Is the crazy price of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence worth it?



First of all–who doesn’t want skin like Cate Blanchett? If you put Cate Blanchett in an ad campaign and tell me my skin can look like hers—I’m going to pay attention.

Of course, reality sets in—not in the sense of understanding how genetics, life choices, dermatology appointments, airbrushing, etc. might play a role in skin perfection—in the form of sticker shock.  As much as Cate’s complexion makes me wanna say yes, the price tag makes me say no.

Then last year—I had the good fortune of traveling to Japan for work—the home of Shiseido, Shu Umera and SK-II. The one souvenir I wanted to bring back: SK-II Facial Treatment Essence.


the crown jewel of the SK-II line

This “miracle water” made of 90 percent Pitera–read here to learn more–is the backbone of the SK-II line. I had to have it.

And I did. I ended up buying an SK-II gift pack that included two cleanser samples, a night cream and a 2.5 ounce bottle of the Facial Treatment Essence.  The mask cleansers and cream were fine, but that mysterious water was royal.

On Sephora, the small size is a steep $99. I purchased the entire gift pack for $60. I apply it old school aftershave style, by putting a splash in my hands and then patting it on my face.  It is meant to be used morning and night. I go through streaks when I’m really good at using it and times when I’m just lazy.

Is it worth it? Unfortunately, yes—while no one will mistake me for Queen Elizabeth–I can totally see a difference when it’s a regular part of my skin care routine. I still have about a quarter of the original bottle left, so a bottle can last for a long time.  But a Benjamin is a lot for what is basically a fancy toner.  Luckily, I am on my way to Tokyo this week and I will absolutely be purchasing another supply. Hopefully, at a discount.

Wanna give it a shot? Give a holla and I can see what I can do. Because don’t we all deserve to achieve our skin life goals?

Photos are courtesy of SK-II website. I bought this product with my dollars exchanged for yen. But if SK-II wants to hook a girl up…

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