I tried Barre classes…..

and didn’t murder anyone. But I can’t walk very fast right now, and sitting for too long results in me swearing a lot once I try to stand up. So yeah, I’m pretty sore, as you may have guessed, and I fully expected this. I haven’t been all that great with my fitness regime this past year, and have been wanting (actually, NEEDING) to find something that I liked enough to stick with and hopefully tone up and lose a little weight because… if I am being honest, my pants don’t really fit me that well right now. That something is Barre. What is barre anyway? It’s not the kind that you drink at, which is probably one of the things (wine) that got me into this situation with my pants…. also, pizza. Barre is a class that uses ballet inspired movements as well as some exercises with light weights and some Pilates, to tone and strengthen your entire body. Using a series of high repetition and small isometric movements, you WILL want to say all of the swear words. Some of the class is done at the barre and some of it on your yoga mat. And at this particular point in my life (40) I really feel like this class is just the right amount of resistance and movement while still remaining low impact, that I want/need (and I also probably like it because I really wanted to be a ballerina when I was a little girl.) You don’t need any prior training or experience with ballet or dance, and even if you think you may be the most uncoordinated person around, you can do this. Trust me. It wasn’t scary at all! Nor did it feel awkward… even the part when we did these up-down bridge booty squeeze moves while laying on our backs with our feet on the barre to Pony (Real talk: it was my favorite one so far. Thanks Channing Tatum!). I have committed myself to three months of classes and plan to go 4 times a week at least. I should probably lay off the rosé and pizza as well. Stay tuned for updates.

UPDATE! It’s been three full weeks since I started writing this post, and I’ve been sticking to my plan of going to barre 4 times a week (I’ve been going 5!). Firstly, I feel great mentally. Not having a regular fitness routine was making me kind of crabby, I now realize. Though I am still sore every week, it’s a good sore…. the kind that lets you know that you are definitely making changes to your muscles and body (not the swearing kind of sore) And, I see results! My arms are showing more definition, my clothes are fitting better and I can actually tell that I DO have abs (come through abs!) I have yet to lay off the rosé and pizza. Baby steps. Additionally I should add that I have now committed myself to a year membership! Is barre right for you? Find a studio and give it a try. It can’t hurt, right? (ummm…. Yes…. it can…. and it will….. but in a good way!)

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