Weird Things I Bought For Vacation (HELP!!)

You guys- I need your help. See, I’m no stranger to traveling or vacations, but this year we are doing a different kind of vacation: a few days at Universal Studios Orlando, and then we jump on a 7-day cruise. How in the world do you pack for this?!?!

We usually do one beach resort vacation a year, and then one or two long weekend city vacations, and I feel pretty solid about planning for those. But this is making me panic a bit! For one, it’s almost a 2 week trip- so long! How many shoes do I need?? There will be many different types of things happening! We have been on a cruise before, so I think I know what to expect there, but I’m sure I am missing some great insider tips for both cruising and for spending days at a theme park. My mind is completely bypassing the holidays in favor of preparing for this trip. Also, I am REALLY ready for a vacation!!

Here are some random things I have purchased in order to make my trip more… efficient? Enjoyable? Nerdy?? I don’t know. Tell me what I’m missing!

Packing Cubes

After watching one million YouTube videos on packing (why are these so fascinating? I’m a sucker for a packing video!), I finally decided to see what the hype is all about with packing cubes. I got this random set thanks to it’s five star reviews, plus you get six for a reasonable price. I already roll my clothes and put my socks and undies in separate gallon ziplock bags, so this feels like the next logical step. I like that I can keep things divided, like my dress clothes that I won’t even need to unpack until I’m on the ship. Will it be a magical solution?? Let’s hope so!

Nerdy Phone Lanyard

Ok- this is soooooo nerdy! But if I’m going to be traipsing around Hogwarts, I’m going to want to have a boss InstaStory without worrying that a magical owl is going to swoop down and steal my phone. So I got this stretchy phone… web? That I can then wrap around my wrist or my fanny pack (hell yes I’m bringing a fanny pack) and snap stories with reckless abandon. I’ve tried it at home and it feels pretty secure! Oh, also last time we were on a cruise I left my phone in the room the entire time (and thus have zero pictures) because I was sure it would fling out of my hand and into the ocean.


This may be in the TMI column, but hey, isn’t that what we’re here for?? Last summer we went to New York and it was HOT, so one day I wore shorts while we bummed around SoHo. Here’s the thing: I rarely wear shorts, and also my legs touch each other. Long story short, by the end of the day my rookie shorts-wearing thighs were on fire and I wanted to die, plus I was walking around like an old timey cowboy. So! I took a tip from the IronMan community and got me a stick of BodyGlide! I don’t even know if it will be warm enough in January to wear shorts, but I’m sure I’d like to wear a dress or two, and both my husband and I will be glad for it on our heels as well- one of us is always making a run to Walgreen’s for blister blockers by day two of a walking around vacation.

Teva Original Sandal

Another thing I don’t wear often? Sandals. On the beach, it’s either Vans or flip flops for me. This trip, though, I feel like I’m going to need something more… amphibious? I mean, Jurassic Park is a water ride and I fully intend to spend some quality time with dinosaurs, and if it’s hot out, there is also a water park available to us at Universal. Also flip flops on the cruise deck are oddly slippery. Since I’m not a big sandal fan, I struggled with this purchase, but ended up with a pretty inoffensive pair from Teva. They’re basically a flip flop with an ankle strap. I might get weird tan lines around my ankles, but maybe I just embrace ankle bracelets for this trip??

A Jumpsuit (Finally!)

I’m panicking a bit about how many things I need to pack. Aside from needing a few swim suits, day clothes, workout clothes, and sleeping clothes, I also need dinner clothes for the fancy cruise dinners. I have prepared myself to endure one laundry day so that I don’t feel compelled to bring 20 t-shirts (I will anyway), but don’t I also need some versatile day-to-night options? Why yes! A jumpsuit will do the trick perfectly! Admittedly this is still on it’s way to me- it could be terrible! But I’m cautiously optimistic that it will both fit and look ok. It will pack down small, will be casual cute with Vans and a jean jacket, or dressy with a pair of boots and some sparkles. Right??

Ok fam- what am I missing?? Are any of you cruise and/or theme park pros?? Am I overthinking this?? Can I wear the same three outfits over and over?? Help a girl out!!


I spent all of my own money on these things, mostly on Amazon, but a few of them during cyber week sales!

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