MeUndies review for you.

Last June, one year ago, I was convinced I had found the best birthday gift for my husband.  I just didn’t know that he had found it first.  It was a subscription to MeUndies (if I’m being accurate, we now had 2 subscriptions, one of which we did cancel).  Anyway, I didn’t know anything about them, I’m not even sure how I discovered them but it seemed fun, and everyone likes a monthly subscription, right?  (I always had felt he was a little envious of my monthly Birchbox)  

One year later and their ads are all over the place.  And though we have since ended his subscription (how many pairs of underwear does a person really need?) they have proven to be selling a really great product.  

So, how this works is you pay a monthly subscription fee of $16.  That gets you one pair of undies a month, and you choose which style you want at your initial sign up – for men -boxer brief, trunk, boxer or brief, and and which color collection it comes from –  the classic solid colors, the bold brighter solid colors, or the adventurous patterns (he went for boxer brief in adventurous.)

Womens cheeky brief and mens boxer brief. Image from

One year since his first pair, here are his thoughts:

The first pair still feels good and looks as good as the last pair received.  The fabric is super soft and stretchy, but keeps it’s shape, as does the waist band.  None of the pairs are losing shape or falling apart.  They don’t ride up, and aren’t too tight, nor are they too loose. They don’t have any annoying or scratchy tags. The only con is that some of the brighter color prints have faded with wear and washing, which is to be expected probably.  

Also, in my opinion, they look really good on him.

All in all this was a great investment (and actually, writing this has prompted me to sign him up again!).  They almost make me consider getting a subscription for myself! (TMI – I don’t wear underwear)

*These MeUndies were bought and paid for by me.

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