There seem to be millions of NYX products. These are the ones we love.

NYX! It’s a brand that’s hit or miss for us, but when they hit, it’s a really good hit! I like to think of NYX as the Forever 21 of makeup- they stay on top of the trends, and if you’re willing to spend some time looking, you can score some gems on the cheap. While you can find NYX at a lot of stores, Ulta is a great place to check out their huge selection WITH TESTERS. Also: they often have NYX on BOGO50. !!!


The NYX Micro Brow Pencil is the best dupe I own. A dupe for what you ask? The Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil, which retails at $21.00, and that seems totally reasonable, because if you have used the Brow Wiz, you already know that it’s pretty frickin’ great.  Do you want to know what’s great-er? Saving money. The Micro Brow pencil will set you back only $9.99. NYX has 8 shades to choose from, whereas Anastasia has 9, and they are all really similar so it’s pretty easy to find a match. The formula is a little stiffer than the Anastasia, but not enough to make you mad you saved money.  Plus: spoolie brush. I feel all brow pencils should have a spoolie brush on one end…. life is just easier that way, you know?

Have I ever mentioned that I love highlights? Yes, I do. The NYX Illuminator in the shade Ritualistic is one of my favorites.  It’s not too overwhelming and has a really pretty golden sheen.  I think it’s pretty perfect for everyday. At $8.99 it’s a really great value, and I would say a great “starter” highlight for a first time highlight user. Feel free to use this highlight everywhere (who am I kidding?  Use ALL highlights, everywhere!)


Did you know that NYX has BRUSHES?!?!? And they are really decent! I needed a fluffy blending brush, but was having a hard time finding one I liked at the drugstore, and didn’t want to spend $20 on a small brush. I use this Pro Blending Brush every day- it’s the exact right size, doesn’t shed, and lays your shadow down without much trouble. Sure, it’s $9.99, but they are often on BOGO50 (like right now!), so why not get two brushes?? I think you can only get these online for now, but I think I will be ordering a few more soon.

Last Halloween, my husband and I went as Jack Burton and Gracie Law. I needed a true red pigment for this makeup look, and planned to just use a “close enough” bright blush. But then Pamela suggested I check out NYX. BOOM. NAILED IT. The Primal Colors Pressed Pigments ($4.99) fit the bill perfectly. I assumed I would need to build this color with a few layers, but no- it went on bright in one sweep, giving my Urban Decay shadows a run for their money.


I’d like to give the Hot Black a go, and some of the other colors look like they would just be fun to have on hand. (Let’s see… at $4.99 and buy one get one 50% off… that’s about $30 for all 8. Cheaper than most palettes!)


I’m not sure what YouTuber first told me to set my undereye concealer with NYX High Definition Finishing Powder in Banana, but I’m sure glad they did! The yellow powder seems intimidating, but it is perfect under your eyes–and I promise you–my concealer never creases, no matter which brand I use. It only takes a little bit to do the job–so at $10–it will last you a long time. I use mine daily and I only recently hit pan!


My lip product addiction is real. So of course my next pick is from NYX lip line. I’ve tried their Matte Lipsticks, Soft Matte Creams, Butter Lipsticks and Glosses and the Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks. But my favorite is the Intense Butter Gloss. The pigment is insane and the texture is so creamy. Very rich–in both color and feel. One of my favorites is Spice Cake, a bright pinky purple.


Not only is it a great product–but the price is right. At only $6, you can try out trendy seasonal colors or colors that you aren’t sure you’ll wear that often without making a serious financial commitment.

Making NYX exactly like the Forever 21 of makeup! Have favorite NYX products? We’d love to hear about them. Share in the comments below.

We buy NYX with our own money. Luckily, their products are pretty inexpensive!

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