Happy National Lipstick Day–deals on lipsticks I love!

It’s National Lipstick Day! Who knew?! Clearly, many retailers and brands did, because my inbox today was filled with various offer emails.

Looking over these BOGOs and percentages off–some of them are really good!–I thought I’d put together a quick list of current lipstick favorites with links to corresponding deals available.

So jump on these now–or save these recommendations for later–because everyday is lipstick day for me!


Ulta is really a one-stop shop for most of these deals–AND today you get 5x points with purchase!!–so I’m going to stick to sharing deals through Ulta instead of through the brand websites. But most are offered through their site, too if you prefer to buy direct.

There are lots of high end and drugstore options so I’ll give you both starting with high end.

Too Faced: I recently reviewed Sweet Peach Creamy Lip Oil–and while I returned the shade, Papa Don’t Peach–I kept Pure Peach and picked up Tickle-Me-Peach, a brighter orange gloss. I love these both and wear them constantly. Here’s your chance to give them a try on the cheap.

I also keep forgetting to review these new Too Faced, Natural Nudes Intense Color Coconut Butter Lipstick I grabbed during the last Sephora sale. I picked up Pout About It, a “terracotta pink” and Overexposed, a “smoky lavender.” The formula on these is absolutely divine! The color selection is definitely in the nude color story but I wear the Pout About It a lot and haven’t grabbed the lavender much, as it seems more suited to winter. But these are very creamy and extremely moisturizing. I know I will live in them in the winter and while they are not particularly long lasting, they are very pigmented. This sale is a perfect opportunity to grab two and see if they suit you.

Or take a lip oil and one of these coconut butter lipsticks and try one of each!

And don’t forget the Melted line which is an instant classic formula with tons of colors, including their more recent metals options, which are all included in the BOGO.

Too Faced also has a free gift with any $25 purchase, too–so you can get your BOGO AND a free gift!

BareMinerals: While they will always be known more for their face makeup, BareMinerals has a pretty good line of lip products, too. I picked up a holiday sample set last year during a the Ulta sale and found the formula to be really nice. The Statement Lip Collection I picked up as samples is 40% off full size products. The red, Srsly Red and brownish berry, Elite were favorites from the sample. And I’ve heard great things about their Statement Matte Liquid Lipstick, but I haven’t tried it personally, but I may just grab a few today!

Or if you are in the market for a new CC cream, Pam and I really like their option, so you could get that and a lipstick free gift with purchase to try.


Urban Decay: Of all the lipsticks out there, the three of us collectively probably love this line the most. I definitely reach for them on the regular. And 9/10 when I see Jess, she’s rocking a UD shade to perfection. Plus a tube seems to last FOREVER! So getting a deluxe sample of two of their best sellers and favorites of ours, Bad Blood and Back Talk, is a really good deal. Maybe now is a good time to grab something from the Born to Run summer limited edition line (hint, hint…)


Tarte: But my FAVORITE lip line of all-time was the Tarte Lipsurgence which has been replaced by the Lippie Lingerie Matte Tint. I just think it’s perfection and I have the whole vault at my office to go with ANY possible lip need. You could pick up a couple of these and get their liquid lip to try for free. Or maybe you need a new Shape Tape and you can grab the gift, too.

my tarte vault–please don’t talk to me about expiration dates–i don’t want to know.


Anastasia Beverly Hills: TBH–I don’t wear the ABH lip colors I have that often–and kinda forget about them. I have a Matte Lipstick in Stevie which is a weird “antique auburn” and a Liquid Lipstick in Veronica a strange “taupe mauve, matte finish.” But, I kinda love both of the colors even though they are really unique. I don’t have anything like them and they are super different. I’m not crazy about either formula, but they are both extremely long wearing, which is probably why they are a little harsh. However, I really like ABH’s Lip Primer and putting this on under either formula makes a huge difference. And you can get a primer as part of the sale! It’s one of my favorite primers and I actually might grab two during this sale.

NYX: I feel like this brand is responsible for 80% of my impulse purchase at Ulta! Luckily, the line is pretty consistent and there are tons of incredible lip options. This 3/$12 deal is a WOW for me and will definitely be the hardest to pass up, even though they are already a cheaper option than the others above. But which are the musts? Definitely grab anything off the Powder Puff Lippie line.  Jess introduced us to these a while ago with Moody and she got me Group Love, which I LOVE and I have since picked up Squad Goals which is an insanely wearable everyday shade. I truly think you can’t go wrong with any of these.

There’s also the iconic Whipped Caviar Matte Lipstick I’ve already shared, which can sometimes be hard to find in store, but is currently available online. Their lip pencils are an incredible deal ever day, but are also included in the sale. I recently picked up Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in Exotic and really like it.  Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Cherry Skies is a really wearable, classic red with great formula. And the Soft Matt Lip Cream and Butter Cream formulas are notoriously good and come in a bazillion shades to choose from and I’ve always loved the Intense Butter Gloss in Spice Cake.

If there is ANY color missing from your collection, you can find it in any finish in an amazing formula through NYX and now would be a great time to pick a few up and play!

Essence: These are already stupid cheap, but hey!, who doesn’t want to save a little extra? If you haven’t tried the Water Kiss Glossy Lip Colour after recommending them a million times–they are $2 on sale!–what are you waiting for?! I have nearly every color and love them all! They are a perfect for summer. Go, go, go!

Milani: Speaking of having nearly every color of a line, I went crazy when the Milani Amore Lip line came out and basically stalked Walgreens to get all the colors. At just over $5 on sale, these are an incredible cheap liquid lip and their metals are the best I have tried even if you compare them to high end.

all the metals

Seeing these on sale reminds me I need to pull these out again and get them back in rotation.

me wearing matterialistic last year in NOLA. ugh. i really think i might need to cut bangs again…

Flower Beauty: I picked up a couple of these this spring and I like them, but I think they are a little pricey for drugstore. BUT! onsale I think they are a much better choice. I have them in Nude Blush and Rosewood and think they are super pretty with a nice velvet finish.

Lottie London: I just grabbed my first product from this brand on Monday when I was in Chicago! (sadly, not on sale) I got the Slay All Day Longwear Matte Liquid Lipstick in So Good. It says they are online only, and there are 16 colors on the Ulta website and there were only four in the store. Perhaps they were just testing them out, regardless, I’ve only worn it a couple of times, but the color is a new favorite. It’s kind of a brown berry but not too brown and not too berry. So it’s very neutral. The formula is good too, not drying but like any liquid lipstick you do kinda notice you are wearing something. But for $3.24, it’s worth checking out!

Clarins: I sorta hate to mention this because they are NOT cruelty-free and I only shared CF products above, but since I have specifically mentioned this product before trying to switch to only CF options, I thought I’d loop back to them today. I love these in the winter. They are insanely good. And usually insanely expensive. But now they are just over $15. So there it is.

And that does it for the Ulta options.

Kylie Cosmetics has a 2/$25 deal on lipsticks, but I’ve never tried them to give them a shout out.

But I do LOVE Colourpop and their liquid lips are on sale for 40% off making them all under $4 so…

Colourpop: Where to even begin? I’ve been on a serious Colourpop kick for a while now. I’m CRAZY for their Ultra Blotted Lip and would recommend ALL of them. Seriously. They were made for summer. It makes your lips looks so fresh and like you just had a Popsicle.

If you don’t like the feeling of a liquid lipstick, definitely avoid the Ultra Matte Lip line. If that doesn’t bother you, I really like Love Bug.

Otherwise, stick with the Ultra Satin Lip. Echo Park and Aquarius are classics.

today wearing love bug. see–no bangs.

Phew! What was going to be a super fast post turned into a marathon! I guess I get excited talking lipstick. Can you blame me?! So many great products out there on sale today!

Hopefully, you found this helpful and you can find a few things you need.

Anything I should grab? Let me know!

All paid for by me.

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