These TV Shows Need To Come Back Already!!

I have no shame about the fact that I love television. As a young kid, I had a very specific attention span to get through an hour long episode of Sesame Street, followed by the soothing kindness of Mr. Rogers (unless the Purple Panda was on- that shit was terrifying!!). As I got older, the Justice League taught me lessons in truth, justice, and not to chew on pencils, Lynda Carter spun into my heart as Wonder Woman, and I would lose my mind if the opening credits to Batman included Batgirl’s motorcycle rolling in. We would have smorgasbord dinners Thursdays while watching The Cosby Show, and we loved the poorly drawn Simpsons interludes during The Tracy Ullman Show. Point is, TV and I have always been tight.

Did you know we’re living in the Golden Age of Television?? It’s a real thing, happening right now! There has never been a time with more quality content, yet my TiVo has tumbleweeds blowing through it. Why? Well, because shows take their sweet time between seasons now that we get our entertainment without the confinement of traditional television broadcasting rules. And this is driving me mental.

Some of my favorite show are taking FOR. FREAKING. EVER. to return to the airwaves. Specifically:

Last Episode Aired: April 12, 2016
Season 3 Premiere: April 4, 2017
Available to catch up on Netflix

Veronica Mars is one of my top 5 favorite shows in all of space and time, so I was super stoked when Rob Thomas and his team came back to the small screen with iZombie. It’s the story of a woman, Olivia Moore (get it? Liv Moore?? Don’t worry it took me a minute) who finds herself infected with zombie virus. In this world, the zombie rules allow the infected to maintain their human functionality, so long as they are fed a steady diet of brains (and hot sauce). Liv cleverly takes a job at the local morgue, which keeps her fed, and soon learns that this new diet also comes with a side of taking on the personality traits and memories of the main course. Under the guise of being psychic, Liv teams up with a local salty detective to solve murders. The cast is great, the writing has the familiar mix of biting wit, winks, and cleverness of VM, and intriguing over-arching mysteries (there may be a nefarious energy drink involved) simmer through the”monster of the week” episodes.

Better Call Saul
Last Episode Aired: April 18, 2016
Season 3 Premiere: April 10, 2017
Available to catch up on Netflix

Better Call Saul is the follow up- and prequel- to Breaking Bad, focusing on Walter’s shady (but lovable) money laundering advisor and lawyer, Saul Goodman. Taking place 6 years before Walter starts down his path to becoming Heisenberg, we learn that Saul isn’t even Saul yet- he’s “Slippin’ Jimmy” McGill, a con man who really is trying to straighten his life out by being a lawyer for the people. Life, however, keeps baiting him with great temptations to cheat. We also get to learn some backstory on hitman/cleaner Mike Ehrmantraut. I almost like it better than Breaking Bad- Jimmy’s story is heartbreaking, but you are rooting for him.

Orphan Black
Last Episode Aired: June 16, 2016
Season 5 Premiere: June 20, 2017
Available to catch up on Amazon Prime

Tatiana Maslany should have ALL of the awards. Have you seen this show? It’s about clones. I mean, it’s about a woman who discovers she’s a clone, and finds other “hers”, who team up (mostly) to take down the potentially evil organization behind it all. The acting is ridiculously good!!! The story overall is pretty tight, too, and they are making the wise decision (just like Breaking Bad) to tie it up after just 5 seasons.

Pretty Little Liars
Last Episode Aired: August 30, 2016
Season 7B Premiere: April 18, 2017
Available to catch up on Netflix

Here’s a show that falls squarely into my “sorry not sorry” column. It’s completely ridiculous and unbelievable and I love every minute of it! Four friends are divided after the death of their close friend (frenemy??), a girl with many many secrets. Then! They have to come together when a mysterious foe, “A”, starts tormenting and blackmailing them via text message. This show has everything- teen pilots, teen contractors, menacing mannequins, snakes in fitting rooms, masks for every occasion, hyper-realities, psychic ghost children, money stashed in pasta boxes, evil sports cream, therapeutic dish breaking… I could go on. The first season is a little clunky, but it winks plenty to Twin Peaks and Hitchcock to keep you coming back. While we wait for the final half of the final season to start, I predict the following: Lucas is Uber A, Allison is pregnant with Emily’s baby, and Mona takes her rightful place as president of the world!!

Twin Peaks
Last Episode Aired: June 10, 1991
Season 3 Premiere: May 21, 2017
Available to catch up on Netflix

Here’s another show in my all time top 5. I will concede that it loses some magic in Season 2 after Laura’s murder is solved, but much like Agent Cooper, you just can’t bring yourself to leave this weird, wonderful place. I’m pretty sure most of the surviving cast and crew are on board for the capsule/special event revival that is “Season 3”, which takes place 25 years after Coop’s evil doppelgänger asked “how’s Annie?!” I. CAN’T. WAIT. If you don’t know Twin Peaks, what are you waiting for??

Yes, we still use a TiVo and probably will forever!! What are you watching? What shows are in your top 5?? By the way, are you watching The Magicians?? It’s so good!!

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