First Impressions: Glossier Invisible Shield SPF35

Ever since Pamela introduced me to Glossier–I’ve been obsessed. First, she bought Jess and me the Balm Dotcom lip balm for Christmas a few years back–and it was great. Then Pamela sang the praises of the Milky Jelly Cleanser–so I had to get it–and I still love it as a gentle way to remove makeup and leave your skin feeling so fresh and so clean. Using Pamela’s 20% off code for the first order, I also got their Phase 2 set which includes the classic Boy Brow–which we all love and I need to repurchase–the Stretch Concealer, which is fab, and a Generation G  lip balm. (honestly, i don’t love the lip balm. i think Colourpop has a much better option with their Blotted Lip. it wears better, has more colors and it’s cheaper.)  I then tried their Perfecting Skin Tint. It is extremely sheer, easy to apply with your fingers, light on your sking and has become my no-makeup go-to foundation of late. I wear shade “Light.”

And then there’s the Cloud Paint. It is seriously the greatest blush I have ever owned. Per usual–Pamela was the guinea pig and raved about it–so I picked up two. (they have a 2/$30 deal so you save $6 when you buy two. at least that’s my defense and i’m sticking to it!)  And now I have all four. They are fantastic!

When they announced their new sunscreen Invisible Shield SPF35 with much fanfare, I was curious.

I had received a sample of their Priming Moisturizer on my last Cloud Paint purchase and I really liked it. If I didn’t currently have a ton of moisturizers I’m working through, I’d probably pick it up. (i probably could go three years and not need to buy moisturizer, though.) I just feel like they put a lot of care into their line and generally, get it right with their products. So I was super curious to try their new SPF. Neither Pamela nor Jess were interested in purchasing anything new–so I decided to order and take one for the team. (that’s my justification, at least.)

I placed my order with the idea that I would review it for our face sunscreen post we had scheduled, but alas, it came too late.

But I was going on a vacation to NYC, and I figured I could bring it along and give it a go.

And surprise, surprise–it’s great! It has a wonderful texture that is easy to apply and isn’t at all sticky. It’s a clear gel that sinks in quickly so you don’t have to wait too long to apply your foundation over the top.

It is not designed as a moisturizer, so I would apply it after you put that on. It’s kind of a bummer because it does add an extra step. But oddly enough–I attended the last Nerd Nite in Madison that was the day our sunscreen post went up–and one of the speakers did a talk on sunscreen and how it works! I learned that you really do need to stay on top of your sunscreen game and reapply it every two hours for it to be effective. (also–did you know that it’s illegal to call any sunscreen waterproof? and the difference between SPF 35 and 50 is negligible? or the real difference between chemical or physical  sunscreen? i did not.)

I tried to put this on over my makeup throughout the day when I was in NYC and it doesn’t really work to use it that way. I would use the powder or mist I recommended earlier to reapply over makeup. But if you are legit doing a no makeup day, you could easily put it in your bag and reapply quickly. The packaging is very sleek and light. I had no trouble carrying it around with me throughout my trip.

Even better–it works! I never got burned and I was in the sun a lot. I put it on in the morning and then tried to stay on it every few hours. (i kinda gave up on makeup in NYC. too. tired.)

So add this to the list of wins from Glossier! I have tried other serum based sunscreens and by far this one is my favorite. In general, I think Glossier really does summer makeup better than anyone. All their products are very summer friendly and this sunscreen is a perfect addition to their brand and product stable.

(i’m not in the tank for Glossier. tbh–i also have Glossier’s  masks and face mist–and they are just okay. i’d skip them.)

If you’ve never tried Glossier, and would like to check them out, here’s Pamela’s link that will get you 20% off.

Are you a Glossier devotee? Anything you love that we should know about we haven’t tried? Think you have a face sunscreen we are missing? Leave it in the comments below!

(i bought all this stuff with my own money. i did use pamelas’ code on my first order to get the discount though.)

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