First Impressions – Glossier Cloud Paint

As you already know, I am in love with Glossier.  Everything about the brand….. the products, the colors and formulas, the packaging… all of it.  So when they released information stating that they were going to be developing a blush, I was beyond excited for it.  Then I found out it was going to be a gel formula and was even more excited!  The day it went live I ordered two of the four colors (they currently have a code for buy 2 for $30, so I had to get 2 – no brainer), and I can tell you after just using it for the past couple of days…. I reeeeally love it!  

They’re packaged in tubes that look like acrylic paints! (image from glossier)

The colors I chose are Beam and Puff.  Beam is a peachy coral and Puff is a light pink.  I’ve always been a fan of cream blushes as I sometimes feel like powder blushes look too chalky or, er… powdery on my skin – I don’t use setting powders ever for that very reason. Basically, my skin can use all the extra hydration it can get, and with specific ingredients to hydrate the skin, the gel-cream formula is plumping, lightweight and super blendable.  It looks just like a natural flush, and is very buildable.  I really want the other two colors now, actually.   I’ll stay strong and hold off, using these two for a while, but for who knows how long???  Of course I would highly recommend trying at least one (BUT there’s that code for 2 for $30!)  PSSST!!  Use this code for 20% off your first purchase!

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