What’s the Deal with Eye Mask Patches?

Korean beauty fixes have certainly taken the US beauty market by storm. What started with the introduction to BB creams and then CC creams quickly gave way  to snail lip treatments and sheet masks with animal faces on them.

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And I feel like I’ve tried them all –aside from putting anything like snail slime on my mouth–although my face is another story–but my favorite Korean beauty discovery is definitely the eye mask patches.

I was born with bags under my eyes–and realistically–I know there’s really nothing you can do to fix genetics. But mornings often greet me with puffiness and some extra lines from dehydrated skin. (Not from age. Obviously.) And some days are worse than others. Eye masks give me a way to make it better. I view them as a giant hug for my eyes when they are feeling low–so yeah–I’m a real big fan.

Eye mask patches are just that–souped-up stickers filled with rainbows and sunshine that adhere under your eyes–promising to do things like brighten under eye circles, remove puffiness and smooth fine lines. Prices can range from $4 a set to $75 for a package of six.  Some masks require that you leave them on for 10 minutes and some take as long as 45 minutes.

I’ve tried a lot of different eye mask patches–mostly on the lower side of the cost spectrum. I’ve also gotten some samples here and there. I use them by putting a pair on–as needed–right after my morning shower. The ones I like the best fit the following criteria:

  •  They stay in place so I can continue to get ready for my day–including brush my teeth, blow dry my hair, and get dressed.
  • They don’t require me to wear them a longer amount of time than it takes me to get ready. 45 minutes is too long. 20 minutes is just right.
  • They don’t sting or stick too hard to my skin.
  • The price isn’t outrageous.
  • They actually do something. As in–I can tell the different from what my eyes looked like before I had them on to what they look like after I remove them.

With that criteria in mind–here are my top five favorite eye mask patches:

  1. Hitece Anit Aging Crystal 24K Gold Powder Gel Collagen Eye Masks Sheet Patch (10 pairs): These were the first eye mask patches I tried–a Christmas present from Jess–and they are still my favorite. They feel amazing while you wear them, they slip a little–but not bad, your eyes definitely look brighter and less puffy after using them, and they are CHEAP! The packaging is straight up bizarro–and I’m never on top of things enough to remember to order them from Amazon–but the masks are great.  If you’ve never tried eye mask patches–start here. $4.50/10 pair!

me with my favorite eye mask patches after a late night out.

2. Earth Therapeutics, Hydrogel Under-Eye Recovery Patch: These guys stick better than the number one pick–but don’t pack quite as much punch. But they are also fairly inexpensive and I do notice a difference after wearing them. The downside is they recommend you wear them for 30 minutes, which is a little long for me. $9/5 pairearth theraputics

3. Skyn Iceland, Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels: I love these patches. These would be my number two option, but they are a little pricey. But you also get a lot of results–quickly–it only recommends you wear them for 10 minutes. $30/8 pair


4.Boscia, Sake Brightening Hydrogel Eye Masks: Boscia was the first BB cream I ever purchased, so I feel loyal to the brand and like to check out their products, especially since they are a plant based skin care line. These patches really stay on and do the best job of brightening under the eye, although they are not as moisturizing as some of the others. But if brightening is your biggest issue–I’d check these out–especially at their price. $15/3 pair


5. Karuna, Renewal Eye Masks: Another great, but pricey option. I received a sample of these and thought they got rid of puffiness the best of the other options I tried. The formula is also very soothing. But–more of a luxury product than a go-to choice. $36/4 pair


I’ve tried the Sephora brand eye masks, and I’m not a fan. They really slip around on your face and feel too sticky to me. Even though they are inexpensive–I’d pass.

Have you tried eye mask patches? What do you think? Any options you love that you think I should check out? Let me know in the comments!

I bought these with my own money, or received them in a subscription service that I pay for as a sample. 

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