New cruelty-free drugstore favorites at Ulta

As you know, I’ve been trying to go cruelty-free with my new makeup purchases.

Buying cruelty-free hasn’t been as challenging as I expected–once I got over the shock that it was still a thing–I missed the whole “China mandate” that requires it to sell products there. Luckily, it looks like there might be an end to that rule on the horizon, which will hopefully make it an issue we never have to think about again.

There are definitely a few high end makeup brands that don’t work for me anymore, but primarily, my favorites like Tarte Cosmetics and Urban Decay are still good.

It’s a little more difficult on the drugstore side–and with skin care TBH–but I’ve found a few lines that are extremely affordable and have some great products I might’ve missed out on.

To get a pretty comprehensive listing of who tests on animals and who doesn’t, Cruelty-free Kitty has been a great resource. And rule of thumb on the drugstore side–if it’s one of the big companies like Revlon, Maybelline and L’Oreal–there is testing.

With Ulta’s variety of BOGO deals through their “21 Days of Beauty” sale--I thought it might be a nice time to review some of these new items I’ve picked up since focusing on cruelty-free shopping–just in case you’re looking to refresh your makeup bag for spring. (SPRING!!!!)

i tried to throw a bunch of these in a bag to do a photo at work where the light is better, and then forgot some of them at home. oh well!

Wet n Wild: This line was a shocker to me, but it’s actually even on Peta’s list of cruelty-free brands. How great is that?! I’ve got two favorites from the line–one old and one new. First the new:

Wet n Wild, MegaCushion Foundation SPF 15

I know I’ve mentioned it before but it’s worth saying it again: this foundation is fantastic! And so easy to apply. I can tell it’s going to be a summer staple–it’s so lightweight–and the cover is perfect for me. And $8.99! I can tell it’s gonna run low faster than other foundations I own, but it’s still worth it. And it means I’m reaching for it all the time, which I am!

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My Ulta’s “21 Days of Beauty” picks

I get weirdly excited when I get an Ulta catalog in the mail–which is funny–because I’m notoriously terrible at going through my mail! I’m seriously going to miss jury duty and be jailed. I’m sure of it.

But there’s something about getting that pink catalog with all the pictures of makeup and skin care that has to be what it was like for straight boys in 1981 to get their magazine in the black wrapper. I shouldn’t even look, but of course, I’m going to. The objects are unattainable for anyone pretending to be on a budget. And it’s possibly all fantasy anyway.

It didn’t stop them, and it’s not stopping me.

So let’s manage our excitement for spring colors, new palette launches and BOGO50s together, shall we?

These are my picks for the “21 Days of Beauty” sale that starts on Sunday, March 18th–our own version of March Madness–if you will.

(and reminder–i’m still trying to go cruelty-free–so my picks reflect this ethic.)

March 23: Urban Decay, Eye Shadow singles (Was $20/Now $10) $10 is a great price for these shadows. They are super pigmented, there are tons of color options, and they last and last.  And loading up a palette customizes your favorite shades and looks without wasting money on shadows you never use. My recommendations are Sin (an E&N classic), Mushroom (warm gray shimmer)and Spike (a super wearable orange matte).

I’ve got my eyes on picking up X (peach shimmer w/gold shift), Rockstar (deep aubergine shimmer) and Fireball (peach w/pink shift).

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What’s the deal with the Nurse Jamie beauty roller and her weird bear pillow?

I was scrolling through my YouTube feed last night and randomly came across this video by Jenna Dewan Tatum which is funny because I don’t remember subscribing to her channel or ever watching any of her videos.

But what caught my eye was the Nurse Jamie, UpLift Facial Massaging Beauty Roller that she’s using in the cover image.

In the long list of products I’ve purchased because of YouTubers, this one makes my list.

I’ve had it for well over a year, but for some reason, I’ve never mentioned it before today.

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