The wonderful world of Colourpop

I recently traveled to Las Vegas with a friend of friend for said friend’s birthday. While we had certainly met before, I didn’t know her that well, but we bonded over our obsession for all things makeup. (and she’s a reader!! thanks, anna!!)

We were going over our makeup stash and she casually mentioned how great it will be when Colourpop starts being carried at Sephora. Not likely, I said. But then she looks at me–in the serious nature this kind of information requires–and says: no, it’s happening. (and she’s right! November 1st!)

Truth is–I had only tried a few Colourpop items but I had really liked everything I’d checked out. Especially the Lippie Sticks, one even makes my list of favorite reds. Pamela had purchased Jess and I some of their products a few years back including the Kathleenlights Shock Shadow collection. (we were super fans at the time. still fans, just all of us are spending slightly less time following youtubers lately.)

But I hadn’t truly gone down a rabbit hole–although it had been on my mind. Another reader–Anjee I think (thank you, anjee!) had asked what we thought of their products but none of us were that familiar. So I had planned to make an order and give it a review. But it hadn’t happened.

Our Vegas bathroom conversation cemented my resolve–an order must be made.

Lucky for me–and maybe you?–Colourpop was doing a bunch of sales when I logged on, including a buy two, get one free on lip products. Music to my ears.

So I started with testing some new lip options. I was most intrigued by the Ultra Mattes and the Blotted Lip. Plus I had heard that Colourpop was somehow involved with Kylie Cosmetics and you could get similar lip products for waaaay cheaper. (and it’s also true!)

An order was place for an assortment of lip products: Utra Matte Lip, Blotted Lip, Ultra Blotted Lip and Ultra Gloss Lip.

The package came (there would be more) and I was already pretty sold before I even tested a product:

i guess it took a long time to get the order, so i got a free brush!

Here are my first impressions:

my first lip purchase

I’m a fan! I think it packs a huge punch for a very little price. I especially like the Blotted Lip. It’s basically a lip balm that is matte and very pigmented. The only strange thing is it’s not moisturizing or slippery like a regular balm. So it’s kind of a mind trick to apply it like a balm but not have it feel like one. But the pigment stays on for a relatively long time compared to other balms–AND IT’S MATTE!! At $5–this is definitely a must try. Especially for folks who don’t love lipstick but want a little something something. It’s buildable so you can keep it light or apply an extra coat for a little bolder color.

The Ultra Blotted Lip is kinda weird. I really like it, but I think I like the Blotted Lip more. Let me explain how this one works. It applies like a liquid lip. But it acts like a very light stain, but it’s not a stain at all. It gives a finish like a stain. It says it gives your lips the look of just eating a Popsicle and I think that’s pretty accurate. It’s also not drying, which is good. But the pigment doesn’t stay on very long and it’s kinda confusing because it seems like you are putting on a long wearing product like a liquid lip. So I would often forget to reapply. That said–I especially was glad to have them in the summer because it gives a very carefree feel to your look. You just have to reapply more often than you might think.

The Ultra Matte Lip is legit. So many great colors, so cheap! And while the color payoff isn’t quite as impactful as other liquid lips, it wears really well and I found it to be quite comfortable. Again–it’s not the greatest liquid lip–but it’s the best at $6 a pop! And if you compare it to the Kylie liquid lip, it’s much cheaper and doesn’t destroy your lips.

I actually have one Kylie liquid lip–and oddly enough–a Jeffree Star color that’s exactly the same (i just can’t find it at the moment…) that matches nearly identically with one of the Colourpops. But I’ll talk more about that later.

I’m just not a huge fan of glosses overall, so the Ultra Glossy Lip was fine, it’s just not something I’m going to reach for that often. But that would be true of any glosses. (except for the Fenty Beauty gloss!! i love it so much!!!)

I had so much success with the lip products, I did a separate order to try some of their single pan eyeshadows, or the Powder Shadows.

I decided to try two palettes and was excited to see that the pans easily come out so I could add them to my custom palette.

The color selection is great and totally on trend. The “Lo-Key” palette is still available and is on sale for only $12 for the four shadows. Most quads are $16 and there are often sales on top of the reduced price.

photo courtesy of

I have my eye on this palette, but I’m pretty set for shadows right now, even though it’s only $16 for all those colors. But if you are looking for something new, I would snap it up before it sells out.

I’ve found them to be easy to work with although not incredibly pigmented. The darker shades are a bit patchy but still nothing like the Subculture palette. Overall, I prefer my Anastasia Beverly Hills single shadows, but at a fraction of the price per shadow, these will totally work! Especially if you are looking for some colors that you might not use all the time. I think I would splurge on shadows that will get a lot of use because it makes them easier to work with which saves time. But overall, I would definitely recommend giving them a go.

How did I like the Super Shock Shadows Pamela ordered us a few years ago? I like them but because they don’t fit into my palette I don’t reach for them very often. They are also recommended to be applied with your fingers–which I actually like. But for single pots like that, I tend to go back to the Maybelline Eyestudio® ColorTattoo® 24HR Cream Gel Eye Shadow. No disrespect to Colourpop. I just have other go-tos.

I have two complaints about Colourpop. 1) The color swatches online are really hard to decipher and is often the case with liquid lips, looks completely different when applied. As a result, I ended up ordering colors that were too similar to ones I already had or even to each other. At $6, I’m not going to send them back, but it’s annoying.

here is the one kylie liquid lip stacked next to three colourpop ultra matte lip and one ultra blotted lip

here they are swatched left to right starting with the kylie and ending with the ultra blotted. the second to the right is “mrs” which was a special one in the karrueche collection and it’s virtually identical.

2) Shipping is only free if you spend $30 which is actually kind of a lot with this product! So I ended up spending more than I would’ve spent had there not been a sale–which there are frequently–and had to wrack up enough for the shipping credit. (this isn’t a new phenomenon–or exclusive to colourpop–let’s be real.)

But both of these issues go away if you can get the product directly at Sephora. So I’m very excited to see these coming into stores soon. Hopefully, the formulas don’t change with the transition to bricks and mortar. And from all the articles I’ve checked out, they seem committed to maintaining the same quality and price point when they make the move to Sephora.

Regardless, I think they have a great product. I think I like them slightly more than NYX, which I would consider them a competitor. I’d like to try their metallic lip products and maybe their face products, although those are slightly down the list for me. I will definitely repurchase some of these lip options, especially the Blotted Lip which is really special.

Do you use Colourpop products? What’s your favorite? Do you have other recommendations? These are still new to me, so I’m curious to hear your thoughts!

Always purchased with my money. Always.

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