Wash That Body (Naturally)

While we’re pretty lazy about washing our hair around here, I think we are pretty good at, you know, cleaning our bodies. Most of the time. Maybe not on Sundays. Anywhoo, there was a request a while back for us to review some of our favorite body washes, preferably “natural” ones. BTW- we love your requests, so keep ’em coming!

Many years ago, I took an aromatherapy class. It was neat! I learned that when you first smell a thing (say, a rose), your brain makes a specific “key” to fit in the “lock” marked “rose”. So when you smell an artificial rose, your brain is trying to jam this ill-fitting key into the rose lock, and that’s why you might get headaches from artificial scents. Also, perfumes and fragrances are chemically altered to have tenacious staying power, where essential oils will fade and change over the day. So, sure, I do own some regular perfumes, but I tend to be drawn to things that fall into the “naturally scented” category more.

Well, this request is right up my alley. Since I can’t deal with heavily perfumed products (like Bath & Body Works- seriously, who wants to smell like a Jolly Rancher??), and I realized I have about 5 options in my shower, allow me to introduce you to some of my current go-to’s:

Aveda Shampure Hand and Body Wash

I have a huge place in my heart for Aveda products. When I was young, buying Rosemary Mint conditioner was a special treat between me and my mom. Later in life, I worked for an Aveda spa (where I met Pamela!), and then another one when I became a massage therapist. There is something about the smell of Aveda that feels like home, and their flagship aroma for Shampure is just perfect.

When fall rolls around, I usually reach for Shampure body wash- it’s lavender based scent calms down the stress of the days getting shorter and colder, and just feels like a hug in the shower. I mean, not a creepy hug. Anyway, this body wash has a nice lather and doesn’t leave you feeling filmy or dry, plus a little goes a long way.

EveryOne Coconut Lemon Body Soap

*Shrug*. I picked this body wash up at Target, and it is fine. I mean, the best part is that it is reasonably priced and has a pump on the top- why don’t all shower products have a pump?? The ingredients are very mild, so I do like this one in the winter if my skin is feeling irritated. But overall I feel kind of meh about it. The scent is light, but it doesn’t really make you feel like anything happens when you use it. I give it a solid “good enough for the guest bathroom/better than no soap”. I don’t hate it. It’s fine.

Lush Shower Gel- Beautiful

A few years ago, I got a sample of Lush’s Gorilla Perfume in 1000 Kisses Deep, fell in love, declared it my number one scent, and then obviously it got discontinued. So when I was in the Lush store, lamenting that none of their new perfumes are even close to being as good, a helpful employee tipped me off that this shower gel, in Beautiful, was the same scent!!! I immediately bought a bottle, even though it was like $25 for a dang body wash. So yeah, this is not my every day body wash. This is my need-to-feel-fancy, off-on-a-hot-date-with-my-husband, need-a-luxurious-bubble-bath body wash. This smells divine, and lathers up like crazy, so it’s perfect for a bath. I am rationing it though… and I should probably hoard more because they are probably going to discontinue this too. WHY, LUSH, WHY?????? (They have other scents too- so, maybe you’ll like one that isn’t on the chopping block)

Dr. Bronner’s All One Pure Castile Liquid Soap

Ok, back to the land of reasonably priced things that will literally go down your drain. Hello, Dr. Bronner! This is a staple in my shower- I don’t always use it, but when I do, I’m like “why don’t I always use this??” Probably because it doesn’t have a pump on the top. I could probably rig something up. Anyway! Is this a staple in your house?? It should be. You can buy it anywhere (Target, the grocery store, even TJ Maxx!), it’s made of great ingredients, and the label provides hours of entertainment. It comes in a bunch of different scents, but I like the classic peppermint, especially in summer when it’s hot and humid and you need a little cool relief. It’s also great if you’re stuffy or tired or foggy- the scent clears the cobwebs in your head. Plus you can use it on everything! Even pets! Even floors! Even dishes! Even everything! And it’s the OG natural/vegan/fair trade/not animal tested soap. Go buy some!

Ivory Original Bath Soap

You know, sometimes, you just gotta bring it way back down to basics and buy something that’s under $4 for 10 bars. Enter the classic Ivory bar- so cheap! So unscented! It kind of dries you out a little, but it that “now I really feel clean!” way. Did you know that it floats because someone mixed it for too long and the company was like “….eh? Sell it anyway!” Do you have the “99.44” song in your head now? Sorry. Anyway, we keep Ivory in the shower because, well, it just gets the job done. Kind of like the soap Kermit helps to write an ad for when he gets amnesia and wanders into an advertising agency in The Muppets Take Manhattan:

So, there you have it, at a variety of price points and frothiness levels. What am I missing? Is there a naturally scented body wash that you rely on? Tell us in the comments!


As always, no one ever sends us anything for free, so these are all in my real life shower and purchased with my real life money. Also: perfume headaches are the worst. Keep it natural, peeps!

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