Reviewing some new purchases: Flesh, Born to Run collection, Dose of Color and Essence

I’m so excited the weather has decided to return us to what our August SHOULD’VE felt like–sunny, 80s and dry–in September! It gives me an excuse to continue trying out looks and products I picked up at the end of the summer season so I can slowly transition my look into fall.

A trip to Chicago in July lead to a spontaneous Ulta visited where I grabbed some new to me lines: a Flesh Firm Flesh Thickstick Foundation (this name is ridiculous) in 10, Pudding “light medium beige, neutral undertones”and my first Dose of Color product, their Block Party Single Eyeshadow, in Shell We Dance “pink champagne base w/ platinum reflects.”

Another random Ulta visit put the Urban Decay Born to Run palette in my hands, along with two eyeliners from the collection: Double Life, a “reddish-brown metallic” and Overdrive, a “deep green metallic.” I had my eye on this collection for a while but felt like getting another palette and more eyeliners was absurd. Boy, am I glad I gave in and just got it!

my new pick-ups taking my look from summer to fall

Finally, I ended up ordering Ulta online–some deal or something I’m sure–a Dose of Colors, Matte Liquid Lipstick in Campfire “burnt sienna,” and another Flesh stick in 08, Custard “light, neutral undertones.” Plus I started trying out an Essence Satin Touch Blush in Satin Coral and Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara I had acquired along the way but hadn’t started using.

My summer has been dominated by all things peach. I love that fresh squeezed summer shade–really natural but with a little pep in its step. Mostly this summer I kept things pretty light with CC cream or really light coverage foundation, mandatory bronzer, brow gel, mascara, a single swipe of a peachy eyeshadow and a little peach blush and lipstick. (okay–that actually sounds like a lot of makeup–i guess it is!)

typical summer look–all things peachy

This new round of makeup has been a perfect addition to my summer favorites and will definitely carry me into the new season.

My nod to summer but more fall look has been a slightly darker version of my summer makeup but bringing back eyeliner and a darker outside corner eyeshadow shade for a little more dimension. This look below uses all the new items reviewed, plus a slightly bolder brow using the already raved about Kat Von D, Brow Dimension Powder.

The truth is–I totally hit a home run with these purchases!!–I’m really getting a lot of use out of them and love the looks they are giving me.

Namely–the Born to Run palette. I LOVE this thing! I’m not sure why more wasn’t written or discussed about this palette when it came out. (perhaps a victim of UD not paying youtubers for reviews?)

Quite simply–this is my favorite palette ever. I KNOW!!! Even more so than my Modern Renaissance. Perhaps it’s because it’s been the perfect set of colors for this time of year–maybe I’ll get less use when it really starts to cool off?–but I kinda doubt it.

Let me explain.

I really like oranges, neutral browns, greens, purples and reds. Check out this collection–it’s all there!!

I also really like a shimmer on my lid. I feel like it makes me look slightly more awake than I usually feel. There are several included from copper to gold to a crazy bronze/green foil to choose from depending on my mood.

All summer, I got a lot of use out of Still Shot (top row, third from right) and Riff (next to it on the right,) I played with the green shimmer Wanderlust for some dress-up occasions and even the bright pink/purple Wildheart. I found Still Shot and Wildheart were perfect compliments to my Fenty Beauty Highlighter in Mimosa Sunrise and Sangria Sunset  which helped me get even more use out of that purchase.

I also used those shimmers constantly and found I really didn’t need to grab any of my other palettes. This one had brow highlights with Breakaway and Stranded (top two, top row left) and transition colors Blaze and Weekender, the next two shades. Riff and Still Shot are also great for your crease.

I didn’t really do much with eyeliner in the summer, but I can see that Good as Gone (top row, far right), Jet (middle bottom row) and Punk (two to the left of Jet) will be great for lining my lids.

Speaking of eyeliners, when I did wear eyeliner, all summer I pretty much only used Double Life and Torch (pictured above) or I kept my lid fairly bare and just swiped Overdrive for a bold pop of color that serious teal green provides. It’s really all I needed. I am CRAZY for these three liners. They are now sold out on Sephora, but you can still grab them from Ulta.

This palette is so solid, I didn’t get that much use out of my DOS single because I just used the shimmers in there.

But–the DOS single is really nice. It is VERY shimmery. Like whoa. Much more intense than the UD palette shimmers. I like that but I can see it turning people off.

I would recommend using a spray on your brush to apply it, otherwise, you can get shimmer fallout that is tricky to clean up.

With a $21 price tag for one shadow, I’d skip it unless you REALLY like a lot of shimmer, in which case it’s great.

Back to the UD palette–pigmentation is really good, application is fairly straightforward and the colors last all day. It really, really is perfection.

Plus the mirror is HUGE and the packaging is very thin yet substantial and sturdy.

They really got everything right with this one–especially if these colors are your jam–and they definitely are mine!

And good news!! Urban Decay is having a sitewide 25% off sale on all their products TODAY! The two BTR liners are sold out but Torch is available and the palette will be a STEAL at that discount!

Here’s a link to the sale info:  TWO DAYS ONLY: Get 25% Off + Free Ground Shipping! Use Code: TAKEITOFF See Details

On to the Flesh foundation sticks–we have established I’m big into stick makeup–so I was very excited to give these a try.

I have some mixed feelings on them. They are small–which is good and bad–very, very easy to travel with but you will use them up fast if they are your primary foundation.

The coverage is really up to you. You could make it full coverage. I don’t like a full coverage foundation so I apply just a few swipes and then blend, blend, blend.

I have used my fingers to apply it–which works but the formula feels slightly too thick for me to feel like I got it even–and it looks a little heavier than I’d want it.

A brush works, too–but I prefer my BeautyBlender. And using that really spreads it evenly and gives me perfect coverage–it’s just not as quick an application as you’d expect with a stick foundation.

There are a TON of colors–which is awesome–but also a bit overwhelming. I got this one when I was at peak sun and I lucked out that it was a perfect match. But I can see there could be some returns involved with selecting a shade.

I then decided to grab a second, lighter color that I could mix with the original one I bought for when my tan fads and to use as a concealer now, which is how these are advertised.

And honestly, it works great.

I think overall, my skin looks great when I wear it. It has slightly more coverage than my go-to Wet N Wild cushion foundation, but some days I need it.

So I like it quite a bit. I’m not in love with it yet, but I could see it happening the more I use it.

The DOS liquid lip has come highly recommended, and I see why. I’ve been a little hesitant to grab one because I haven’t been wearing much matte lipstick lately, and the range is very heavy on neutrals that I feel like I have or can’t really wear.

I kinda took a chance on Campfire during a sale and I’m so glad I did. It’s really, really nice. It has quickly become a favorite and a go to shade that fits with a lot of different looks.

It is a coral, but more of a neutral coral and it just gives a little bit something unexpected over a straight up nude lip option. I can definitely see this one getting a lot of use this fall.

Finally–my goodness–Essence knows what they’re doing! And it’s soooo cheap!!! How is it possible?!!

All I can say is it’s a rave, rave, rave from me on both of these products. The blush is divine. It is just the perfect peach color and damn, it lasts all day! Seriously! And it’s $2.99!!!!!!

The Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara feels like it has reached cult status and I can see why. It’s sooo good. My lashes are not great and this mascara makes it look like they are legit!

I’ve heard that you have to stick to the green one–thanks, Anjee!–and so it’s the only one I’ve tried. But honestly, I don’t see why you would need another thickening mascara.

At $4.99 this one is fantastic and makes it happen.

So it’s a YES from me on all these products! I’m really happy with them and feel like they have a lot of seasonal flexibility. It’s been fun trying out some new lines and it’s always great to see an old favorite like UD grand slam it!

Anything new on your end? I’d love to hear about it! What’s taking you from summer to fall? Let me know know!

Yup, these purchases–like all the photos–are mine.


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