Halo Beauty–did it change my life?

If you’re not familiar with Halo Beauty, you’re probably not familiar with Tati Westbrook, the YouTuber/beauty influencer/glam guru who developed this supplement designed to give you amazing hair/skin/nails.


I go in waves with watching YouTube videos where I’ll watch a ton and then go a few months without watching any. But when I do watch them, Tati is definitely one of my favorites.

Her sheer quantity of uploads is impressive. Girl puts in the work! And you can tell she is very thoughtful in the type of videos she posts with a large range of topics although all are makeup/skin care focused. I appreciate her point-of-view and her clear knowledge and passion for products–which I totally feel! I can tell she believes in miracles–and so do I.

And she’s not 22, which I appreciate.

So when she announced her launch of a supplement, it rocked the influencer beauty world in a very non-story story kind of way.

I’ll let her explain how she came to create the product:

And if you have an hour to kill and want to immerse yourself in some silly YouTuber drama, you can click here.

But regardless of all that noise, I decided to give the supplement a try (as you know if you follow us on our Instagram page.)

And I just finished my first month on it.

Here’s what I think in a simple pro/con list:

Cons: I’m not sure it did anything. But at the same time, it didn’t hurt anything!

The nails part is really hard to gauge because I did powder nails for the first time and had a TERRIBLE experience which destroyed my nails.

So it’s not fair to say any of my nail issues was related to the product because even something surefire couldn’t have saved my nails for their powdered destruction.

And my hair is so crazy right now with summer humidity, it’s hard to notice anything other than how big it can get.

It does seem to be growing quickly—but I always think that about my hair–and is a 30 day trial going to generate that much of a change? Maybe not.

I will say, my skin has been having a good run. Perhaps it’s the humidity. Perhaps it’s some new products I’m trying and will share soon. Perhaps it’s going back to Clairisonic.

Or perhaps it’s the vitamins. I’m not sure. But I would almost be willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Which leads me to the…

Pros: I actually took these vitamins. And I’m TERRIBLE at taking vitamins. I’m bad at taking anything really. I’m on one medication and if I hit 75% for the week, it’s a win.

But I had these on my desk at work and I took them every day I was in. And because I took these–I also took my prescribed med AND a multi-vitamin and a probiotic!

Maybe it’s the packaging, which is beautiful. I liked having it on my desk. It’s very sleek and cool looking.

And the pills are hot pink and really stand out. They beg for my attention. And I gave it!

I also didn’t feel bad taking them. So it wasn’t like they caused discomfort or anything. There wasn’t any incentive NOT to take them. Just my overall memory to take anything.

I also really, really love what they don’t have:

  • No Preservatives
  • No Parabens
  • Gluten Free
  • Soy Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • and Vegan

As a vegetarian–do you know how hard it is to find vegetarian or vegan supplements?! It can be tough.

So these check a lot of boxes for me. And I really do believe that internal factors have way more of an impact on external features than we usually admit.

Which leads to the questions–did they change my life? Well, yes in that I took something and I usually don’t. And I was consistent with it.

Is my hair/nails/skin turning heads and making statements? Not really, but I guess I also had tempered enthusiasm with what it could do in a month anyway.

Will I buy it again? I think I would! I actually just ordered some supplements from another online source I follow and I wanted to do a comparison.

But if I hadn’t made that purchase, I would definitely be reordering. If only to give it a full three months or so to see if I noticed any change.

For now–a change in behavior is a pretty big deal for me–so I give Halo Beauty a lot of credit for that alone.

Thanks, Tati!

Do you have a supplement routine that works for you? Do you even believe in supplements? I’m curious. Share your knowledge below.

And yes–paid for by me.


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