my fall wishlist.

I recently made a quick visit to Madison – had some mexican food with Jess, a bubble tea with Lyn, did a little shopping (Appleton doesn’t have the variety of stores that Madison does….. we don’t even have a GAP anymore…. so sad) and then I was off.   By saying shopping, I really mean mostly looking – buying brand new (not second hand) clothes isn’t totally in my current budget, but it’s good to see whats out there, so I can watch for sales!  Also, fall and winter fashion/clothes are my favorite.  Summer rules as a favorite season, but as far as fashion goes, I usually can’t wait to get back to layers, scarves and boots.  So what am I eyeing up this fall?  Here’s a glimpse.

A great flannel.

Last year I tried so hard to pick a cool, plaid flannel shirt…  aaannd I failed.  I really wanted one, but I – a) couldn’t decided on what colors I liked best and, b) decided though I loved the idea of wearing a cool plaid flannel, that it would probably spend the season with a few wears and then I’d sell it.  So that didn’t happen.  This past week while browsing Madewell, I found THE flannel shirt for me!  It’s a solid color – a pretty soft coral pink, which I now realize is better for me than plaid, and it’s so super soft.  And it has POCKETS!  Not those front chest pockets, real pockets you can put your hands in!  Madewell was having a sale, so I did splurge and buy this….. and I love it!


photo from

A new pair of black skinny jeans.

When it comes to denim, I am hugely devoted to Levis – the 721 high rise skinny to be exact.  When it comes to quality tee shirts and great well made basics, I am hugely devoted to Everlane.  Everlane’s philosophy is : Exceptional quality. Ethical factories. Radical transparency. So that already makes them amazing….. and now they just launched their own denim line, which is priced very reasonably.  I’m super excited to try the High Rise Skinny jean in the ankle length.  They have just a small amount of stretch with the fit looking like a less “skinny” skinny, and the color says black longer with their Stay Black dye process.  I’m excited to try them.

photo – high rise skinny jean (ankle) from

One or two statement pieces.

As I browsed through Anthropologie, which has always been my most favorite store to go into while visiting Madison, I this time came to the realization that though everything there is so cool and I get so excited about it all, in the past few years my style has shifted to more basics (ex. Everlane and Madewell) with eclectic accents.  And I do love many of the eclectic statement pieces they carry.  If I had occasion to wear it, I would love to get this dress – which looked way more fancy in the store than these photos are doing it justice.  I have a hunch that won’t happen, and it’s definately not a practical purchase, so I might opt for something like this sweater instead, which I know I could wear a lot more and for several seasons.

Image result for Tied Shimmer Tunic

Tied shimmer tunic at

Image result for Soiree Cardigan

Soiree cardigan at


I really, really like boots.  And I honestly, I do wear them year round – and honestly, I do not need a new pair at all.  Everlane just (today) launched a great pair that look a little western with their pointed toe, but with a more classic block heel and are just altogether cool and tough.   I am in love with these.

The Boss Boot –

So those are just a few things on my fall wishlist, and now I’ll sit and wait for some sales.  What’s on your fall wishlist?  Tell me about the fabulous party you will need a fabulous dress for.  And boots…. which boots are you eyeing up for fall?  What’s your favorite brand of black skinny jean?


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