5 Things I’m Loving Right Now

I’m totally loving this unseasonably warm weather!  But that’s a given. You are too.  But colder temps are on their way back in….. and snow…… It’s February….. It was inevitable.  While we enjoy these last moments of “trick spring” let me tell you about a few things I’m pretty into right now.

Dr. Martens

Like any good goth kid in the 90’s, I had several pairs of Dr. Martens.  All of which have been long since donated.  I never thought when I was 19 that I’d want to revisit them again when I was 40. Silly me, because guess what…. I wish I’d held on to all my old Dr. Martens.  So I bought a new pair (well, two new pairs… you already know about the ones I purchased with my Poshmark dollars.)  They are a bit more sophisticated than any of my previous pairs and definitely just as shiny as I remember them in the 90’s. Maybe even a little more comfortable than I remember, yet still ridiculous to break in (the stiff, quality leather is still a thing my friends.)  They are the shoes I’ve been looking for all winter…. good thing there’s still some winter left.

The Bianca boot… image from Dr. Martens website.

Where my Highlight ladies at?

As Jess mentioned in her “5 Things” post a week or so ago, Drew Barrymore is killing it in the Santa Clarita Diet right now…. but did you know she also has a cosmetics line?  It’s called Flower and is sold at Walmart as well as flowerbeauty.com.  I picked up this new highlight palette at our local Walmart  (for whatever reason I purchased it at Walmart for $12.95, but it’s $14 on the flower beauty site?).  At $12.95 I was feeling a little like, hmmm….. this is pricier than I want it to be for drugstore.  But it does not disappoint!  All three shades are gorgeous and super pigmented…. a little goes a really, really long way.  That brush is totally dumb though.  These highlights are my new fav.  I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a end of winter boost of glow….. or, just everyone!

image from flowerbeauty.com

Hydrated skin

Winter this year has been interesting.  As I type this, it’s 62 degrees and sunny…. In February.  The whole season has been a series of ups and downs.  Not at all bad in my opinion, in fact, pretty easy overall.  But super confusing to my skin, and I’m not alone.  I’m seeing a lot of stressed, confused skin in my treatment room.  Enter Aveda’s new overnight treatment, the Tulasara Wedding Masque. Now, I’m generally not a huge fan of Aveda.  They aren’t what I would call a “result driven” skincare line, but this masque is a game changer.  If the word “masque” and the description of it as an “overnight treatment” are confusing you, I don’t blame you.  A masque usually gets rinsed off after the appropriate length of time it’s on the skin….  so let’s call it a really powerful nighttime face cream.  That’s just easier.  It has turmeric in it to brighten and firm and give you “wedding day” radiant skin every morning.  It’s smells so good, and is just really great.  Nice job Aveda.

image from aveda.com

Girl power

I’ve been proudly wearing and loving my Tiger Lights tee shirt and pin like crazy since it was delivered to my door. Tiger Lights is an awesome little company started and run by Vivienne Fairey (Shepard Fairey’s daughter) and Lola Roberts. Their mission is to “help women and girls find their inner tiger” – which is pretty freaking rad.  A portion of the proceeds go to charities that they believe are empowering and helping women and girls to believe in, and never doubt themselves.  I’ll take one of everything.  Rock on, Vivianne and Lola!

image from tigerlightscreative.com

The Skimm

I’ve mentioned the Skimm on our facebook page, and I’ll mention it again. I don’t read the paper, or watch the news… I don’t even go on facebook more than about one time a day (which seems to have a lot more news than baby pics these days.) I feel like I’m pretty bad at getting any news in my day.  The Skimm has pretty much changed my news life.  And honestly now more than ever I do need to be reading the news.  The Skimm makes it fun and easy.  With wit sprinkled in, you get a “skimmed” summary of what’s up with the US, the world and even some pop culture. With immigration being kind of a REALLY big deal these days, they also have made an easy to use site filled with all the information you need to know about immigration – past, present and future.  If you feel so inclined to read more about the topics at hand, they also conveniently link to all the full articles they source news from.  Get smarter… easier and in less time! Subscribe here and thank me later!


PS.  I bought all of this stuff with my own hard earn cash and it’s all worth every damn penny.


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