Rosé All Day

I don’t know much about wine. But I DO know I like it. And in summer my wine of choice is rosé. This summer I plan to try many different rosés and you’ll get to hear what I think about them. Let’s enjoy a glass together!

EAT, DRINK, LOVE Rosé 2015 - Mouton Noir Wines

EAT, DRINK, LOVE Rosé 2015 – Mouton Noir Wines

EAT DRINK LOVE is a rosé I picked up at World Market. They were having a sale, and who am I to argue? If I am honest, the label and name are really what sold me on this one. This beauty is bottled by Mouton Noir Wines in Dundee, Oregon and it is delicious! It tastes like strawberries and tart rhubarb, but it’s not sweet and not too dry. Pretty great on a steamy, humid Friday night (I opened it on May 27th, and the weather was steamy. Not normal for May in Wisconsin.) And it is the prettiest pale salmony pink, you know, like the color of the bathroom at your grandmother’s house. The label says only 34 barrels produced, and I’m not sure exactly how big a barrel is, but you might want to move on this on this one asap. I’m planning to go get more… sale or not. Cheers!

Do you have any favorites Rosés? What should I try next?

*Hey party people, please drink your rosé responsibly.

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