where I sell my gently used closet discards.

Remember my last post when I successfully cleaned out my drawers and closet? As promised, a post on where I am selling some of my closet discards…. Poshmark.

One day this past winter, I began an obsession with a last years style of Sam Edelman leopard print booties.  Now, I feel pretty confident in saying that when I want to find something online, I find it (If only I could somehow utilize this skill as a job.)  This particular search, for these particular booties (I totally found them) lead me to find Poshmark. Poshmark, simply put, is a giant collection of  “closets” of clothing and accessories and other things (makeup – which I have never even considered buying used… and other randomness.)  It’s kind of an online consignment shop, where you can sell, shop and even trade.  Prices range from actual rummage sale prices, to higher prices (on designer pieces).  Selling is easy.  The app they have created allows you to upload items in about 60 seconds. And they make shipping even easier, by emailing a shipping label when you sell an item. All you have to do is box the item up, slap on the label (include a nice little thank you note) and send it off.  Poshmark takes 20% commission for all sales $15 or more, you make 80%, and for any sales under $15 they take a flat commission of $2.95. You can then use your earnings to shop, or have them deposited in your bank account.  It’s so super easy! So, next time you decided to clean out your closet and aren’t quite ready to donate your fantastic, gently worn leopard print booties to your local Goodwill, but feel you could make a few more dollars than your local consignment shop might give you, try it. There is absolutely no initial investment other than your time. You can even check out my closet if you want!

I recently used some of my earnings to buy this pair of worn once brand new Dr. Martens for half of the retail price!

Since I’ve started selling on Poshmark I have realized there are other apps similar to Poshmark out there too.  Do you use a different one?  If so which, and why do you love it?

High vs Low: New Urban Decay vs Wet ‘n Wild Liquid Lipstick

Love it or hate it, liquid lipsticks are having a moment right now. I mean, they have their place in my makeup drawer, since it’s a great choice when you need a long wearing, super pigmented, transfer-resistant lip color. The downside is that they can be drying, too matte, crumbly, and a mess to take off. Truth be told, my bar on liquid lipstick is set pretty high- I know what the gold standard product is, and everything else falls short. With that in mind, though, let’s test out two new products that launched this month:

Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick $18

Urban Decay makes up the vast majority of lipsticks in my collection- their Vice Lipstick (formerly Revolution Lipstick) is THE BEST, so I had super high expectations for this launch. I planned out my purchase a few days in advance (with 30 shades to choose from, I needed to strategize), and decided to go with two shades that were exclusive to Urban Decay’s website: Brat, a “warm baby pink” and Crank, a “bright berry fuchsia”. In the days between placing my order and getting the lipstick in my hands, I watched a few YouTube reviews. They were wildly mixed- everything from “uuugh” to “best lip product ever!”, and to be frank, I was a bit suspicious about how few reviews were even out there- are they so bad that people aren’t even talking about it?? My package came just as I was getting ready to go out for dinner to celebrate my husband’s birthday, so I was pumped to try them out. First, I tried Brat, and it was…. weird. The color looks like I smashed up some Pepto tablets and smeared them on my mouth. The formula was a bit streaky going on, but not un-workable, and felt comfortable and not too dry on my lips when it dried down. The color though… yikes. Lyn actively recoiled when I snapped her a picture of me wearing it. The next one, Crank, was definitely straight up purple, not berry as described. Not a bad color, actually, just… not what I was expecting. This one also went on pretty streaky, and the pigment would bunch up in places, and if I went back over to try to blend out or add color, it would just make it worse. Also worth noting for both shades? I had to re-dip into the tube quite a few times. I got it to “good enough” and, after realizing it was also all over my teeth, headed out the door to dinner.

Now, these lipsticks are described as “life proof”, and given the amount of oil cleanser and effort needed to switch them out just during my initial try-on earlier that night, I was inclined to believe it. My lips did not transfer onto my wine glass, which I felt was impressive. But, two hours and one dinner (which I tried to eat daintily!) later, I was left with a purple ring around my mouth. Not cute.

I’m sending these back- luckily Urban Decay has a great return policy. I am curious about some of the metallics and a few other unique colors, and might check them out when they hit stores this week, but my hopes are low. Honestly, though, I was surprised to see how many shades in the new collection already exist in the Vice Lipstick collection, so really, just stick with those. They are SO GREAT, and the lipstick version of their comfort matte formula performs and looks SO MUCH BETTER.

Wet n’ Wild MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick $4.99

Well well well, what do we have here? Wet n’ Wild launched a short run of these liquid lipsticks at Halloween, and I was super impressed with the wear, so I was stoked to see they brought this formula back in new shades for their Spring launch. Let me tell you, friends- this is a good product. First off, the component (tube and applicator) are EXACTLY THE SAME as Jeffree Star’s, which is excellent. See how the doefoot is curved there? That applies the product so nicely. Second, this formula is a little more… mousse-like? So it goes on in one swipe. The color is bold and pigmented. Now, it does feel a little more dry on the lips, but not so much where it feels like tempra paints (looking at you, Milani!)- there is still some flexibility, and it doesn’t get chunky or flake off. For the price, I’m willing to put up with it. I would go back to Walgreen’s and stock up on more colors, except…

… I don’t think liquid lipsticks are for me. Like I mentioned above, there is a time and a place and maybe a unique color, but overall, I think I prefer a matte cream formula. With a lipliner, they are just as long-wearing, and fade rather than crumble. Besides, isn’t sneaking off to the bathroom to reapply your lipstick part of the fun?

No one ever sends me free stuff, so no one is paying me for compliments. I should also note that both products were tested with the same lip liner base (UD Ozone) for fairness, and to save my winter lips. Seriously, why are we even wearing liquid lips in the winter?! Tell us what you think about liquid lipsticks in the comments!

2016 Faves & Fails

When you have a problem, er, penchant rather, for feeding your beauty and pop culture addictions, you’re bound to find some gems along the way! But, more often than we’d like to admit, every once and a while you get a real bad egg*. We want to feel good about everything we acquire, so here are some things we discovered last year that we really really loved, and a couple of bummers that you might want to think twice about:



MV Organics Gentle Cream Cleanser

This is sooooo pricey I’m almost embarrassed to admit I spent $58.00 on 2.4 fl.oz. of cleanser. But it works wonders for my skin in winter. I discovered this last January when my skin was freaking out….. it had become red, dry, super sensitive and very breakout prone. It was a mess. I had heard really good things about this cleanser via a couple different YouTubers and I was willing to try anything to get my skin calmed down. And it worked. So well. I chalked things up to a bad winter last year and never repurchased….. until last month when my skin started to do the same thing it did last winter. Once again this cleanser is working and I feel like things are back under control. Bonus: it smells so amazing.

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks

I know. Can we really talk about the Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks one more time? Yes. We can. Last year all three of us were introduced to these and as we have mentioned in previous posts, they are the best. Maybe this is too obvious of a choice for one of my “best off” picks, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t say out of everything I bought in 2016 these were one of my very favorites. So if you still have not tried one, DO IT. My personal favorite happens to be Celebrity Skin. PS. Oil cleansers or micellar water work best to remove these lipsticks…. because they really do wear forever.


Algenist GENIUS Ultimate Anti-Aging Melting Cleanser

This was an impulse purchase. I felt that it would be amazing though, based on my feelings about the GENIUS eye cream that I love so much.  I feel like for the $38.00 price tag, this was not worth the money. It’s nothing special. I did not feel or see any great differences in my skin. I have many cleansers that are just as good if not better than this one.



The Hunt for the Wilderpeople

I’m still working through the list of Oscar buzzed movies, but even as I tick them off the list, none have changed my mind on my favorite movie of 2016, The Hunt for the Wilderpeople. I hadn’t heard anything about this film but remembered my friend, Rob Thomas recommending it to me, which was enough to persuade some friends to see it on a whim. (I actually think they were talking about seeing something I wasn’t feeling and threw this one out for suggestion.) None of us knew what we were getting into–but we left completely on a high and totally smitten by this film. I think it’s best not to know too much about it when you see it, but you must see it. (Full disclosure–I’m ridiculous so there were two scenes I had to look away for–but there’s plenty of time to do so.) And it has been 100% loved by everyone who has seen it on my recommendation and brightens up the darkest day.  Be prepared to be charmed and to have a new song to sing for birthday parties.

Song Exploder

Rob Thomas strikes again! I’m not huge into podcasts. I have a few that I follow but I’m not a rabid consumer of them. So when Rob brought this one up to me on our drive back from Lollapalooza, I kinda forgot about it or filed it in the way back. But it came up again a few weeks later by my brother-in-law, Matt (or New Matt as we affectionately call him.) And I’m so glad it did. This podcast might be the greatest thing I discovered in 2016–even though it’s been around longer. Each episode is only about 15 minutes long and comes around every two weeks or so. It is definitely a low commitment podcast. Each episode features an artist breaking down one of their songs. Warning: this is serious nerd territory. They talk about samples they use, influences they were drawing from before recording, the lyrical meanings and many of the different textures that make a song great that you might not have noticed before. The first episode I listened to was MGMT talking about Time to Pretend. I am not kidding–I cried. And it wouldn’t be the last time I was so moved by the story behind the music I wept on my steering wheel. Many of my favorite songs of 2016 had episodes featured on the podcast. Would they have made the list had I not learned about the production on You Don’t Get Me High Anymore or the backstory to Your Best American Girl? Probably? But frankly–I don’t care. Because these stories give me a much deeper appreciation to the song’s artistry and all the tiny decisions that are made to put together something that seems like magic. Subscribe to this podcast today.


Urban Decay Cosmetics Blackmail Vice Lipstick Palette

This seemed like such an awesome deal–twelve shades from the incredible new Urban Decay lipstick launch–in one palette. Perfect for travel. Perfect for sampling. Perfect for expanding your collection of colors. Nope. The palette itself is really clunky. It’s too thick and heavy to stash in your purse. And while the colors look like a nice variety of options, the formulas do not work the same as in the tube. They felt really gloppy to apply and the more pigmented shades were patchy, requiring multiple coats. Maybe it’s because I’m obsessed with the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks so everything else has taken a back seat, but I brought just this palette and two Jeffree Star colors (Gemini, REDRUM) when I traveled to Tokyo for 8 days in September and I only touched this palette once–and I haven’t used it since. It’s only $20, but just get a full sized UD Vice lipstick in a shade you love and skip this collection.



Makeup Revolution Radiance Palette

via Ulta.com

Ok ok- this palette snuck into my basket somehow during my holi-dazed shopping at Ulta, and I have been reaching for it almost daily ever since. This is not a super glittery, shine-from-space type of highlighter, but rather, it adds a really soft, subtle, lit from within glow. I love using the lightest shade (“breathe”) as an under eye setting powder (gives me life on early mornings), the middle shade (“exhale”) for my cheekbones and brow bone, and the darkest shade (“glow”) to bump up my bronzer, or as a sheer wash on my eyelids. THIS PALETTE IS $15!!!, and it rivals the Ambient Lighting palette by Hourglass. The formula is a beautiful creamy powder, and can be applied subtly for a daytime, perfect “Snapchat filter” glow. You can get even more shine and staying power out of it if you apply it with a brush dampened with some setting spray. Bonus: the palette is made of quality plastic and comes with a nice, huge mirror.

Stranger Things

I know, it’s such an obvious pick! But in a year of really stand out television, this one really resonated with me. Maybe it’s because I am a child of the 80’s, and remember living in a world where we were latch-key kids and rode our bikes all over town. Everything has already been said about this show- it’s a love letter to the 80’s, it’s Stephen King meets Steven Spielberg, the kids (who are so freaking fantastic) actually look like real kids- it all hits me in just the right nostalgia feels. I spent a good week listening to nothing but Joy Division and New Order after devouring this series over the course of 48 hours, and you know, it just felt right. Plus Winona Ryder!! YYYAAAAASSSSS!!!

For those keeping score, I’m still obsessed with this mascara, this deodorant, and this yogurt (which is now much easier to find!)


Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Eyeshadow Palette

via jeffreestarcosmetics.com

After falling in love with the aforementioned liquid lipsticks, I had big hopes and dreams for this palette. I even set an alarm for the release, and bought it from my phone while brushing my teeth (this was expected to- and did- sell out quickly). I was excited about the quirky mix of neutrals, mattes, glitters, and electric shades. The pan sizes were huge. YouTubers were raving. The day my box arrived, I opened it up and… oh. It’s made of cardboard. But whatever the pans are huge and the colors swatched so vividly! But then I actually tried to put together looks. And tried. And tried. None of these colors made sense, at least on my face. Maybe that’s a personal failing. Of my face. Another weird thing: they did not last. Where does eyeshadow even go? It even faded under the power of a shadow primer AND a setting spray. I wanted to love this, but I’ll stick to collecting lip colors from this line.

What are some of your favorite discoveries of 2016? What products bummed you out? Let us know in the comments!

As always, we bought all of this stuff with our own dumb money. Photos are from product websites unless otherwise noted.

*Ricky Baker is our favorite bad egg.

Turn your headlamp on

I didn’t even realize I was going to be hiking in the Himalayas, which I acknowledge seems completely stupid. I knew I was going hiking for twenty plus days—and mountains would be involved—but I never put it all together. Between my poor planning for the trip, my lack of geography skills and my denial the trek was happening, I was shockingly ignorant about what I had agreed to do.

But there I was, in the Himalayan Mountains, doing the Annapurna Circuit. And once I was there, I couldn’t really go back. Not that I wanted to, but it meant I had to completely surrender to the circumstances. I was not in control. I was not prepared. I was not ready. But I was not turning around.

Early in the trek, I became aware that everyone was focused on one day, the day we would cross the Thorung La Pass. What that meant, I didn’t really know. But my fellow hikers knew. We had conversations about altitude sickness, mostly surrounding a particular headache, one that developed in the back of your head and could mean the signs of something dangerous developing. I never had a headache. Not one day. But I couldn’t breathe right. It started early in the trek, around Chame, 8,200 feet. I should’ve recognized it for what it was, altitude sickness, but I saw it as a sign that I was completely out of my depth and paying a price for it. I was being punished. Mostly for my ignorance, but also for a lifetime of bad choices. Continue reading

adventures (progress?) in closet cleaning.

Remember when I said one of my goals for the new year was to really clean out my closet?  Well I’ve started, and it’s been a little more difficult than I originally thought it would be.  I like to hang onto things, and I’ve always been aware of this. Sometimes because I just *know* I’ll want to wear it the minute I donate it (that never happens) and other times even though I know it might be a ridiculous and practically non wearable item, it just makes me happy to see it in my closet.  So I set out on this endeavor with the help of the be more with less website full of really great and practical tips.  Aren’t you dying to know how it’s going?  Here’s an update!


Ridiculous and impractical marching band jacket that Jess and Lyn talked me into keeping.

While I did use many of the tips listed on the website, it didn’t approach it as strictly, I would say.  Instead of emptying everything out of my closet, dressers, jewelry box – EVERYTHING….. I took on one at a time.  And instead of having a bottle of water on hand to stay hydrated for this marathon purge, I drank some prosecco. Cheers.

I started with one of my dressers and emptied it all out onto my bed, and then became aware of just how many pairs of jeans I actually had… which included more than a few that I never wear due to the fit not being quite right.  This is where the pile making came in really handy.  This was the easy part.  I made all the piles that they recommend.  Love, maybe, donate and trash.  The hard part started when I went back to the maybes and began to try to find a solid reason to keep or donate certain things.  There were questions of…. what if I lose weight?  What if I gain weight?  What if they discontinue this style and I never find something like this again even though I never really wear it?  I realized that letting go of these questions was probably going to be one of my bigger challenges. I then proceeded to get rid of three pairs of jeans!  It’s a start, right?  And it got just a little easier, and easier again the further I got.  I moved onto my closet.  Then to my second dresser.  And then I ran out of prosecco.  I have yet to go through my shoes and my jewelry, but I’m feeling pretty good about the way it’s going.  I have a bin full of things I’ll either give to my sister, sell* or donate.  And although I don’t feel like I got rid of the amount of items I thought I would (way less in fact) this process has been great to get reorganized (my drawers are nice and neat and everything is folded) and really take note of what I do have (more than enough denim shirts), and what I don’t need anymore of (definitely do not need anymore tee shirts).  So overall, I’d say that this was a success, not so much in that I got rid of a ton of excess, I got rid of some and it felt good… but in the way that I’m sure I’ll still make impulse purchases and buy things I probably don’t need…  but I think I might be more mindful in the future and think about what I do have and hopefully be able to ask myself if I actually need that new…… (fill in the blank).


My final donate pile. Less than expected.

*I’ll tell you all about where I sell my stuff in a future post!

Why I Lift (And So Should You!)


So there I was, in the squat rack, doing a volume set of moderately heavy back squats. An older woman comes through the weight room (on her way to somewhere else, carrying a cup of coffee), and says to me “careful, you’ll hurt yourself!”

“Actually”, I replied, “this is how I make sure I don’t hurt myself.”

Let’s back up a sec: see, I’ve always had a janky back. Thanks to some mild scoliosis and growing super fast in my teens, my low back is a house of cards, ready to fall apart at any moment. When I was in 9th grade, I threw out my back in gym class- we were doing a “line dance” unit (we all had this, right??), and I bowed to my partner, and wanted to die. I finished the dance (we were being tested, and in 9th grade, I still cared about my grades in P.E.), and promptly lay down on the gym floor. Next thing I know, my mom is there, and I’m being hauled off in an ambulance. That’s right- I square-danced so hard I had to be taken to the E.R! I was the hero to the sophomore class, whose next period of gym was delayed due to the broken girl on the floor.

Being the early 90’s, I was given some stick-figure drawings of stretches to do (that was the entirety of my physical therapy), and was told to lay low and rest in bed for a few days. Since I was 13, I obviously ignored the PT and, after a few days off my feet, got right back into life. I wasn’t athletic, but I was on the dance team for a few seasons, and was active in theater productions, but let’s be real- I didn’t exercise, aside from occasionally doing yoga after school with Kathleen Hitchcock on PBS out of boredom while I waited for Square One to start. #nerd #shewasawesomethough #mathiscool

Over the years, I’ve thrown out my back over a variety of stupid reasons: sneezing. Picking up an empty plastic bag. Getting out of a hot shower into a cold bathroom. It wasn’t until I went to massage school that I realized I wasn’t a lost cause- I could actually do something about my back pain, because it was a muscular issue! At this point in my life, I realized I needed to take exercise more seriously, and spent the next decade or so trying out a bunch of stuff- yoga, bodypump, HIIT, bootcamp, running. All of it seemed to help a little (any exercise is better for me than no exercise), but nothing really seemed to be the key (or like something I wanted to stick with), until………

That's the face of a proud achievement right there!

That’s the face of a proud achievement right there- strict press of 44 pounds!

Lyn and I used to run together. Running is a thing you do in this town- there seems to be a 5k every weekend- so I figured I should also run. I loved spending mornings with Lyn, and really, the run was just a reason to end up at the co-op, drinking delicious juice and gabbing for an hour after the run (which was THE BEST). Then I broke my foot (stress fracture- 0/10 do not recommend), and then Lyn had some reasons to stop running for a bit, and I realized that, actually, I really liked NOT running. Running was always judging me- I’m just not built for it, would dread the workouts, and always felt like a failure. Needing to do something, but still feeling fearful of impact on my foot, I took a chance on a new class in town. Not only did I gain a super new friend out of the deal, but fell head over heels for kettlebell training.

Kettlebells are super fucking rad. There is some very specific technique involved, and some very specific skills to learn (please with a certified trainer please please), but then it’s just plain fun. I mean, inasmuch as flinging iron around is fun (a lot).

The best thing about training kettlebells? Learning how to use tension. Kettlebells teach you where your power “leaks” are, and how to engage them. Because of this, I found my glutes. And let me tell you, in my professional opinion, if there is one thing that we as a whole population need to work on, it’s finding your glutes. I could write a whole post on that alone- THIS is what helped my back the most. Bonus: I look pretty great in leggings.

After training kettlebells for about two years, I was having the itch to pick up other heavy things. I had been following some fitness professionals and influencers online, and decided to try on powerlifting. Now, mind you, I am still handily in the “beginner/novice” category of strength, but I am ok with that. I am loving the journey of polishing my technique, listening to what my body needs, and surprising myself- days when the weights fly up? THE BEST. Days when I’m feeling less than great? I dial it back and come out feeling pretty proud of myself for just showing up.

It’s cliche, but true: the best workout is the one you show up for. I love lifting. I look forward to it. I research it and plan my workouts ahead of time. I follow programs. I watch YouTube videos. I get to wear Chuck Taylors to the gym and check Instagram between sets. On lifting days, I sleep the sleep of the gods. I love every minute of it.


As a woman, we are taught to be small. Frail. Weak. To need help. Fuck that. Being strong feels amazing. Not having pain is life changing. Go pick up something heavy today. Here is a great place to start.


Want to come lift with me? I need a partner!

10 Things Getting Me through this Winter

January. Ugh, right? The excitement of the holidays is replaced by extra pounds to lose, resolutions to break—again,  the reality that we spent too much money on presents—to ourselves—and others, and the coldest days of the year.  And that doesn’t even factor in the feeling of impending doom as we lurch closer and closer toward January 20th.  It’s not hard to feel like there’s really no reason to even get out of bed to face another day. But alas—we must—so here are ten things that have made me almost forget how much I hate this time of year:


Anastasia Beverly Hills, Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette:

This palette landed on pretty much every beauty blogger/YouTubers’ best of list—and I completely concur—it’s fantastic! I bought it using a 20% off coupon–I was a little skeptical of the warm shades and predominance of red-based tones in the collection–but felt more comfortable trying it at a discount. But it was totally worth the full price. These shadows are my new favorites—in fact—I even started acquiring some of the ABH single shades, I’m such a fan. I’m playing with different looks, because seriously—it’s too cold to even pretend to go outside—so why not just play with eye shadow all weekend?! I’m not sure how this palette will translate in the spring, but that’s so far away, I’m just going to continue to enjoy its relevance now.


Milwaukee Bucks

I know, I know. The green and gold are making some serious noise in the playoffs—and that’s exciting. But—after Christmas—it’s all about hoops for me. And our young Bucks are getting some well-deserved national attention including a SI cover story featuring our very own unicorn, Giannis Antetokounmpo (aka the Greek Freak.) Get on board now before the bandwagon fills up!

Oscar season

I caught La La Land, Rogue One and Fences during the holiday week but I have so many more to see! Jackie, Nocturnal Animals and Elle are just a few of the flicks that will force me to put on pants and head outside these next two months. (Or I could just watch The Hunt for the Wilderpeople again for the millionth time, which would be fine, too…)


I have a complicated relationship with yoga, but it’s one of the few things that peel my shoulders away from my ears, if even for just an hour. And I do the heated variety which is much more appreciated now than in July.


Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick, No Tea, No Shade

Dark lipstick is such a winter staple and this new shade in the recently launched Jeffree Star metallic collection is divine. It’s a cool mix of purple, gray and copper—and like all of his lip products—lasts forever and feels completely weightless. I’ve started planning my outfits on whether it goes with this shade. Will we ever stop going on and on about Jeffree Star liquid lips? Probably not.

Run the Jewels 3

Just as I finished my Favorite Songs of 2016 mix and was ready to start checking out new music, Run the Jewels dropped their third album. And I’m obsessed. My favorite track switches daily, but today it’s the collab with Trina, Panther like a Panther (Miracle Mix.)

Matcha green tea

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to start every day at work with my own mini-matcha tea ceremony. I experienced one in September during my visit to Japan.


Our last day in Japan–so tired–but such an incredible experience.

We were told that drinking matcha tea daily leads to youth and vitality. I’m in!


What’s better than soup in the winter? Nothing.


Giovanni Ultra Sleek Body Wash

I can’t lie—the length of my showers in the winter would make Al Gore cry. Nothing beats a long, hot, luxurious shower. We’ve already shared our undying love for the L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil, but a cheaper and still amazing option is the Giovanni Ultra Sleek Body Wash. It exfoliates, moisturizes and has a really nice warm scent that isn’t too sweet and overpowering. I buy mine at my neighborhood Festival grocery store.


Sasha Fierce and Dylan: ready for walks, treats and cuddles regardless of the season.

Dogs in sweaters

Seriously—they are the cutest!

These are a few of the things that keep me going in the winter. Hopefully, you can find something on the list that might work for you, too. What are those things for you? I think we could all use as many distractions as we can get—so share below!

All items were purchased by me and photos were taken from the product site or by me.

Oh Hi, 2017.

Welcome 2017! You will either be the year that turns this ship around, or burns everything to the ground. Either way, we welcome this fresh start with open arms. Don’t you just love a fresh start? We here at E&N are old enough to know that resolutions don’t always work for everyone, but we still embrace the idea of the blank page of a new year to help us reflect and make some changes to (hopefully!) better ourselves. What do we have in mind?


One of the things that I often do at the beginning of the year is start some deep cleaning, and purge my house of things I don’t need or that are not being used anymore.  This year I am focusing on my closet, dressers and jewelry…… so basically my whole wardrobe.  I recently discovered the  Be More With Less website and hope to use her method of closet cleaning, which is taking everything out of your closets and drawers and putting it all on your bed and then sorting it all into piles.  A pile of things you LOVE- you wear them often and they fit you and your life really well, a pile of things that are a MAYBE – you want to keep it but you’re not yet sure why, a DONATION pile – things that don’t fit or haven’t been worn or used in a very long time and a pile for the TRASH – things that are just not in good shape anymore and therefore don’t ever get worn or used.  This method has me a little (A LOT) freaked out, but I really feel like it could help me navigate this closet cleaning process and in the end figure out of all that I do have, what are the things that I really love.  Wish me luck…. I imagine with the amount of tee shirts I own, I’ll need it.


Doesn’t it seem like years are flying by? 2016 was rough–on a number of levels–but it still seems like it was just New Year’s Day 2016 five minutes ago. One of the things I want to focus on this year is to look at life on a more comprehensive scale. Right now–I’m very day to day. As a result of this practice–I totally overschedule life–yet can’t figure out why it’s happening. I started using a planner–the old school write it down kind–last summer and it really brought some clarity. I thought I was starting to lose my mind–advancing age, obviously–but really–it was too much to try and remember in my head. I’m bad at putting things into an online calendar–and even worse at checking one. After Jess’ bullet journal post, I decided to upgrade my 2017 planner to one that allows me space to write more notes and look at the week, month, year at a glance. My goal is to be more thoughtful with how I schedule my time. I don’t want to plan trips back-to-back-to back and I don’t want to miss things because I’ve already committed to something else. It’s going to be quite the change–but I’m ready for it.

And I also want to clean out my closet…


Here’s what I’m working on: being less of a disaster. Doesn’t this sound like an impossible, overwhelming mountain?? I always feel “too busy” or “to messy” or “too late” or “vice president of the over-scheduled club” or just generally like one of those used car arm-waving inflatable tube guys. This is becoming stressful; I am coming to terms with the fact that I don’t like feeling this way, but change is hard! So I’m taking the advise of my good friend Annie and trying her #tinychangeninja challenge. The idea is that you don’t do any massive overhauls, but rather tweak a thing here, a thing there, until before you know it, a new habit has formed and you didn’t even notice! I’ve been working on: 1) Trying to be better about not having tons of shit in my car- I did a major clean out last Fall, and now I’m trying to be good about removing whatever garbage and hoodies and water bottles I brought in daily, before it becomes a problem. 2) Leaving just 5 minutes earlier for work, which is harder than I expected, but when I do it, it feels really good to not be freaking out at every red light or rafter of turkeys crossing the street (I literally just learned that a group of turkeys is called a rafter, btw) that slow me down. 3) Putting away my phone more. So far I’ve been pretty good at keeping it away during dinners out with friends, but it still creeps out toward the end of family gatherings and group hangouts, and too often before bed, so I’m just trying to be aware of it for now, and asking “what am I even looking for?” If the answer is “…uummm…..?” then I put it away.

And yeah, my closet? I have a pile of jeans… I don’t even know what decade they came from.

What about you? Did you make any resolutions, or plan to make any changes? How’s your closet? Tell us in the comments!!