Fabletics–to join or not to join

So spoiler alert–I joined.

I hadn’t heard of Fabletics–or even Kate Hudson’s affiliation–until the winter of 2015, when a lovely lady in a musical I was working on recommended it to me. She had recently joined and was really digging it. She was in the process of becoming a yoga instructor and needed new outfits and found it to be both a good deal and liked the product.

Strangely, it had been years since I had purchased workout gear. Not since Jess and I had started running together and I went through a serious Nike phase had I acquired any new pieces. Which at the time, was probably five years earlier.  So the timing was right for her recommendation to really register with me.

me running in my favorite Nike running capris in 2013. *photo courtesy of the best running partner ever, Jess Boggs

Plus I like trying new things AND love getting mail! So honestly–it wasn’t a hard sell.

But what is Fabletics, you ask?

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Get Up Already!! (A Challenge…. I’m Scared)

I am about to embark on a personal challenge, and, if I’m being honest with myself, I am terrified.

Remember a few weeks ago when Lyn told us how she struggles with going to bed? Well, most of the time I’m pretty good at that part (though I am super guilty of dicking around on the interwebs for way too long doing nothing at all). My challenge is the getting up part.

For many of you, this might not be hard at all. Pamela, for example, is a professional morning person. Even on vacation!! But I am nowhere near. I am basically Garfield when it comes to mornings.

The Struggle

I have a few things working against me in life. For one, my work schedule is consistently inconsistent. I work at a clinic three days a week, each shift starting at a different time. At my private office, sometimes I start in the morning, sometimes I start around noon, sometimes I have awkward gaps in my day. See? I’m already off on the wrong foot.

I hate waking up early so much that I tell myself I get to sleep in on the days I don’t need to be anywhere right away. I never make it past 8:30, so it’s not like I’m a college student snoozing until afternoon, but it does give me an excuse to waste the morning, drinking coffee, watching TV, because “I don’t get to be lazy ever”. But I do. Like, all the time. And I’m pretty sure this wibbly wobbly sleep schedule is doing me absolutely no favors.

And what is this: somehow, in the 20 minutes before I need to get up, this is when I find the perfect, most comfortable Goldilocks position. Sleep becomes the best thing ever. Angels sing. All my good intentions and pep talks get squashed by a voice saying “NO!! YOU WILL NEVER FIND COMFORT LIKE THIS AGAIN!!”, and I can’t break free of it. I’m really good at snooze button math, and will give up a fair amount of logic (like how long it takes me to actually get ready) to keep sleeping.

The thing is, I actually really like mornings. Sure, the getting up part sucks- for some reason it takes me a while to shift into gear- but mornings have a bit of magic to them. It’s nice to get started on your day. One of my favorite things in the world is to walk through a city on a crisp morning, the day starting fresh, the smell of concrete warming up, the sun coming up over the buildings, and a world of possibilities. Lyn and I used to get together once or twice a week at early o’clock and catch a yoga class or go for a run. Every single time, I would wish to wake up to a text saying “never mind! Can’t go today!” so I could curl back up in bed, but honestly those early morning workouts (and the delicious juice/coffee/gossip to follow) were the best. We got it out of the way before we even knew it was happening, and set the rest of the day up to win.

The Challenge

So, I’m trying to recapture this magic and get myself on a better schedule overall. I have been working hard this past year on my goal of getting to the gym to lift, consistently, three times a week, and I’m too the point where I start to feel twitchy if I’m going to miss a workout. Yay! Goal achieved! Thing is, sometimes I go at 2:00 on a Tuesday, then 9:00 on a Wednesday, then maybe I can catch a Friday afternoon but if I’m booked with appointments I’ll probably talk myself out of going because I’m hungry and/or tired so hopefully I can grab a Saturday morning deadlift session.

As my husband put it, “damn, I don’t think I could do it without a strict schedule”.

You know what? He’s right. Also handsome. So I’m going to take his advice and stick to a schedule. And, wouldn’t you know it, the time I have open almost every single day during the week? 7:00 in the damn morning.

Starting tomorrow (Tuesday, so hopefully I haven’t failed already by the time you read this!) I am going to get up at 6:30 and my ass to the gym by 7:00. In the morning. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

It’s going to be painful, but I think, overall, it will be a good thing.

The Plan

I’ve come up with a few strategies to try to overpower my strong gravitational pull to my pillow in the morning, and the first is coffee. If I have to tear myself from the grasp of sleeps, then the sweet sweet sounds and smells of coffee brewing away is going to be the thing to do it. Seriously, is there anything better than having hot coffee just ready and waiting for you? (Yes, there is, and that is someone bringing coffee to you while you stay in bed, but I’ll save that for Sundays.) I just have to be on top of prepping it at night and setting the timer. Easy! I’ve already checked this one off the list for tomorrow.

Next, I will work to convince myself that even though I’m getting up earlier than I historically have, I’m still getting a solid 8 hours of sleep. This means I have to go to bed by 10:30, which is pretty normal for me most weeknights. I discovered that a new feature in the iPhone’s clock app is “bedtime”, where you can set yourself, um, a bedtime on days that you choose, and it will sing a cute little lullaby and remind you to go to bed. Adorable! Lyn, you should probably look into this, too.

On the same tip, I have also disabled the snooze option on my alarms (much to the delight of my husband), which I have set for 6:15 and 6:30. I figure the first one will piss me off, but then I’ll be happy when I realize that I can sleep another 15 minutes before I really for reals have to get out of bed.

I will not be sleeping in my workout clothes, as so many “become a morning exerciser!” articles advise. Come on now. No one should sleep in compression leggings. But I will put a pile of my clothes in the bathroom the night before so I just have to stumble to the bathroom, brush my teeth, change, stumble downstairs, down some coffee and peanut butter toast or a banana, and be out the door.

So, ok you guys, I feel really good about this. Scared AF, but positive. I’m trying to remind myself how good I will feel to get it done, every day, and how having a schedule will be good for me. Plus, this will free up my random afternoon blocks of time for things I’ve been skipping in favor of the gym, like pedicures and getting my oil changed.

And naps.

So, pray for me. I’m already late for bed.


Are you a morning person? How? Why?? Help!

What’s In My Gym Bag?

Lololololol… trick question! I don’t actually have a gym bag. Well, unless you count my purse, which is technically a gym bag, and also I keep some of these things in my car, sooooooo… these are the things I just really need to have with me at the gym!

The Plan

Before every gym workout, I like to plot out what is scheduled for the day with an actual pen on actual paper. This prevents, as my husband likes to say, “fuckarounditis”, gives me a picture of what to expect for that day, and keeps my goals moving forward. I’m currently following a strength and conditioning program (from Chrissy King Fitness), and prior to heading to the gym, I’ll write down a clear plan of what my lifts are for the day, and what weights I want to shoot for. I really like keeping this as a journal, because I can easily flip back to see, for example, how heavy my squats were last week versus how much I want to try this week. I also log what and when I ate that day, how I felt overall (strong? dizzy? putzy? on fire??), and if there’s any changes or cues I want to remember for next time. It’s nice to be able to reflect back and adjust as needed. Could I use an app? Sure, but this feels better for me.

The Work

Once I have my plan outlined, I lace up my Chuck Taylors. I would prefer to train barefoot, but that’s frowned upon in commercial gyms, so Chucks it is. The sole in a Chuck is hard and flat (no arch), which kind of mimics being barefoot in a way- I feel just as strong doing kettlebell swings in them vs. barefoot.

The next most important thing for a workout is, obviously, music. Or podcasts. Is it weird that I need music for cardio but prefer to lift to a podcast? Anyway, I’ve been liking my over-ear bluetooth headphones pretty ok, but sometimes they are a bit too hot/sweaty, especially during the summer months. So I’ll switch off with my tried-and-true Yurbuds Inspire corded earbuds. Problem is, then I need something to hold my phone, so I use this super rad running belt. Ok. Fine. It’s a fanny pack. But it’s stretchy and water/sweat resistant and light and holds my phone at the gym, and is also great for walks.

What am I listening to?

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First impressions: Girlfriend Collective leggings

I’ve mentioned before that I rarely go on Facebook.  Maybe once a day.  And I certainly never click the ads when I’m on FB.  But then there was this “free leggings” ad.  Free leggings from Girlfriend Collective. The ad looked nice, pleasing to the eye.  The leggings pictured looked flattering and actually like they could be kind of expensive – like the original Nike legends or Lululemon wunder unders – both of which I have had in the past and loved.  But ok, free?  What’s the catch?  So I clicked.  I proceeded to read all about these free leggings.  They’re eco friendly (made from recycled plastic bottles.) High waisted (12 inch rise that sits above your bellybutton). Shaping with a perfect amount of compression, but comfortable as the fabric responds to your body heat and molds to your body.  All this with a high end look and feel.   Ok, but still what’s the catch?  Their retail cost is $70, but during this pre-launch campaign they’re FREE with a shipping cost of $19.95.  Ahh…. ok.  So, not free.  Why $19.95 shipping though?  Because this pre-launch batch of leggings is coming directly from their factories in Vietnam.  Ok, seems legit.  I was intrigued, so I kept reading.  They have a serious amount of very specific information on their website!  And I suddenly found myself convinced that they were going to be the best leggings I’ve ever owned.  And what’s 20 bucks anyway?  Add up the cost of all the stupid leggings that I’ve gotten from Target and Forever21 that fit like crap and are faded and gross…. and that equals WAY more than $19.95.  So I pulled the trigger.  The thing is though, it would take about three months to get them. So three months went by, and yesterday I finally got them!  And I wore them last night to yoga.  Not to practice yoga but to teach, so basically I was walking around in a hot room wearing them.  Having worn them for only just that one time, allow me to share my thoughts and feelings…..   Continue reading

Why I Lift (And So Should You!)


So there I was, in the squat rack, doing a volume set of moderately heavy back squats. An older woman comes through the weight room (on her way to somewhere else, carrying a cup of coffee), and says to me “careful, you’ll hurt yourself!”

“Actually”, I replied, “this is how I make sure I don’t hurt myself.”

Let’s back up a sec: see, I’ve always had a janky back. Thanks to some mild scoliosis and growing super fast in my teens, my low back is a house of cards, ready to fall apart at any moment. When I was in 9th grade, I threw out my back in gym class- we were doing a “line dance” unit (we all had this, right??), and I bowed to my partner, and wanted to die. I finished the dance (we were being tested, and in 9th grade, I still cared about my grades in P.E.), and promptly lay down on the gym floor. Next thing I know, my mom is there, and I’m being hauled off in an ambulance. That’s right- I square-danced so hard I had to be taken to the E.R! I was the hero to the sophomore class, whose next period of gym was delayed due to the broken girl on the floor.

Being the early 90’s, I was given some stick-figure drawings of stretches to do (that was the entirety of my physical therapy), and was told to lay low and rest in bed for a few days. Since I was 13, I obviously ignored the PT and, after a few days off my feet, got right back into life. I wasn’t athletic, but I was on the dance team for a few seasons, and was active in theater productions, but let’s be real- I didn’t exercise, aside from occasionally doing yoga after school with Kathleen Hitchcock on PBS out of boredom while I waited for Square One to start. #nerd #shewasawesomethough #mathiscool

Over the years, I’ve thrown out my back over a variety of stupid reasons: sneezing. Picking up an empty plastic bag. Getting out of a hot shower into a cold bathroom. It wasn’t until I went to massage school that I realized I wasn’t a lost cause- I could actually do something about my back pain, because it was a muscular issue! At this point in my life, I realized I needed to take exercise more seriously, and spent the next decade or so trying out a bunch of stuff- yoga, bodypump, HIIT, bootcamp, running. All of it seemed to help a little (any exercise is better for me than no exercise), but nothing really seemed to be the key (or like something I wanted to stick with), until………

That's the face of a proud achievement right there!

That’s the face of a proud achievement right there- strict press of 44 pounds!

Lyn and I used to run together. Running is a thing you do in this town- there seems to be a 5k every weekend- so I figured I should also run. I loved spending mornings with Lyn, and really, the run was just a reason to end up at the co-op, drinking delicious juice and gabbing for an hour after the run (which was THE BEST). Then I broke my foot (stress fracture- 0/10 do not recommend), and then Lyn had some reasons to stop running for a bit, and I realized that, actually, I really liked NOT running. Running was always judging me- I’m just not built for it, would dread the workouts, and always felt like a failure. Needing to do something, but still feeling fearful of impact on my foot, I took a chance on a new class in town. Not only did I gain a super new friend out of the deal, but fell head over heels for kettlebell training.

Kettlebells are super fucking rad. There is some very specific technique involved, and some very specific skills to learn (please with a certified trainer please please), but then it’s just plain fun. I mean, inasmuch as flinging iron around is fun (a lot).

The best thing about training kettlebells? Learning how to use tension. Kettlebells teach you where your power “leaks” are, and how to engage them. Because of this, I found my glutes. And let me tell you, in my professional opinion, if there is one thing that we as a whole population need to work on, it’s finding your glutes. I could write a whole post on that alone- THIS is what helped my back the most. Bonus: I look pretty great in leggings.

After training kettlebells for about two years, I was having the itch to pick up other heavy things. I had been following some fitness professionals and influencers online, and decided to try on powerlifting. Now, mind you, I am still handily in the “beginner/novice” category of strength, but I am ok with that. I am loving the journey of polishing my technique, listening to what my body needs, and surprising myself- days when the weights fly up? THE BEST. Days when I’m feeling less than great? I dial it back and come out feeling pretty proud of myself for just showing up.

It’s cliche, but true: the best workout is the one you show up for. I love lifting. I look forward to it. I research it and plan my workouts ahead of time. I follow programs. I watch YouTube videos. I get to wear Chuck Taylors to the gym and check Instagram between sets. On lifting days, I sleep the sleep of the gods. I love every minute of it.


As a woman, we are taught to be small. Frail. Weak. To need help. Fuck that. Being strong feels amazing. Not having pain is life changing. Go pick up something heavy today. Here is a great place to start.


Want to come lift with me? I need a partner!

10 Things Getting Me through this Winter

January. Ugh, right? The excitement of the holidays is replaced by extra pounds to lose, resolutions to break—again,  the reality that we spent too much money on presents—to ourselves—and others, and the coldest days of the year.  And that doesn’t even factor in the feeling of impending doom as we lurch closer and closer toward January 20th.  It’s not hard to feel like there’s really no reason to even get out of bed to face another day. But alas—we must—so here are ten things that have made me almost forget how much I hate this time of year:


Anastasia Beverly Hills, Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette:

This palette landed on pretty much every beauty blogger/YouTubers’ best of list—and I completely concur—it’s fantastic! I bought it using a 20% off coupon–I was a little skeptical of the warm shades and predominance of red-based tones in the collection–but felt more comfortable trying it at a discount. But it was totally worth the full price. These shadows are my new favorites—in fact—I even started acquiring some of the ABH single shades, I’m such a fan. I’m playing with different looks, because seriously—it’s too cold to even pretend to go outside—so why not just play with eye shadow all weekend?! I’m not sure how this palette will translate in the spring, but that’s so far away, I’m just going to continue to enjoy its relevance now.


Milwaukee Bucks

I know, I know. The green and gold are making some serious noise in the playoffs—and that’s exciting. But—after Christmas—it’s all about hoops for me. And our young Bucks are getting some well-deserved national attention including a SI cover story featuring our very own unicorn, Giannis Antetokounmpo (aka the Greek Freak.) Get on board now before the bandwagon fills up!

Oscar season

I caught La La Land, Rogue One and Fences during the holiday week but I have so many more to see! Jackie, Nocturnal Animals and Elle are just a few of the flicks that will force me to put on pants and head outside these next two months. (Or I could just watch The Hunt for the Wilderpeople again for the millionth time, which would be fine, too…)


I have a complicated relationship with yoga, but it’s one of the few things that peel my shoulders away from my ears, if even for just an hour. And I do the heated variety which is much more appreciated now than in July.


Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick, No Tea, No Shade

Dark lipstick is such a winter staple and this new shade in the recently launched Jeffree Star metallic collection is divine. It’s a cool mix of purple, gray and copper—and like all of his lip products—lasts forever and feels completely weightless. I’ve started planning my outfits on whether it goes with this shade. Will we ever stop going on and on about Jeffree Star liquid lips? Probably not.

Run the Jewels 3

Just as I finished my Favorite Songs of 2016 mix and was ready to start checking out new music, Run the Jewels dropped their third album. And I’m obsessed. My favorite track switches daily, but today it’s the collab with Trina, Panther like a Panther (Miracle Mix.)

Matcha green tea

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to start every day at work with my own mini-matcha tea ceremony. I experienced one in September during my visit to Japan.


Our last day in Japan–so tired–but such an incredible experience.

We were told that drinking matcha tea daily leads to youth and vitality. I’m in!


What’s better than soup in the winter? Nothing.


Giovanni Ultra Sleek Body Wash

I can’t lie—the length of my showers in the winter would make Al Gore cry. Nothing beats a long, hot, luxurious shower. We’ve already shared our undying love for the L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil, but a cheaper and still amazing option is the Giovanni Ultra Sleek Body Wash. It exfoliates, moisturizes and has a really nice warm scent that isn’t too sweet and overpowering. I buy mine at my neighborhood Festival grocery store.


Sasha Fierce and Dylan: ready for walks, treats and cuddles regardless of the season.

Dogs in sweaters

Seriously—they are the cutest!

These are a few of the things that keep me going in the winter. Hopefully, you can find something on the list that might work for you, too. What are those things for you? I think we could all use as many distractions as we can get—so share below!

All items were purchased by me and photos were taken from the product site or by me.

How I Talk Myself into Working Out.

In July, I got pneumonia. It’s the third time I’ve had it and it’s not fun. Luckily, I recognized the symptoms early and was able to get on antibiotics. In addition to the prescription, my Urgent Care doctor, my primary care physician and my naturopath gave me the same advice: drink lots of water, rest and take a break from strenuous exercise for a few weeks. No big deal. I was crazy tired and super thirsty and had zero interest in going for a run anyway. But a break can quickly turn into full breakup for me. And July turned into August and my running shoes and yoga mat were starting to look awfully dusty.


It was time to get back to it. Ugh. Instead of feeling excited to work out again, I felt lazy and anxious. It’s not as easy as just doing it—or it is?

In finding ways to get exercise back in my life, I thought about what has made me get out of bed or get to class in the past. In finding strategies that have worked for me—I thought some of them might work for you, too.

  1. Just do it. I’ve read all the articles on how to incorporate an exercise plan into your life. They never really resonate with me. Probably because I tend to bristle when people tell me what to do. But I also think some of the commonly listed motivators end up having the opposite effect on me. For example—how many times have you read to sign up for a 5K or 10K to kickstart your running plan? I’ve done this and it only makes me feel anxious. And then each run becomes a panic for me and I feel like I failed before I even begin. Instead what works for me is to just do it. I don’t give myself a choice. If I ask myself—“do I want to sleep in or do I want to get up for a run?”—the answer is ALWAYS “I want to sleep in.” So I don’t ask. I just get up and do it. I also don’t work out so I can eat anything I want—because that’s not actually a thing. And I don’t tell myself that I can buy a new lipstick or some special gift to myself as a reward for working out.  I just end up buying the new lipstick because I’m an adult and I can regardless if I worked out or not. Instead, I just go.
  2. Don’t set goals. I have stopped trying to achieve anything when I work out other than the workout itself. I’m not trying to run a consistent 8 minute mile. I’m not trying to land some advanced yoga pose. I’m just trying to get in and get it done. I wake up and I tell myself—just run and see how it goes. If it feels good—go faster—if it doesn’t slow down. Feel like taking a more advanced pose? Go for it. If I want to go to class and spend 60 minutes in savasana—fine. Just go. Because I’ve never actually spent a class in savasana (except for that one time I took a class called “savasana”) and once I’m in class or running—I’m generally fine. The hardest thing for me to do is get started. So when I do, I feel accomplished. I know how easy it is for me NOT to do it. And at this point in my life–that’s success enough for me.
  3. Find an activity that works for you. Notice I didn’t say one that you enjoy. I don’t particularly enjoy running. But I can get it done without a lot of fanfare or preparation making it a pretty convenient affair. I also don’t love yoga but there’s a studio right by my work with class times that fit my schedule. While I don’t particularly identify as a runner or a yogi—I can’t deny that I feel better when I do it and do see progress when I do it consistently—so I do it. And I try to just remember that on days I’m feeling particularly crabby about going. Looking for activities that work with your lifestyle or are convenient might be enough to get it to happen for you.
  4. Look for tricks that make exercise tolerable. I don’t love running, but I love listening to music, especially uninterrupted. So I try to think about running more as a chance to listen to my favorite songs than as a physical challenge I’m about to complete. I really like this tea they have at the studio where I do yoga—and while I could just buy that tea and drink it whenever I want—I will only allow myself to drink it at the studio, after I’ve taken a class. And some days, it’s enough to get me to go. It’s the small things, people. Really.
  5. Do it for you. I started running and going to yoga classes because Jess invited me to do it with her. I had actively avoided both activities for years. But I really love Jess. So it became a dilemma—turn down Jess’ invitations because I don’t like something—or say yes and know it’ll be ok because everything is better with Jess involved. So I said yes. But because of our crazy schedules and because we are Geminis and can be very motivated and VERY unmotivated, we kinda stopped doing both together.


Part of it was also unrealistic planning—our yoga plan was to get up at 5:30am to go to a 6am yoga class—which is hilarious in retrospect. More often than not, one of us would send a text at 5:35am that said “nope.” And if I wasn’t going with Jess, I wasn’t going at all. Eventually, I came back to both activities, but as a solo endeavor. Working out with a partner and things like running groups are great and all, but I have found I’m too easily influenced by others. It’s just better for me to run alone, at a pace I want and when I want. I don’t want to wake up at 5:30am to go to yoga—obviously, neither did Jess—so I don’t. I go at 5:30pm. I’ve also seen this at the dance classes I teach. People start going to class as part of a group or with a friend, but then stop coming because something happened to the friend’s schedule or someone in the group moved. It doesn’t matter if the class still works for one of them—it was conceived as a joint venture—and going solo feels like cheating. So friends are awesome to get you to try things and help you break into activities you might be too nervous to try alone. I never would have started running or going to yoga classes if it weren’t for Jess. But to truly incorporate it in my life, it’s gotta be on my terms. And no one cheers louder for me than Jess when I do have a crazy successful run or a great yoga class. And hopefully, she feels the same when she snaps me about some insanely heavy weight she threw around! Friends are the best—but in the end—do it for you.

I would still rather not have to work out, but I’m also an adult. There will always be things I don’t want to do, but have to do anyway. Working out is one of them. And yes—I almost always feel better after I do it—which makes it easier and easier to stick to it. It’s just getting started that’s hard.

What gets you motivated to work out? What’s your go-to workout or favorite activity? Don’t keep it to yourself! Share it in the comments below!

This Is Awesome: The Fitness Marshall

Some of the best times of my life (and best friends made- hi Lyn!) were spent in a dance studio. Not just any dance studio, mind you, but Dance Fabulous– an adults only, drop-in studio. We weren’t all trained dancers- in fact, the appeal was that you could come to class with zero dance experience- but we shared a common love for music, movement, and fun. Eventually, I transitioned from student to instructor, teaching my own original choreography, video choreography, and even a class called “hip hop aerobics”, where we would do repetitive chunks of choreo for the sake of goofy fitness that tricked you into working out by being so fun and keeping your brain busy. It was an absolute blast.

Sadly, the physical space of DFab became no longer viable to maintain, and although there were opportunities to keep classes going, my job had shifted in a way that made it difficult for me to keep up with them. With a heavy heart, I decided it was time to retire. My workouts shifted to kettlebells and lifting (which I love!), but I can’t help but miss having a set chunk of time each week to shake my thang. I just can’t make it to classes regularly!

Enter: The Fitness Marshall


photo: thefitnessmarshall.org

Caleb Marshall is making a name for himself as The Fitness Marshall, pumping out amazing, easy to follow, ridiculously fun hip hop cardio dance workouts on his YouTube channel. Apparently, he got his start teaching classes in college, and people would be waiting at the door an hour beforehand to make sure they got a spot in his (packed) class. I can see why- this guy is HILARIOUS, his videos are well done (he majored in film production), and his backup dancers  “booties” are on fleek. Also, he is inspired by Britney Spears. NEED I SAY MORE?

So, you can pick one song/video on his channel to learn and dance to a few times, which is a great quick workout in itself. This is also a good way to kind of learn the “language” of hip hop cardio dance, so future videos become easier to follow. (You can also sign up for his Patreon site if you want access to tutorials.) But! The brilliant thing he does, which makes me mad that I never thought of doing this myself, is the weekly “Sweat Set“: a curated playlist of videos starting with a warm up, ending with a cool down, and a handful of awesome dancing in between. The Sweat Set is usually about 45 minutes, and you can pause in between videos for water or brain-breaks. It is exactly the kind of cardio workout I need in my life!

Obvs, the more you do one of the videos, the more you’ll be able to really go all-out. He doesn’t do any moves that are technically difficult or advanced, but sometimes it takes a few repetitions, at first, to really get it. Once you do, it is 100% FUN. I am regularly simultaneously feeling fly and laughing my ass off. (Literally? Too soon to tell.)

While I miss being a spaz at the front of my own class, being a spaz in my basement is a pretty ok runner-up. And believe me, this dancer is RUSTY, so I am all over the place! But Caleb and I share the same sentiment when it comes to dancing- you may not be doing THE move, but at least you can do SOMETHING, and as long as you’re having fun, who cares??

What are you dancing to? Have you been to Lyn’s class? You should go- it’s the best! Let us know in the comments!