My Ulta 20% off wishlist–yay or nay?

I’ve had a 20% off coupon for Ulta sitting in my inbox for what feels like a brief lifetime! I keep trying to ignore it but it calls to me.

I’m not sure why the Sephora 20% off sale gets so much more buzz when Ulta is actually the better place to purchase your unnecessary beauty supplies.

At least with Ulta you can pretend it’s a better deal since you earn real live cash back.

Those 500 point Sepohora gifts are fun but let’s be real–do you ever really use them? I feel like I have a small collection of them waiting for attention that may never come. Or I do open them and end up tripping on tiny containers of undereye creams that are escaping on my bathroom floor.

There’s also that sick moment of realization–I’ve spent $500 and all I got were these goofy samples I could get for free if I just walked into an actual Sephora and asked for one. (i usually make myself feel better by telling myself i purchased a lot of items during double or triple point promos. you do what you gotta do.)

I wish I could be disciplined like Pamela and legit stick to a spending freeze–especially since I JUST spent too much on clothing in CPH.

But I also can’t let a good 20% off code go to waste. And it expires tomorrow.

So help a girl out. These are some items I’m looking at throwing into my online cart.

Yay? Nay? Be a good friend and help me edit some–or all–of these things out:

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Prism Palette: I was supremely disappointed by the Subculture palette–but I love the Modern Renaissance one. But I did just fill up my magnetic palette with single shadows. But that Throne and Eden combo. Ugh. Worth it?

(photo courtesy of

NYX Professional Makeup, Meet The Metallics Lip Vault: I purchased a similar Liquid Suede pack last Christmas on sale for $15 and I ended up giving it to a friend because I never used them. And I can tell these are very small. But  small size is probably perfect because it’s not like you wear this daily. But I do have a bunch of Milani metal liquid lips that I like a lot and don’t wear all that often. But all those colors for $25? Help!


(photo courtesy of


NYX Professional Makeup, Lid Lingerie Eye Tint: Sticking with NYX–I’m super curious about these shadows. Has anyone tried them? They’re not pricey, but they are if they just take up space in my bathroom. Very. Curious.

(photo courtesy of

Bare Minerals, Go Nude or Make A Statement 8 Pc Collection of Mini Gen Nude Radiant and Mini Statement Luxe: Seriously. That name is insane. What’s also insane is my obsession with little lipsticks that I’m certain to lose. But these colors look dynamite and I’ve never tried Bare Minerals’ lipsticks. So…yes?

(photo courtesy of


Lorac, Online Only Unzipped Desert Sunset Palette: Isn’t this beautiful? I’m crazy for the mauve color palette. But see above re: Prism. How many shadow palettes can I use? But it’s so beautiful.

(photo courtesy of

Tarte, Fresh Faced Faves Best-Sellers Kit: What did I just say about these silly kits?!! But I LOVE the Lippie Lingerie line so much and I don’t have this color. Plus I really want to try their setting spray and I like that mascara a lot–although I need another mascara sample like a hole in the head. Ditto blush. But it looks like a beautiful color, so maybe I do?

(photo courtesy of

NARS, Powermatte Lip Pigment:  I’m obsessed with finding the perfect lip stain. Could this be it? Have you tried it? Should I?

(photo courtesy of

Also–I’ve been wanting to try a new tinted moisturizer. I don’t particularly have my eye on any at the moment, but I feel like I wanna mix it up a little. Recommendations?

I need your help. What looks worth it to you? Or what are you curious about and want me to try? Did you get a 20% off code? Did you use it? Are you going to? Whatcha get? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS! Put your comments below.

(and i promise i’ll update the everything & nothings’ facebook page with my purchases tomorrow.)


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