If a Beautyblender is used in the forest and no one is there to see it……

Camping.  It has always struck me as a strange pastime….. let’s take all of our stuff into the woods and live for several days at a time.  Having said that, I love it.  I love being in the woods, in nature and not having any obligations other than sitting around a fire roasting hot dogs and marshmallows (and drinking beer, if I’m being honest). But just because I am choosing to live in the woods for a few days, doesn’t mean I’m there to completely let myself go. So, what does a skincare and makeup obsessed girl bring with her camping?

First off, I like to keep in mind that I might not be close to a sink with running water. Cleansing my face morning and night is an absolute MUST. Want to know what’s perfect for that? Micellar water. It feels weird to not actually cleanse with soap and water, but trust me that this will work beautifully to remove any traces of dirt and makeup. AND!  Simple makes Micellar wipes! So super convenient! It’s like these wipes were made for camping.

What about makeup? Keep it basic. On my most recent camping trip, I was slightly shocked to see women in the bathroom with everything from curling irons to beautyblenders. I like to take a more simple approach to camping beauty. Starting with choosing products that work as “multiples.”  For instance….

camping makeup


Bring a tinted moisturizer with an SPF.  Boom. Three products in one – hydrate, tint, sun protection.  I really like BareMinerals Complexion Rescue tinted hydrating gel cream.

A highlight stick goes a long way – use it under the eyes to brighten (leave your concealer at home), on cheekbones, on brow bones, cupid’s bow… wherever you want a little glow… and this one from Glossier also has built in moisture. I am a self professed highlight addict, so I also brought one from ColourPop, for a little extra shine and shimmer.  ColourPop’s makeup application recommendation is using your fingers, no brush needed – which makes this a perfect low maintenance product.  

Skip the eyeshadow. Use the time you save to make s’mores.

Mascara on and brows done are 2 of my “must do” steps, before I leave the house. One brow product that is perfect for your camping makeup bag, as well as for travel in general is Boy Brow by Glossier, which will tame, fill and shape – all in one product.

In the summer I love a little bronzer to “fake” a sun kissed look (this one has added SPF!) and possibly some blush along with one multipurpose brush to apply them with.

I can manage to do this all at the picnic table with a tiny mirror. And I’m done!

Do you camp? Have any pro tips that I haven’t thought of?

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