Hot in the City.

The heat is on in Wisconsin, ladies and gentlemen! While we savor these hot and sticky days (well, I do at least) our skin might be telling us a different story.  You see, here in Wisconsin we have the pleasure of having all of the seasons, and that means all of the temperature extremes as well….. which can really confuse our skin and us…. what the heck are we supposed to use and when?  Enter my favorite product to use year round: FACIAL SPRAYS. In the coldest and driest (and darkest) days of winter, to the  hottest and stickiest days of summer, a facial spray can wind up being your best friend.  Refreshing in the summer, hydrating in the winter,  it’s like a drink of water for your skin. It feels great and can be use before moisturizer to prep your skin, or over makeup to set it and/or just to freshen up (wherever Jess, Lyn and I travel we always know where the nearest Sephora is, and frequently pop in for a “spritz” no matter what time of day). Here are three of my very favorites:


Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herb and Rosewater

At $7.00, this is hands down the most cost effective (especially if you go through it as fast as I do)  and I think Jess and Lyn will both agree that we truly cannot live without it.  If I could bathe in this, I would.  It’s really hydrating, smells great and is my daily go to spray, anytime and anywhere.  I have a full size in the bathroom and a travel size in my purse at all times, and if I am being honest, a backup (or 2). Obsessive? Maybe. But hey…  I like to be fully stocked,  just in case I suddenly run out.


MV Organics Rose Hydrating Mist

At the high price point of $44.00, this one is a splurge!  But it smells AMAZING! This is the rosiest of the rose mists, truly divine! I use this one more sparingly due to the cost, most often when I find my skin feeling really ruddy, dry and angry. It is so super calming, soothing and hydrating. It works like a dream to bring redness and irritation down almost immediately.


Glossier Soothing Face Mist

This is the newest addition to my collection of facial sprays, sporting a mid range price of $18.00.  Glossier really can do no wrong in my book, and they definitely hit it home with this one.  While it does have rose water in it, as most facial mists do, it also has honeysuckle flower extract, which gives it just a slightly different smell than most of the traditional rose water mists.  I think it’s quite unique and it feels super refreshing. Get 20% off your first Glossier order here!


Think of a facial spray as the easiest step in your skincare regime that you never know you were missing. Grab a bottle and spritz the rest of summer away…. as well as the entire year!   Do you already have a favorite?  Let me know!  I’m pretty sure I probably can’t live without it.

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