Cracked, chapped, dry? My winter lip saviors

One of the hilarious jokes of winter–like how the brightest, sunniest days are also the coldest–is that the season calls for a dark, bold matte lip, but your lips are in the worst position to support the look.

So what do you do? Bail on the bold? Or find ways to help your lips fight back?

Well–you know nothing stops me from rocking not only the darkest colors I can find–but also obsessively wearing the most drying of all  formulas, the liquid lip.

By following a strict three step lip care strategy, my lips have been hanging tough all winter.

my lip survival kit

Here’s what I’ve been doing:

Step One: Exfoliate

I’ll admit. I’m a picker. If I feel the slightest flake on my lips, I’m going for it. I know it’s terrible, but it’s a thing. So not only are chapped lips just a general nuisance, but they are also a temptation that will leave my lips bloodied and uneven.

Exfoliating really helps keep the chapping down. I’ve used Lush’s line of lip scrub since Jess got me the holiday one a couple years ago. Right now I have the Popcorn one which combines salk and sugar as the exfoliating elements.

But I recently got this ELF stick that I really like! I prefer the stick to the pot so right there it has an advantage. It’s also only $3!

My tip is to use it before you wash your face at night. Getting the stick damp makes it less scratchy so it seems less effective so doing it first helps.

Step Two: Hydrate

My greatest find of 2017 was the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask–and it’s even a pot so you know I must love it! This stuff is magic. It’s the last step in my nighttime routine and it’s one I never miss. I’ve tried so many different lip products for nighttime and this one is by far my favorite. And I’ve been using it for a while and I’m still on the first one I purchase. While the $20 seems steep–it does last.

Step Three: Prime

I’ve been testing a bunch of primers at different price points. I love liquid lipstick. I’m addicted to its staying power but it’s really rough on your lips, no matter the formula. So I always wear a primer before application.

I’ve been working through primers from Anastasia Beverly Hills, Bite Beauty, Pretty Vulgar, and Colourpop.

All of them do a really good job of protecting your lips. It’s really more about texture, finish and price point.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills, Bite Beauty and Colourpop options are a stick. Of the three, I like the finish of the ABH’s option the best. It’s more matte and dries quickly.

But the Colourpop one is close and is only $5.50. So if you are doing an online order, I would definitely throw it in your cart.

Otherwise, the Bite one is fine but it’s a little tackier and I don’t feel like it fills in my lips as well. (side note, i know jess loves the urban decay ozone liner as her primer. i had a sample of it a while ago but i never really used it so i can’t say i have really tried it, but if jess likes it–i’m sure it’s also great!)

My favorite is the Pretty Vulgar, Silent Treatment Matte Lip Moisturizer. This one dries down matte and actually feels kinda crazy. But it really makes your lips smooth for application.

If fine lines are an issue for you, I also think this does a great job filling them in.

At $20, this one is slightly more expensive than the stick options but I reach for it the most. But Colourpop’s budget option is also great!

Sticking with these steps helps me keep a stay bold all winter long.

What lip products keep you going through the winter? Clearly, I’m always willing to check them out!

And yes, my lips, my money to keep them going.


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