Snacks Worth Running All Over Town For

I have recently realized that I, Jess, am a snack hoarder. Here’s the thing- I’ve found a few snacks that I love, and they aren’t all available in the same store! Like, some of them are available at the Target on my way home from work, while some are only at the Target by my house. The struggle, as they say, is real. So I find myself buying armfuls (arms full?) of these items whenever I run across them, because they are required to be in my house at all times, yet I am reluctant to share because my stash will be depleted. These are snacks I’ll fight you* for. Ready?

*I’m a lover, not a fighter- so really I’ll share but just give you a side-eye.

OatMega Grass Fed Whey Protein Bars (190cal/7g fat/21g carb/14g protein)

I do terribly with mornings- usually, I’m not really hungry if I’m up early, but my job is physical so I know it’s better for me if I can eat something. I stumbled on these bars at our local fancy-pants grocery store, and was hooked. These differ from other protein bars because, frankly, they taste like food, and not some kind of nutrition meal bar of the future. Recently I have noticed these popping up more and more at major retailers, so they are a little easier to have on hand for sleepy mornings, or in the car on the way to the gym.

Sonoma Creamery Mr. Cheese O’s (150cal/9g fat/6g carb/10g protein)

You know when you’re making a grilled cheese, and some of the cheese drips out into the pan, and then it gets all crispy and it’s the best cheese ever? I don’t know who Mr. Cheese O is, but he knows this deliciousness all too well! These crunchy rings are made of real cheese and quinoa. They hit that salty/umami/crunchy party of your brain perfectly. The best part? One whole package is one serving!!! You feel satisfied after that amount, too, thanks to all the protein. Also, they pair really well with wine. Sadly I can only find these at one Target, where I buy them 4 bags at a time.

Siggi’s Icelandic Skyr (Vanilla- 100cal/0g fat/11g carb/14g protein)

Do you like Greek yogurt? Well, this is just like Greek yogurt, if Greek yogurt was an amazing superhero of flavor and nutrition!! Seriously, side by side, this kicks Chobani’s ass ALL. OVER. TOWN. It is super thick, crazy delicious, and has 4 ingredients. You can see the little flecks of vanilla bean. It is not too sweet (I do like my yogurt on the tart side), full of protein, and makes me really happy. However, I can only find it at the Target that is opposite of the one where Mr. Cheese O’s live. I have been able to find it at the fancy pants grocery store, but for (seriously) A DOLLAR more expensive. I will plan my yogurt purchases ahead, thank you very much. But for real- please buy this so that it doesn’t get discontinued- I need it in my life!!!

Airheads Xtremes Rainbow Berry Bites (haaahahahahahaha)

Ok, these aren’t difficult to find at all (unless you’re in Puerto Rico- then look at Walgreens, not CVS), but I find I need to have a stash of these AT ALL TIMES. What’s not to love about a bite sized sour candy that’s not too sour, has a delightful chewiness, and makes you look like a living Snapchat filter?? I will justify that these are a good “pre-workout”. Yeah… that’s it… oh, whatever. Sometimes you’ve just gotta live your life and eat something fun.


We hope you are off to a great holiday weekend! What are your must-have snacks to have on hand?


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