Spring Trends: Love Them, Or Leave Them?

Spring is officially here, which means it’s time to put away the matte lipsticks, natural glow and dark smokey eyes for glitter lips, metallic shimmer highlighter and pastel color wash eyes. Or does it? We’ve gone through the lists and lists and lists and lists! of spring trends. Are we in? Or will we sit this one out?

Pam, What Do You Think Of Holographic and Colored Highlighters?

I’m on a self imposed highlighter spending freeze.  For real, I’m on an everything except for bills and food, spending freeze.  So, I’ve not actually tried one of the new holographic highlighters that all youtubers seem to be trying.  But honestly I can’t say from what I have seen that I’m super interested in trying any of them.  If you’re not sure what I’m talking about take a look at the Becca Pressed Prismatic Amethyst highlighter.  I know!!  Becca can do no wrong. They rule the highlight game.  And to be fair I have not seen this or swatched it, in person. I’m just not sure I want my highlight to look iridescent.  I do love a gorgeous natural looking highlight, but purple might not be my thing.  Speaking of purple….. and pink and blue…. Jeffree Star has launched more than a few new and unusual colors in his Skin frost line of highlights.  Again, none of which excited me.  They do look really gorgeous on him and all of his models, but I feel like it’s a big leap for me.  I tend to gravitate to a more natural highlight, of which you can still see from outer space of course.  Has anybody tried these?  What do you think?  Am I missing out?

Jeffree Star Skin Frost in Deep Freeze – image from jeffreestarcosmetics.com

Jess: Think You Can Pull Off Pastel Washes On The Eyes?

Ok ok- I admit that when spring rolls around, sure, I lean toward a more fresh, light makeup look. I’ve been reaching for my lighter pink lipsticks and, if I can get myself in for a pedi, a pastel shade sounds lovely right now. I am, however, on the fence with pastel eye colors being on trend this season!

Obviously, we all want to look like a unicorn now and then, so this is the perfect time to try out looking like a mystical being. I have some pause, though, because when I was in middle school in the late 80’s, it was very popular to wear iridescent blue eye shadow on the lid with pink on the crease. I remember applying it with the little foam applicator in the car on the way to school and feeling very grown up.

hopes and dreams vs. likely reality
left: via colormebright, right: drew carey

There are some beautiful palettes on the market right now that I want to have in my bathroom just to look at (this Kat Von D one? Gorgeous! And maybe wearable? Also this Lorac I Love Brunch palette is lovely). I could see this being an easy, fun way to add some color to your life, and I think this could work on so many people. Or, say, if you are going to a show or a music festival or out for a punk rock brunch (hey- invite me to punk rock brunch!!). But for me on a normal day, I think a seafoam green eye might make me look ill. That being said, I think borrowing from this trend in conjunction with something more in my comfort zone would work- a splash of, say, a robins egg blue eye liner along with a bronze smokey eye looks really beautiful. Maybe I will rock that for the wedding I will be at this weekend??

Lyn: Are you ditching the matte liquid lip for metal or glitter lips?

I’m always game to check out new makeup trends so I was intrigued to see metal lips make the list. I bought the Jeffree Star “No Tea, No Shade” and featured it in my “10 things getting me through the winter” post, so I felt like I was kinda already in. I still love that color, however, I got his “Pussy Whipped” gold metal lip and I’m not a fan. I’ve only worn it once and haven’t grabbed it since. I also ordered the Sephora Collection Lip Powder in Rusty Red, but same thing, it didn’t really do it for me.  So was I going to add more metal to my collection? Who are we kidding? Of course I was.

I picked up one of NYX Cosmic Metals Lip Cream at Ulta in Crystallized. At $7.49–plus there was a BOGO50 where I also picked up this palette–I thought it was a nice price to give another line a try.

And I’m still on the fence on it. I think I want to love it, but aside from the first one I purchased, they don’t really give me the look I’m hopping for–it’s more shiny than foiled. Smashbox has some metals in their Be Legendary liquid lip line that I might try if I make it out to a Sephora (i do most my purchasing online) perhaps a darker, more coppery color. But for now, I think I’m good.

I’m slightly less interested in glitter lips because I really don’t need to look like I my lips are super chapped or that I have crumbs on my lips. So I’m gonna pass on that one, completely.

Are you in or out on these trends? Any other spring trends you’ve tried or are dying to try? Anything you want us to check out? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Lyn’s own money was spent on lip products she doesn’t love.

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