Otto Titsling’s newest creations reviewed including ThirdLove

It’s been two years (TWO YEARS!!) since I chatted about my favorite bras. Not too much has changed regarding my favorite style—bralettes—or my boob size: small (although I have confirmed my “A” size—more on that below.)

What has changed is the number of online shops featuring specialty undergarment lines since that first post published including our girl, RiRi’s launch: Savage x Fenty, which just rocked New York Fashion Week with a runway filled with all the shapes, sizes and styles you can imagine.

In my limited experience, new outfitters are AGGRESSIVE. I swear I get a postcard mailer weekly from ThirdLove boasting their best fitting bras. And if you should decide to check out their website—be aware—their ads will follow you everywhere. And I’m having a similar issue with AdoreMe which I haven’t purchased from and am reminded by them of that every day.

And some retailers are adding undergarments their collections. One of my favorite online clothing sites, the, famous for its sustainable, reclaimed textiles just launched a line of lingerie that quickly sold out, but has since been restocked.

I figured it had been a while since I had picked up anything new—and with a post request from a friend on ThirdLove—now was the time to see what’s good in the world of Mr. Otto Titsling’s newest creations. Let’s recap!

Savage x Fenty

I am an unabashed Rihanna stan. Period. But I try to be honest about reviewing her products—it just so happens I’ve also really loved them—so it hasn’t been hard to continue stumping for her.

The makeup line is wonderful. I just got a deluxe sample of her Pro-filter Primer and just ordered two of her three new Stunna lip paints to check out.

Could her lingerie line live up to the level set by Fenty Beauty? What do you think?

Yes—of course—it’s wonderful, too!

There are so many styles and fabrics and it’s incredibly inclusive. I wouldn’t imagine you could go to the site and NOT find something you’d like to order regardless of your size. Honestly, going to the site is worth it just to see the gorgeous models she used and all the personality and beauty it celebrates.

one of the sets i purchased. photo courtesy of

I ordered three sets during a recent sale. It was 2/$39 bralettes, 3/$24 undies and 25% off online. Overall–I got three full sets for $80–which is just over $26/set which is incredibly cheap.

The fit—especially the bras—is exceptional. I also really, really love the fabric. It feels substantial without being thick or heavy. It’s very smoothing although it’s not designed like Spanx or that kind of product. It just lays without lines or bunching.

There is a small detail along the edge of the underwear that I was able to snag with my fingernail, which was a little disappointing.

the little black detail on this set is what i managed to snag. oh well. photo courtesy of

But I liked the fit of the underwear so much I bought five more through their recent 5/$35 sale.

There is one negative. Savage Fenty offers a $49 subscription service/membership. I did this with my first order to get a shipping discount. But I will be canceling it. I don’t see myself needing to buy anything else in the near future that would offset the cost of the annual fee. But in case you were wondering, this is what’s included in the membership according to the website:

  • Enjoy membership-only pricing, 20-25% off every style.
  • Free Shipping – Both ways on us.
  • The Drop – Early access to our latest drops, before they sell out.
  • Xclusive Access – Members only access styles hand-picked by Rihanna!
  • $30 Reward – You will automatically receive $30 off your first purchase of $35 or more after your free trial ends.

So unless you buy a lot of lingerie, I don’t see this as a necessity. And they also seem to have lots of sales going if you aren’t in a rush to get something and can wait for a deal.


The Reformation

I have a lot of thoughts about this line but I’ll stick to the lingerie.

Of the three purchases I made, these are my absolute favorite. They are so simple but fit perfectly and are super comfortable.

Some of the looks are very basic–but I find them to be quite pretty in their simplicity.

a basic black set i selected, photo courtesy of

I am always reaching for just a basic bra to wear, especially under t-shirts. This style is exactly what I want and I’ve been wearing it constantly.

this one is gorgeous–and i look exactly like this when i wear it. 😉 photo courtesy of

The lace options definitely have more pizzazz and I really liked this green color, so I grabbed this set, too.

Lace is tricky, especially to take care of and I’m really bad at not just throwing everything in the wash, but so far they have held up nicely.

They also lay flat so there aren’t lumps or ridges showing through when I wear them, which is nice.

I feel the prices are fairly standard for a higher end option, especially ones that fall into the sustainability subcategory. Bras run from $35-45 and the underwear is $12-$18.

Overall, I would definitely purchase from here again.

I had been asked to do a review on this brand a while ago and kept forgetting. But then I got a postcard in the mail and thought it was time.

Their whole concept is to find the best fitting bra possible. Regardless of your size, even if you’re are a half-size, they believe they have a bra for you.

But honestly–this isn’t really my problem.

I generally buy a 36/B when purchasing my specific  band/cup size. If I’m buying by general sizes, I’m usually a medium or large depending on the band more than the cup.

Since I usually wear bralettes, the fabric conforms more to my chest than I have to fill up the cup, if that makes sense.

It gives me more flexibility in selecting bras to wear.

When you start with the ThirdLove process, you take a quiz. It asks you about the fit of your current bras and what you generally wear.

Then it asks you your breast shape. Honestly–I had never thought about this! It seems pretty naive, but I didn’t even think about boobs coming in different settings, just sizes.

I was really surprised by this concept, but based on the descriptions, I figured I was teardrop since I can lay my hand flat at the top of my chest and my boobs come out under my hand. (very scientific, i know.)

It recommended a 38/A for me in the T-shirt style–a larger band and a smaller cup. And this was what I ordered.

this is the bra it selected for me and i purchased, photo courtesy of

They say you should wear your bra on the loosest setting, so the 38 does kinda make sense–although I’m not sure I notice a difference in how it feels with this change.

And in this particular style, the A was a good choice. It definitely doesn’t gap or feel loose.

My issue with the bra is that the fit is fine. I don’t generally wear an underwire and the fabric is slightly padded.

It’s just more bra than I’m used to–and at $68 for one bra–it’s a lot. I got three sets through for $12 more.

But I also understand that my bra size makes it easier for me to find a bra that fits.

So I checked in with my friend, Shelly who definitely has a different bra issue than me.

She ordered through and her size was a 34/G. So while I have a larger band size, my cup size is small. She has the opposite issue. (i actually didn’t know there was a thing called a G.)

She kept her first bra through them–although it isn’t the miracle bra she was hoping for–and looked to try other styles.

Remember–the quiz helps you find the best style for your fit.

After the first bra recommendation, Shelly had a tougher time finding a second option that worked.

One thing we agree on with ThirdLove–they have amazing customer service.

You get a bunch of updates letting you know where your order stands and then they text you to see how it fits.

Even if they use bots–the texting experience was great and felt real!

Shelly ended up receiving and returning three different bras and none worked out. ThirdLove was in contact with her throughout the process and recommended they just give her a refund.

That’s some pretty impressive customer service.

Shelly  shared that as a 34 or 36 DDD, which is usually what she wears “it’s hard to find bras and definitely hard to find fun bras.”

For her size, she said “that’s why I love Adore Me – totally fun bras in my size! And prices are good. It’s amazing! Victoria Secret has a decent selection for bigger boobs, too but they are pricey.” 

I didn’t end up ordering anything from AdoreMe because at this point, I had already spent too much on undergarments!

But if a larger cup size is your issue, it sounds like AdoreMe is worth checking out.

I should’ve returned the ThirdLove bra because of it’s cost, but I kept it because of the customer service and laziness. And I’m really keen on both the Savage x Fenty and options.

Hopefully, this gives you some ideas on what’s new in the world of Otto Titsling and the current state of my underwear drawer (in major need of a declutter!)

What bras are working for you? Have you used any of these online sites? Thoughts? Any interest in hearing about my favorite online retailers for a future post?

Let me know in the comments below!

I’m on a spending freeze right now because I bought all these things with my own money. Even on sale–it was too much!



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