First Impressions: the battle of the cream shadows!

As regular followers of Everything & Nothings know by now, the Maybelline Eyestudio® ColorTattoo® 24HR Cream Gel Eye Shadow is a holy grail product for us. It made its first appearance in Jess’ drugstore favorites and most recently in her quick bold lip look tips. I’ve included it in my makeup when you’re feeling sick and my brush reviews. (Pamela would probably include it more if Jess and I weren’t constantly talking about it!)

So I was curious when I saw this display at Walgreens announcing Revlon had come out with a new line of similar products. How would they compare against our old favorite? I needed to check them out, immediately.

The new Revlon® ColorStay™ Crème Eye Shadow currently come in 12 shades. Maybelline breaks their cream shadow line into three categories with three metals, four leathers and seven creams–or 14 shades. Both retail around $6.99 depending on where you shop and whether there’s a deal going–and you can almost always find some deal going.

The first one I grabbed was Caramel, because it looked close to our beloved, Bad to the Bronze. And boy–is it ever!

You can barely tell the difference in the color swatches!

The colors are extremely close. I was curious if this would be true of the entire line.

Lately, my shopping has been limited to pit stops at Walgreens and recently they were running a deal if you buy two of any brand beauty products, you get one free.  So I picked up three of the Revlon shades to compare to Maybelline ones I already own.

Turns out–there is some variance–but the ones I tried are very similar. The color options (as opposed to the neutrals) offer the most difference. Revlon’s green (and plum from looking at the package) have more of a shimmer to them, while the Maybelline options tend to be matte. But the neutrals are extremely close.

It definitely comes down to the formula, the look you are going for and how you want to use them.

I found the Revlon to have a more powdery consistency. They also tended to dry faster making them difficult to blend with other shadows. Revlon Chocolate, for instance, is incredibly flat while Maybelline Chocolate Suede has a little more of a wet look to it. But if you are using them as we usually do–alone–it doesn’t really matter if they blend or not. I find the Maybelline to have a little more of a shiny finish overall, where the Revlon is more matte.

Of course–this is the opposite on the color options. The green for Revlon has quite a bit of shimmer to it, where the Maybelline reads almost brown. I think if I were going to go with a single green shadow–I probably would use the Revlon in this instance. Currently, I use the Deep Forest color as a base when I’m doing a green smoky eye look.

Overall, I still prefer the Maybelline–if only because I like that it doesn’t dry so quickly. I like being able to smudge it out a little more than I could with the Revlon. With the Maybelline, I feel like I can apply it heavier at the corner, around the lash line and smudge it up the lid to create a look that feels like more shadows were involved than just the one. The powdery texture also makes it a little more difficult to get on your brush.

Just say no to weird little hidden brushes.

Speaking of brushes, I’m sure one of the selling points Revlon is pushing is the secret brush their version includes. I’m telling you–this is not a benefit. The brush is weird to use–and once you do–it’s gross to stick it back into the lid. And really–who wants to clean it, let it dry and then put it back into place–not me. I’d much rather just use my fingers to apply them or a cream shadow brush.

But–the colors and textures are close enough–I would recommend picking up whatever colors you like by either brand based on which one is on sale. If Walgreens has a BOGO deal on Revlon, grab the Carmel and Chocolate. If it’s on Maybelline, choose the Bad to the Bronze and Chocolate Suede.

I gave my Revlon duplicates to my sister and she said she has been liking them fine. So I think either option is great to have in your makeup bag for days when you need to pull something together quickly.

Side note: do not be tricked into thinking the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Chrome™ is the same as the cream shadow, just with a different applicator. They are not and I think they are the devil in a tube. Extremely hard to work with, dry crazy fast and do. not. come. off!! Like whoa. I’m also not crazy for the Maybelline ColorTattoo® Concentrated Crayon either. I have two and I never use them. Conversely, I tried the Maybelline Expert Wear® Eye Shadow in Nude Glow and it’s been a recent go-to to wake up my eyes on days I need something fast and with a little life.

Have you checked out the new Revlon shadows? What do you think? Do you have another cream shadow options you’d throw in the conversation? We’d love to know below!

Photos are mine taken in my bathroom, except for the one from the Revlon website. And all products were purchased by me–usually on sale! Thanks, Walgreens!

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