Hey What’s Up Hello!

You know those friends who, even if you don’t get to see each other’s faces in person as often as you’d like, are always in your life to watch your back? The ones that you can Snapchat from bed in the morning when you still have crazy hair and puffy eyes, but really need to ask about their thoughts on Lemonade? Or that you can shoot a random text to about whether or not you should buy this new lipstick, and they tell you to go for it even if they know full well you have 10 tubes of a similar shade, but this might be the one? The friends that you have to plan whole weekends out of town to spend together, because once you get talking, you talk about EVERYTHING? And also, NOTHING? And it is the absolute best, because sometimes you just need to talk about shit without having anywhere else to be?
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We are Lyn, Pamela, and Jess. We are obsessed with makeup, music, fashion, pop culture, food, and lipstick. We prefer Vans to stilettos. Sometimes, we have adventures. We love a good workout, but won’t say no to a rum cocktail afterwards. We like to try new things. We are not in our 20’s. We are pretty good at some stuff, but we are also still figuring a lot of stuff out… together.

Hello. Will you be our best friends?


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