Pretty Good, Actually: L’oréal Voluminous Feline Noir Mascara

A few weeks ago, you may have seen my Facebook post regarding a new mascara purchase. Here is an update on that situation!

I have pretty basic criteria for mascara: don’t flake, smudge, or run down my face, make it look like I have some eyelashes, hold a curl, and come off when I ask it to. Also, since mascara needs to be replaced on the regular (and frankly, I can be a bit fair-weather when it comes to what I like), I really look to the drugstore first when I’m in the market for a new tube.

While I’ve had my flings with higher end mascara, my loyalties often call back to the L’oreal Voluminous Million Lashes mascara- it does a fine enough job for every day, and meets most of my criteria. Recently, the Voluminous line expanded to include the Feline Noir collection. The cap is leopard print, and that was enough to make me purchase it instantly.

felinenoirI flipping love this mascara. It’s better than pretty good. Did I mention that I got the waterproof formula? I usually opt for waterproof, as it is high allergy season, and my eyes are hella leaky. Anyway, back to gushing: it adds a nice amount of length, you can layer it up without it getting clumpy, I have not had any problems with it transferring to any other parts of my face, and it looks great all day. Oh, and it comes off easily with regular old face washing! Added bonus: I feel really fancy with that gold leopard print cap!! I know it’s dumb, but it’s the little things, you know??

Here is a horrifying close up picture of my eyeballs- one sided, one coat application:


At $8.99 I am tempted to buy a bunch and hoard this.

I bought this with my own money when I went out to buy cat food. Coincidence?!? Meow. Let us know what you can’t resist buying!!


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