Instagram happens to be my favorite of the social media apps/platforms.  I don’t like Facebook.  I’m bored (not to mention super irritated) with Snapchat.  I don’t even open my Twitter app anymore at all.  But I could look at pictures all day.  It’s somehow much more soothing to my senses than all of the nonsense I seem to encounter on other social media apps.  Sure, they added the very similar to Snapchat “story” function, which I was kind of mad about at first, but I’ve grown to be ok with with it, and even use it over Snapchat now.   So, who am I following and why?  Here are some of my current favorites.

If I cannot live by the ocean and surf daily, I guess living the beach life vicariously through @roxy is going to have to be enough.


Claire Marshall, @heyclaire, is an amazingly talented, smart and beautiful makeup artist turned vlogger.  She has great style, awesome tattoos and a cute cat.


@whowhatwear you get a little bit of street style, a little bit of celebrity style, and a lot of inspiration.  PS – they also have a capsule line available at Target.


I will never tire of looking at beautiful pictures of delicious food.  @tymeandtemp wins at this everyday.


Speaking of food, @goodeatswisconsin is probably posting something you can actually consume if you’re up to taking a little roadtrip.


And though @overheardnewyork and @overheardla are text only, they never fail to entertain.


Who do you love to follow?  Please share!

*I, @tarte33, was not paid, nor given any free stuff (though that would be cool) to write about these Instagramers.

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