A smattering of Milk Makeup products reviewed

There’s something about a stick. As you know–I really hate products in pots. Pumps are awesome and squeezy tubes are fine, but I’ve always loved products that are packaged in sticks.

My favorite foundation for forever has been a Tarte Colored Clay CC Primer, which I rarely mention because it’s ALWAYS on sale on the website so I’m certain it will be disappearing into the ether soon. (and why i hoard several for the future.) But it was the first stick foundation I ever tried and I’ve been hooked on sticks ever since.

Sticks are just so convenient. You swipe it on, rub it–and bam–you’re done! No mess, no brush, no worries. And they are really easy for travel–TSA-friendly–plus super fast to put on in the car. (not that you should apply makeup while driving…)

So Milk Makeup’s packaging really speaks to me. And there’s also something about the clear containers that look really fresh and make me reach for them regularly.

Back in September, I ordered the Matcha Toner stick. I don’t really understand toner, so I’ve never used it with regularity. The description for this product says “The world’s first solid facial toner removes oil and detoxifies pores.” Okay!

Here’s the thing–since I got it in September–I use it every day, twice a day. And you can see from the photo, there’s still some left and I got it months ago.

I swipe it on right after washing my face at night or getting out of the shower in the morning as my first step before a serum and lotion. It feels really nice when you glide it on, but it is a little bit sticky right after application. So I usually put it on and then brush my teeth and give it a minute to chill.

Does it work? Well, like I said, I’m not exactly sold on toner in general, but my skin hasn’t been oily or breaking out and that was using it in multiple seasons. So that’s gotta count for something!

I also really like that I don’t have to monkey around with cotton pads to apply it. So the stick formula is really what sells it for me, and why I’m sure I’ll replace it when I finally use it up. And at $24 for a stick that will probably last me a year, I think it’s worth it.

Because I liked the toner so much, I decided to try the Watermelon Brightening Serum stick. This one feels AMAZING when you apply it. It honestly feels like you’re giving your skin a drink of water.

I put it on top of the toner and my skin looks brighter after I apply it.

But does it do things it promises like diminish “the appearance of dark spots?” Again, I’m not 100% sure. I just got it in June, so I haven’t been using it very long. It is pretty pricey at $36. So I’m not convinced this one is worth the price. But it does feel soooooo good!

Speaking of feeling good, the Cooling Water stick is lovely. I bought the full size one first and I love it–but honestly–I love the mini more! The full size is just a little big for swiping under the eyes–which is primarily what it’s used for–cooling and depuffing the under eye bags. But I have also been known to swipe my jawline, chin, forehead, anywhere I need a little boost, especially in the afternoon. Like a spritz, but in a stick. Perhaps it’s the caffeine in the ingredients but it does seem to give me a pep!

But I find the mini to be the perfect size. I have it  in my purse for little touch ups throughout the day. It’s also nice if my concealer starts getting a little cakey–a swipe under the eyes can smooth it out.

Overall, I’ve been a big fan of the skin care products I’ve tried. But I’ve had mixed results with the actual makeup in the Milk Makeup line. My sister, Holly, picked up the Lip Stain and let me try it. It legit stained my lips for waaaaay too long. Like it was not right. So she returned it and I never dared try one again.

Similarly, I have had the Eye Pigment in a drawer for a LONG time but still haven’t used it. After the lip incident, I’ve been too afraid. I was going to try it for this review, but never had time to put it on and deal with it if it didn’t work out. I have the color Silent Disco and I fear it’ll be a mess. TBD.

I also have minis in the Lip + Cheek in Perk, which is a shimmer coral and the Highlighter. I like both of these enough. They are small but have lasted me a while. I really like the colors and the finish. Both are very dewy and not overpowering. I have cheek sticks from Tarte and tend to use them more because they are bigger, but these as full size are actually a better value–only $4 more for .5 more ounces of product.

The highlighter is very similar to Haloscope in Topaz by Glossier, which is $2 less for a little less product. Both give a nice shine of color for a glowy finish.

So as a value, the full size Milk Makeup products are a better deal with both of these stick retailing at $24. And if you like the minis, only Milk Makeup has that option which is $14.

I’ve had a sample of the Blur Stick. Honestly, it was so small I could barely use it. And I don’t tend to have much luck with blur products and generally use more primers than fillers. So I don’t really have an opinion on it. I’d love to know if anyone has used this and what they thought about it. Share below!

Finally, I got a sample with purchase of the highly discussed KUSH High Volume Mascara. The mascara is supposed to have cannabis oil in it and be super fancy. But a high end mascara has to REALLY be amazing for me to justify a $24 spend when there are so many great drugstore options for so much less.

And aside from a fun story, I thought this mascara was fine, but it didn’t blow me away. My lashes are totally a joke–super sparse and short–and they looked okay after using it but nothing special. I don’t see myself grabbing the full size at the full price.

So there you have it–a Milk Makeup roundup! I’m surprisingly more about their skin care than their makeup but that’s mainly for the stick product delivery method.

What’s your experience with the Milk Makeup line? Any recommendations? Things to avoid? Leave it in the comments below!

Saved my very own milk money for this purchase (you totally saw that coming, right?).





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