued, so I kept reading.  They have a serious amount of very specific information on their website!  And I suddenly found myself convinced that they were going to be the best leggings I’ve ever owned.  And what’s 20 bucks anyway?  Add up the cost of all the stupid leggings that I’ve gotten from Target and Forever21 that fit like crap and are faded and gross…. and that equals WAY more than $19.95.  So I pulled the trigger.  The thing is though, it would take about three months to get them. So three months went by, and yesterday I finally got them!  And I wore them last night to yoga.  Not to practice yoga but to teach, so basically I was walking around in a hot room wearing them.  Having worn them for only just that one time, allow me to share my thoughts and feelings…..   Continue reading

What I’m Packing: Beach Edition

You know how Lyn is a light-packing magician?? Turns out I am the exact opposite of her: I always check a bag. I always bring one too many pairs of shoes and 47 t-shirts. I always come home with 50% of my clothes unworn. But hey! I’m ok with it, and I still dream of a weekend getaway, someday, where I manage to pack everything I need in my purse (which is literally a gym bag and also the greatest carry on bag of all time. Damn you Lululemon for not making it anymore!!!!).

Once a year, my husband and I take a break from life and hit the beach. Usually we head to Mexico, but this year we are mixing it up and checking out the beaches of Costa Rica! Our goals for our beach vacations always prioritize relaxation- we don’t really go out to fancy dinners or go clubbing or anything, and we mostly stick to the resort, but we will do some off-site adventures. Over the years, I’ve come up with a few edits and additions to my packing to make sure my beach vacay is on point:

Now, obviously, this doesn’t include all of my clothes, carry on essentials, books, or hats, but these are the things I felt should be singled out. Let’s start from the top!

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