Our Favorites from the New Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks Launch

June 5th was a big day for lipstick junkies like the three of us at E&N. We are in agreement that Urban Decay has one of the top lipstick formulas and we have all been devoted users/collectors for ages. Basically—between the three of us—we have a lot of UD lipsticks floating around.

So when Urban Decay announced they were launching 100 lipsticks in their new Vice line—we paid attention. But we had questions: What colors would they be? Would our favorites go away? How would the formula change? Would we HAVE to repurchase new formulas of lipsticks we still had in the old model? How do you decide between ONE HUNDRED shades?!! (here are more detail on the launch.)

Turns out—our questions were answered quickly and definitively. They had all the colors—including our old favorites. We didn’t need to repurchase ones we already had because they weren’t THAT different. And with a cheaper price point $17 vs the previous $22—we could afford to try a couple new shades and take them out for a spin. So we decided we would each try two new shades that are a little different than ones we currently own and report back.

Here’s what we found:

Lyn: I was only going to buy two of the new Vice lipsticks and ended up with five—one that I will definitely return (Rapture: kind of a blah shade and I probably already own something similar), one I’m still figuring out (Safe Word: might be too light for me) and three that I love. But—per the assignment—I’ll stick to two favorites—with an honorable mention. (see what I did there?)


Cruel—listed as “Red with copper shimmer (Pearlized)”

Surprisingly, my two favorites are in their new Metallized collection, which is described as “a cream with a high level of pearl.” I generally steer clear of lipsticks with any shimmer or glitter in them. But I swatched it at Sephora and fell in love! I would call it straight up copper—more red/brown than my usual true reds.


The shimmer is perfect for summer and will take me seamlessly into fall. I am crazy for this shade.


Zealot—listed as “Satin red with micro-shimmer (Pearlized)”

This one is gorgeous—and was a gift from Jess for my birthday. (that girl gets me. she should start a blog or something.) Jess gave it to me before I left for a work trip. When I got back—I picked up Cruel and was freaking out about the Metallized collection. The next day—I found the Zealot she gave me and realized I hadn’t tried it on. I did and I’ve been wearing it in rotation with Cruel ever since.


It is a warm red, so definitely not pink or bright, and the shimmer is divine. I probably wouldn’t have tried it since it’s a red—but I’m so glad I have it—it’s completely different than my other reds.

Honorable mention to Tampered—listed as “Deep mauve (Comfort Matte) (Sephora Exclusive)”

Pamela: I ended up with 5, and now reading that Lyn did too, I don’t feel so bad about it. I’m not still figuring any of them out, am not returning any and am already planning which ones I want to buy next…. because I am ridiculous. Just before the launch, I got a deluxe sample in the mail from Ulta that had 24 of the new (and a few old ones, that I already had) shades, along with a giant “chip chart.”


Both of which helped plan my attack. I was able to cross out the colors I knew I had, and circle the ones I wanted or was hoping to check out (seriously, it was like getting the Sears catalog before Christmas when I was a kid) and I got to road test a few!


ZZ – Listed as “soft pink-purple (cream)”

I don’t often wear true baby pink shades, I just don’t think they suit me. And I’ve always wanted a really real lavender/purple shade, but the couple I have tried in the past have been too straight up purple, which is cool if you’re Katy Perry, but doesn’t lend itself to a daily look.. So, I threw on ZZ one night before leaving to teach yoga. A couple of my students told me how good they thought it looked (thanks ladies!) and when I told them it was just a sample I was trying, they told me I better go buy it.  SOLD.


I think this one leans more purple than pink, which is what I wanted, but I can still wear it daily without it looking too shocking.  I really love it.


INTERROGATE – Listed as “medium peachy rose (cream)”

I love a bold red lip, but my daily go to shades are nudes.  I can’t get enough nude lipsticks. And the new Vice collection includes 30 “nude” shades. Naturally, I bought a few, but Interrogate is probably the most different from the nudes I already own.  It’s a deeper shade, and reminds me of something I would have worn in the early 90’s (in a good way).


It’s not too rosy but also not too orange.  It’s perfect on the days that I want my lipcolor to stand out a bit more, but don’t want the all day maintenance of rocking a bold red.

In case you were curious, and I know you are, the other three I bought are MORNING AFTER “pale baby pink with blue undertone (sheer)”, EZ – “bright red-orange (cream)” and INSANITY – “soft warm nude (cream)”

Jess: About a month before the launch of the new Vice lip colors, all of the Revolution Lipsticks (the old formula) went on sale for $11! I took a bit of a gamble that the formula wasn’t going to change that much, and may have loaded up a bit on the oldies. Glad I did, because Catfight (“pink-fuchsia with slight red undertone”) did not make the cut into the new 100! But because of this front-loading, I am only up to THREE Vice lipsticks.


Catfight, OG formula

I feel like I need to mention how incredibly overwhelming the Vice display is. Pamela is SUPER LUCKY to have gotten that cheat sheet- 100 is A LOT of lipsticks! And they are all beautiful!! On my first go, I found myself totally blocking the display, in a trance, trying to stop myself from being drawn to the colors I already own. I realized I was lip-blocking another Sephora customer, so I apologized, moved over, and as she settled in and focused, her eyes glazed over too, as she said “well, I guess I can rule out that green one… only 99 to go!” On that day, I only came away with Lyn’s birthday lipstick, but went back later and ended up with…


PDA- listed as “bright medium pink (cream finish)”


Perhaps you’ve noticed a trend here at E&N… we like to gift each other things that end up becoming obsessions. A few years ago, Lyn gave me an Urban Decay lipstick sampler pack- a whole bunch of baby lipsticks! They are the cutest ever! I fell in love with the shade Ladyflower, which was ONLY available in that kit. Grrr! In the new launch, Ladyflower is back, but it’s not the same color, and now it’s only in the sheer formula, and the sheers are not my favorite. PDA, however, is almost identical to the old shade, and the cream formula is aces.


This is a great daily pink for days you’re not quite into having a bold lip, but still want to have a bit of a pop.


NAKED- listed as “nude-pink (cream)”

This one is my “not a color I normally go for” color, but I’m glad I have it. As I mentioned earlier, Urban Decay’s cream formula can’t be beat- it’s so moisturizing, the color lays down great, and they fade without getting chunky. Naked is a perfect choice on “no makeup” days, and also works beautifully with a dramatic, smoky eye.


It’s just an easy shade that looks like almost nothing, but maybe something, and feels good to have on your mouth.

Since Lyn has been so excited about the Metallized finish, I just picked up BIG BANG (bright pink sparkle (metalized)), and I can’t wait to test drive it! Is Tuesday a good day for a sparkle lip? Why the hell not.

What Vice shades have you excited? Any new favorites? Misses? We NEED to know! Post your findings in the comments below.

(All photos compliments of Urban Decay unless otherwise noted. We purchased these lipsticks with our own money–except for the ones we gave each other as gifts. )

What’s the Deal with Eye Mask Patches?

Korean beauty fixes have certainly taken the US beauty market by storm. What started with the introduction to BB creams and then CC creams quickly gave way  to snail lip treatments and sheet masks with animal faces on them.

2016-06-06 18.09.29

And I feel like I’ve tried them all –aside from putting anything like snail slime on my mouth–although my face is another story–but my favorite Korean beauty discovery is definitely the eye mask patches.

I was born with bags under my eyes–and realistically–I know there’s really nothing you can do to fix genetics. But mornings often greet me with puffiness and some extra lines from dehydrated skin. (Not from age. Obviously.) And some days are worse than others. Eye masks give me a way to make it better. I view them as a giant hug for my eyes when they are feeling low–so yeah–I’m a real big fan.

Eye mask patches are just that–souped-up stickers filled with rainbows and sunshine that adhere under your eyes–promising to do things like brighten under eye circles, remove puffiness and smooth fine lines. Prices can range from $4 a set to $75 for a package of six.  Some masks require that you leave them on for 10 minutes and some take as long as 45 minutes.

I’ve tried a lot of different eye mask patches–mostly on the lower side of the cost spectrum. I’ve also gotten some samples here and there. I use them by putting a pair on–as needed–right after my morning shower. The ones I like the best fit the following criteria:

  •  They stay in place so I can continue to get ready for my day–including brush my teeth, blow dry my hair, and get dressed.
  • They don’t require me to wear them a longer amount of time than it takes me to get ready. 45 minutes is too long. 20 minutes is just right.
  • They don’t sting or stick too hard to my skin.
  • The price isn’t outrageous.
  • They actually do something. As in–I can tell the different from what my eyes looked like before I had them on to what they look like after I remove them.

With that criteria in mind–here are my top five favorite eye mask patches:

  1. Hitece Anit Aging Crystal 24K Gold Powder Gel Collagen Eye Masks Sheet Patch (10 pairs): These were the first eye mask patches I tried–a Christmas present from Jess–and they are still my favorite. They feel amazing while you wear them, they slip a little–but not bad, your eyes definitely look brighter and less puffy after using them, and they are CHEAP! The packaging is straight up bizarro–and I’m never on top of things enough to remember to order them from Amazon–but the masks are great.  If you’ve never tried eye mask patches–start here. $4.50/10 pair!

me with my favorite eye mask patches after a late night out.

2. Earth Therapeutics, Hydrogel Under-Eye Recovery Patch: These guys stick better than the number one pick–but don’t pack quite as much punch. But they are also fairly inexpensive and I do notice a difference after wearing them. The downside is they recommend you wear them for 30 minutes, which is a little long for me. $9/5 pairearth theraputics

3. Skyn Iceland, Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels: I love these patches. These would be my number two option, but they are a little pricey. But you also get a lot of results–quickly–it only recommends you wear them for 10 minutes. $30/8 pair


4.Boscia, Sake Brightening Hydrogel Eye Masks: Boscia was the first BB cream I ever purchased, so I feel loyal to the brand and like to check out their products, especially since they are a plant based skin care line. These patches really stay on and do the best job of brightening under the eye, although they are not as moisturizing as some of the others. But if brightening is your biggest issue–I’d check these out–especially at their price. $15/3 pair


5. Karuna, Renewal Eye Masks: Another great, but pricey option. I received a sample of these and thought they got rid of puffiness the best of the other options I tried. The formula is also very soothing. But–more of a luxury product than a go-to choice. $36/4 pair


I’ve tried the Sephora brand eye masks, and I’m not a fan. They really slip around on your face and feel too sticky to me. Even though they are inexpensive–I’d pass.

Have you tried eye mask patches? What do you think? Any options you love that you think I should check out? Let me know in the comments!

I bought these with my own money, or received them in a subscription service that I pay for as a sample. 

Hot in the City.

The heat is on in Wisconsin, ladies and gentlemen! While we savor these hot and sticky days (well, I do at least) our skin might be telling us a different story.  You see, here in Wisconsin we have the pleasure of having all of the seasons, and that means all of the temperature extremes as well….. which can really confuse our skin and us…. what the heck are we supposed to use and when?  Enter my favorite product to use year round: FACIAL SPRAYS. In the coldest and driest (and darkest) days of winter, to the  hottest and stickiest days of summer, a facial spray can wind up being your best friend.  Refreshing in the summer, hydrating in the winter,  it’s like a drink of water for your skin. It feels great and can be use before moisturizer to prep your skin, or over makeup to set it and/or just to freshen up (wherever Jess, Lyn and I travel we always know where the nearest Sephora is, and frequently pop in for a “spritz” no matter what time of day). Here are three of my very favorites:


Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herb and Rosewater

At $7.00, this is hands down the most cost effective (especially if you go through it as fast as I do)  and I think Jess and Lyn will both agree that we truly cannot live without it.  If I could bathe in this, I would.  It’s really hydrating, smells great and is my daily go to spray, anytime and anywhere.  I have a full size in the bathroom and a travel size in my purse at all times, and if I am being honest, a backup (or 2). Obsessive? Maybe. But hey…  I like to be fully stocked,  just in case I suddenly run out.


MV Organics Rose Hydrating Mist

At the high price point of $44.00, this one is a splurge!  But it smells AMAZING! This is the rosiest of the rose mists, truly divine! I use this one more sparingly due to the cost, most often when I find my skin feeling really ruddy, dry and angry. It is so super calming, soothing and hydrating. It works like a dream to bring redness and irritation down almost immediately.


Glossier Soothing Face Mist

This is the newest addition to my collection of facial sprays, sporting a mid range price of $18.00.  Glossier really can do no wrong in my book, and they definitely hit it home with this one.  While it does have rose water in it, as most facial mists do, it also has honeysuckle flower extract, which gives it just a slightly different smell than most of the traditional rose water mists.  I think it’s quite unique and it feels super refreshing. Get 20% off your first Glossier order here!


Think of a facial spray as the easiest step in your skincare regime that you never know you were missing. Grab a bottle and spritz the rest of summer away…. as well as the entire year!   Do you already have a favorite?  Let me know!  I’m pretty sure I probably can’t live without it.

High vs Low: Melted Lipsticks

A few years ago, Too Faced launched their revolutionary Melted Liquefied Long Wear Lipstick, and we all wept for the futures of our bank accounts. At $21 a tube, it’s a bit of a splurge. A worthwhile splurge, as the formula is great and the colors are beautiful, but when I found a dupe at Target recently for $6.99, I couldn’t help but feel a little Mr. Burns-y…

mr burns

Maybelline is kicking all kinds of ass lately, and their new Lip Studio Color Jolt Intense Lip Paint is worth making room in your makeup drawer for. Here are some side-by-side comparisons:

Too Faced | Maybelline

Too Faced | Maybelline

FullSizeRender (1)

Fight Me Fuchsia | Melted Fuchsia

Fight Me Fuchsia | Melted Fuchsia

Look at that!! They are THE SAME. The packaging is nearly identical, though the Maybelline is about half the size (12ml vs 6.4ml). The upside to that? You can get three colors of tiny tubes for the same amount of money as the big! Both have really outstanding pigment, huge color payoff, easy application via a flocked tip, and a creamy, smooth formula. I like the Too Faced color a little better (I like my pinks to be hot hot hot and on the blue side), but they are dang close. I would consider them long-wear, as they both stain the lips a bit, but neither dry down or “set”- they stay creamy and feel moisturizing, and both fade nicely. Honestly, I had both on my lips for that picture above, and couldn’t really tell a difference in formula… the Maybelline may have been a touch thicker? Both have a light sweet, fruity smell that fades quickly.

Neither survived eating pizza, but they didn’t transfer all over my face either.

Too Faced has a much larger color selection, so I’d say it’s worth the splurge if you find a shade that’s really special. But if you’re just looking to add some fun bolds to your summer makeup wardrobe, hit up that Maybelline display!

I bought these with my own money, and no one asked me to tell you what I think about it, but I did anyway! What products do you reach for over their high-end counterparts? Or, is there anything you want us to test-drive? Let us know in the comments!

Product Reveiw – Sephora Lashstash To Go


The Sephora Lash Stash To Go set includes five of their best selling deluxe mascaras for $28.00, as well as a voucher to redeem in store for a full size when you’ve chosen your favorite.  Lyn is awesome and gifted me the set for my Birthday (Of course she got one for herself! Wouldn’t you?)  Here’s what I think of them.:

Marc Jacobs O!Mega Lash in Blacquer

I really thought this one would be my favorite (because I love the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara), but it is actually my LEAST favorite.  It’s totally basic.  Basic wand, basic coverage. Boring is the word I would give this mascara.  I have drugstore mascaras more dramatic than this one.  And while it did wear just fine, with no flaking or transfer to my undereye, it was a huge pain to wash off.


Milk Makeup Ubame in Black

Whoa. This brush is balls. Like, literally, it’s three little bristle balls! I had a bit of a hard time at first even using this one (because, ball brush), but once on my lashes, it looked good, and felt good, and added much volume. This is a great option for anyone looking for a more “natural” mascara, it is 72% natural ingredients.  This one is a contender….. but that brush….. jeez.


Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara in Black

NOPE. This is not for me. I feel like every beauty blogger/vlogger raves about this mascara, so I was surprised to not love it. I’ll admit it looked great, but by the end of the day I looked like I had black eyes.  It transferred all over my under eyes.  Now, having said that, I do like to coat my lower lashes, which is why having a mascara that doesn’t flake or transfer is a big selling point to me. Sorry Too Faced, you are not the one.


Tarte Tartiest Lashpaint in Black

I’m finding this a little messy to put on…. or maybe I was just having a rough morning. I don’t love the packaging…. it’s a snap shut wand/cap vs. twist shut, and I’m not sure if this would cause it to dry out faster? It definitely has curl holding ability. I sometimes like my lashes to look a little clumpy, but not too clumpy (if that even makes sense) and this thickens my lashes just to to perfect “clumpiness” look I desire. I would describe it as most dramatic out of them all.


Ciate LONDON Triple Shot in Black

This one is really good! It gets really crunchy though.  I could feel it on my lashes all day, and it felt heavy almost? It had similar effects as the Tartiest Lashpaint…. It looked really great…. made my lashes nice and thick and full and long, but it also made me very aware that I had mascara on them. I am unsure that I really want to be able to feel my eyelashes all day.


So, after trying these all for a month or more now, I will probably go for either the Milk Obame or possibly the Ciate Triple Shot. I feel like these two are very different from one another, so we’ll see what mood I’m in when I decide. As for right now though, I have PLENTY of mascara to play with for a while.  That’s the beauty of these sampler kits…. you get to experience a bunch of new and different products, and in this case, have mascara for days and days.


Do you have a favorite mascara? Have you tried a similar sampler kit?  What did you think?  Let us know!  

My Music Festival Essentials

I am crazy for music festivals. My love affair started in 2007 when I saw Amy Winehouse was going to be at Lollapalooza and I decided I had to go. (good decision since it sadly ended up being one of her last US performances.) I had been to Summerfest—but generally just for the day. The three day festival experience was a new one for me. Based on some random turn of events—aside from a friend popping over for a bit—I ended up going alone. And I was totally unprepared for the experience. I dressed wrong. I had no supplies. I was overwhelmed. But I loved it. There was so much music in one place and I was seeing favorite after favorite or discovering new sounds and acts. An obsession had begun.

So the next year—I got a trusty festival bag, and created and refined a system—and I’ve been a festival regular ever since.


me and my trusty festival bag, my friend, Rob Thomas and the original photo bomber at Lollapalooza 2012

This year, I’ve either attended or will be attending five festivals (Roskilde, Summerfest, Pitchfork, Lollapalooza, Eaux Claires). I’ve been in sweltering heat, evacuated due to threatening storms, frozen by unseasonable cold snaps, pour on by unnatural amounts of rain and had a dance party in what seemed like miles of mud—and those are just the weather related festival adventures.


Me after massive rain before seeing Foo Fighters at Lollapalooza 2011

Throw in 100,000 people and there are constantly new challenges coming my way. But I’m prepared for it all. Over the years—I’ve learned to bring some essentials that make me the music festival queen—and I’m excited to pass this list along to you:

  1. Baby wipes: my worst festival experience happened last year at Lollapalooza when I was peed on seeing Florence + the Machine. Seriously. I vowed I would never return (but then radiohead/lcd soundsystem changed my mind). Luckily—I always carry a full sized travel pack of baby wipes with me. This trusty festival pack staple saves your life at the end of the night when the porta-potties are basically not safe for humans, makes you feel civilized when dining on sloppy festival food, cools you off when you’re sweating like crazy, cleans your phone when someone spills beer on it, and calms your rage when some drunk punk pees on you during one of your favorite artists’ sets.
  2. Sunscreen lotion: do not bring spray cans. It will get confiscated during the bag check. One year—I found the First Aid tents carried sunscreen—so I took it out of my bag for the next year to eliminate some weight. And of course that year, the sunscreen option was gone. Better to be safe than skin damaged. Bring your own sunscreen.
  3. Ear plugs: For all the concerts I go to, I’m relatively new at the ear plug game. But one of the best reasons I’ve found to wear them is they cancel out the noise of annoying festival chatter going on during the quiet parts of your favorite song. So they are worth wearing.
  4. Plan: When I go to Pitchfork Festival—I see every single band playing. I don’t see the whole set, but I see some of it. This is only possible with a plan. You can just play it by ear (bad music pun intended) but it makes the experience feel overwhelming and you’re bound to miss something you really want to see. Lollapolloza stretches over a mile, so you need to figure out your priorities to get from stage to stage. I plan out everything—from my meal times to meet-up points because cell phones rarely work at festivals—unless you count getting a friend’s text two hours after the fest has finished. For the price of a festival ticket, it’s worth it to plan ahead and maximize your time.
  5. Poncho: Plan for rain. I now have a legit poncho that folds down small, but $2 disposable ones work great, too. And I like having some extras in my pack to give to some first timer who is defeated when the rain starts—because I’ve been that kid—and it sucks.

me and angie z braving the rain at lollapalooza 2014

  1. Old, but comfortable shoes: Festival grounds are disgusting. If it doesn’t rain, it will be dusty and dirty. People spill nastiness all over. It can get muddy. And you will walk. A lot. So wear shoes for comfort and shoes you wouldn’t feel bad about tossing after the fest.
  2. Bandana: When it’s hot, your bandana will be your best friend. I also used to bring a blanket to sit on, but I like to pack light, and instead I’ll pull out the bandana if I really need to sit on something.
  3. Ibuprofen: Because I’m old. To save the hassle of the bag checkers opening the bottle to see what’s in it, I throw a couple in my pocket or take them before I head out.
  4. Portable cell phone charger: Your cell phone will lose a charge. There is no service once the festival is in full swing, so my phone is really my camera. Try to remember to turn your phone on airplane mode to conserve battery life—but also bring a portable charger as a back-up. There are sponsored charging stations where you can wait and charge your battery—but time is money. Bring a rechargeable battery and go see some bands instead.
  5. Open mind: Obviously—crowds aren’t a problem for me—but I get it that it can be overwhelming to be around 100,000 people, especially in various stages of sobriety, or lack thereof. But try to keep an open mind. People watching is one of the best parts of a festival. And for me—I just try to remember that it’s about the music. Find a viewing spot you’re comfortable in, pop in your ear plugs and give in to the music. Check out bands you’ve never heard before. You’ll be amazed at the breadth of talent out there—and seeing a band have their first festival experience is a trip!

Side note: Festivals are not playing when it comes to the items they don’t let you bring in. Food is a big one. They will take it out of your bag and toss it. Spray anythings are also out—like toners, sunscreen, bug spray. Read what’s allowed and what isn’t and don’t mess around.

You might notice that I left out bringing water. Each festival has different requirements for water you can bring in. Some allow only empty water bottles and some allow you to bring in two factory sealed bottles. I have found that bringing my own water weighs down my pack–and at some fests–waiting to fill you bottle can take hours. For real. Lately—I’ve just been buying water from vendors. I don’t generally drink adult beverages at festivals—shocking, I know—I justify the time and hassle of filling a water bottle to the money I save on cocktails. I feel bad about the environmental impact of disposable bottles, but I also don’t want to miss bands because I’m trapped in a water line. Lollapalooza is actually good with their water stations but anything at Union Park in Chicago is a disaster, and Eaux Claires had similar issues last year.


me, erin, grace and disclosure at roskilde fest 2013

As annoying as it is to have to wait in the bag check line to enter a festival—I promise you—having these essentials will make your festival experience a much happier one. So get out, brave the crowds and check out some new music this summer!

Happy Birthday, America!

Happy 4th of July everyone! Beers to the USA!  Here are some that we are enjoying today!


Point Siesta Key Citrus Pale Ale, Black Rocks Grand Rabbits Dry Hopped Cream Ale, New Glarus Moon Man No Coast Pale Ale, Surly #MERICA Beer

*Enjoy responsibly, yo.

Snacks Worth Running All Over Town For

I have recently realized that I, Jess, am a snack hoarder. Here’s the thing- I’ve found a few snacks that I love, and they aren’t all available in the same store! Like, some of them are available at the Target on my way home from work, while some are only at the Target by my house. The struggle, as they say, is real. So I find myself buying armfuls (arms full?) of these items whenever I run across them, because they are required to be in my house at all times, yet I am reluctant to share because my stash will be depleted. These are snacks I’ll fight you* for. Ready?

*I’m a lover, not a fighter- so really I’ll share but just give you a side-eye.

OatMega Grass Fed Whey Protein Bars (190cal/7g fat/21g carb/14g protein)

I do terribly with mornings- usually, I’m not really hungry if I’m up early, but my job is physical so I know it’s better for me if I can eat something. I stumbled on these bars at our local fancy-pants grocery store, and was hooked. These differ from other protein bars because, frankly, they taste like food, and not some kind of nutrition meal bar of the future. Recently I have noticed these popping up more and more at major retailers, so they are a little easier to have on hand for sleepy mornings, or in the car on the way to the gym.

Sonoma Creamery Mr. Cheese O’s (150cal/9g fat/6g carb/10g protein)

You know when you’re making a grilled cheese, and some of the cheese drips out into the pan, and then it gets all crispy and it’s the best cheese ever? I don’t know who Mr. Cheese O is, but he knows this deliciousness all too well! These crunchy rings are made of real cheese and quinoa. They hit that salty/umami/crunchy party of your brain perfectly. The best part? One whole package is one serving!!! You feel satisfied after that amount, too, thanks to all the protein. Also, they pair really well with wine. Sadly I can only find these at one Target, where I buy them 4 bags at a time.

Siggi’s Icelandic Skyr (Vanilla- 100cal/0g fat/11g carb/14g protein)

Do you like Greek yogurt? Well, this is just like Greek yogurt, if Greek yogurt was an amazing superhero of flavor and nutrition!! Seriously, side by side, this kicks Chobani’s ass ALL. OVER. TOWN. It is super thick, crazy delicious, and has 4 ingredients. You can see the little flecks of vanilla bean. It is not too sweet (I do like my yogurt on the tart side), full of protein, and makes me really happy. However, I can only find it at the Target that is opposite of the one where Mr. Cheese O’s live. I have been able to find it at the fancy pants grocery store, but for (seriously) A DOLLAR more expensive. I will plan my yogurt purchases ahead, thank you very much. But for real- please buy this so that it doesn’t get discontinued- I need it in my life!!!

Airheads Xtremes Rainbow Berry Bites (haaahahahahahaha)

Ok, these aren’t difficult to find at all (unless you’re in Puerto Rico- then look at Walgreens, not CVS), but I find I need to have a stash of these AT ALL TIMES. What’s not to love about a bite sized sour candy that’s not too sour, has a delightful chewiness, and makes you look like a living Snapchat filter?? I will justify that these are a good “pre-workout”. Yeah… that’s it… oh, whatever. Sometimes you’ve just gotta live your life and eat something fun.


We hope you are off to a great holiday weekend! What are your must-have snacks to have on hand?