Pretty good, actually: Axe tobacco and amber deodorant stick

No, that’s not a typo. Yes, Axe.


If you’re like me, you are in a constant state of flux with your deodorant choice. At first I love the smell… then after a while I don’t…. at first it works so well…. wait…. nope…. it sucks. And allow me to share with you how long it actually takes for me to choose a deodorant that sucks: a really, really long time (probably the same total amount of time we are stopped at red lights in a lifetime.) Picking a deodorant seems like something that should be so easy!  Except, it’s not. Now, I admit to having certain standards. I want an actual deodorant, not a deodorant/antiperspirant. It can’t leave any white residue. No flowery or powdery smells. But even given my standards, it STILL seems like it should be easy, especially given that there is most often almost a whole aisle to choose from.

So a couple of weeks ago, fed up with my most current deodorant fail, I decided to switch deodorant teams. After some time in the men’s deodorant aisle (still less time than spent in any women’s deodorant aisle) and smelling a lot of man smelling smells, I discovered the Axe tobacco and amber scented deodorant stick. It’s a slightly sweet yet earthy and smoky scent that’s actually pretty subtle (I know… “subtle” goes against anything I thought I knew about Axe as a brand). It lasts through my work day as well as my workout, and is a clear solid formula that doesn’t leave any white streaks. It only set me back $4.49 and now I have to buy all of it just in case they discontinue it.

Do you share my same deodorant woes? What works for you? We want to know!


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