I Am Into This: Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment

There I was, at Sephora, staring at the Dr. Jart+ display. I have used- and loved- the Premium Beauty Balm for years. YEARS! And my current tube was running low, so I was contemplating whether I should buy a new tube now, while I was there, or procrastinate and squeeze 2 more weeks out of it and just come back when I was down to the dregs.

Did you know you can crack this tube open and get like 2 more weeks out of it???

Ok, fine. I was dragging my feet. I’ve been annoyed with makeup lately.

Not the fun makeup, like lipstick and eye glitter, but face makeup. Foundation. Concealer. Maybe it’s because Spring is… springing, but I just feel like I look heavy and cakey with a full face on. Spring is a time to be light, fresh, new! This winter face, full of layers and blending and powder and setting spray to look less powdery has got. to. go.

Alas, I’m not at a place where I can just go bare-faced. See, I suffer from random redness. Redness from winter eczema, redness from seasonal allergies, redness from hormones, redness from wine the night before… So while I tend to go for something with moderate coverage, I don’t always like to wear a “full face”, especially on a regular day when I’m just going to work or whatever. Also, after a few hours wearing foundation, I reeeeeally want to wash it off, and usually it’s half off by then already anyway. Which is why I like the BB cream- the ingredients are way nicer to my skin- but the coverage is definitely lighter.

My eyes drifted toward a green jar, probably because the word “tiger” was on it. I am also a sucker for things with an old-timey apothecary feel to them, so I picked it up. Here’s what the Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment looks like:

See? Cute! Intriguing! photo via sephora.com

On the label, it says it “neutralizes redness and protects skin; improves skin appearance to be vibrant”. Plus, SPF 30. Color (correct) me intrigued.

I got a sample from an employee who assured me it was awesome. I still wasn’t sure I was going to even like it, but patted myself on the back for not just buying the $52 jar on a whim and actually testing it out first. How prudent of me!

That was Sunday. By Tuesday, I had gone back to buy it.

For one, it smells amazing. Not perfumed, not scented for the sake of being scented, but smells like it is made of real ingredients doing their job.

It’s oddly satisfying to apply- it is a thicker cream, so you really have to work it in (bonus: face massage). It starts green, then turns beige, then unicorns appear in your bathroom mirror and suddenly you are living in a real life snapchat filter. The redness just… chills. It feels nice on, too- like you are moisturized (glycerin!) and protected (beeswax!). It looks like nothing is on your skin, but somehow your skin is better. I like to dust a little powder on the areas that tend to get oily on me, but mostly out of habit- maybe I don’t even need to.

WHAT. IS. THIS. SORCERY???!?!?!?!!!?!?!

The main active ingredient is centella, which is a plant found in parts of Asia, known for it’s medicinal and anti-inflammatory qualities. According to legend, tigers, wounded from battle, would roll around in this grass to heal themselves. I mean, it stands to reason they would also roll around in it if they were just, say, mildly itchy, and “mildly itchy tiger” sounds like it should be my spirit animal.

I’ve only been using it a few days, but so far, I am loving it. According to reviews, it also makes a great primer should you want to wear foundation over the top of it for fancier occasions, and I look forward to testing that out. For now, though, I’m enjoying looking like I am put together without dealing with any kind of foundation. Hooray!!!

Are you trying anything new for spring? What magical products do you love? Are you more into unicorns or tigers?


I bought this with my own money, and even though I spent way too much time in Sephora that day, managed to only buy this one thing. Good job, me!! No tigers were hurt in the making of this post, but my cat complained loudly that my laptop was taking up his nap area.

Note to germaphobes (Lyn) who don’t like products in jars: this comes with a spatula! And also, beeswax is antibacterial. 

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