My favorite songs of 2017–so far

So far, 2017 has been a pretty bonkers year for music for me. I feel like I’ve been a little stressed this year–haven’t we all?!–so I’ve been listening to a lot more old stuff than I normal do.

Generally, I would categorize my music listening at 75% new music and 25% revisiting old favorites or catching up on things I’ve missed.

But this year–I would venture to say those percentages are flipped–so I’m sure there’s a ton I’ve missed.

What I have been listening to this year can pretty much be broken down into four pretty distinct categories: bands who’ve been MIA with new releases, new artists, solo releases by members of One Direction and Future.

Let’s discuss the first two categories in more detail.

Back in Action

2017 has been a year of crazy comebacks. From my list of favorite songs, here are the artists who’s new releases make me completely excited they are making music again and the last year they had a proper release:

2010: Broken Social Scene, Gorillaz, LCD Soundsystem

2011: Feist, Fleet Foxes, Beth Ditto (Gossip, 2012)

2012: Grizzly Bear

2013: Haim, Rhye

And thanks to Thundercat–whose last full album was 2013–we have Michael McDonald (2009) and Kenny Loggins (2000!) back on a fresh track!


R&B continues to welcome interesting new talent into the fold and 2017’s crop of newbies has been lots of fun to check out. Two of my top 5 albums of the year–the few new releases I’ve had on repeat–are Fin, the solo debut from Syd, of both The Internet and Odd Future and Sampha’s first full length album, Process.

Here’s a list of other new artists who have made my list crossing all genres, but admittedly, heavy on the R&B:


Dua Lipa





Jax Jones, Raye

Playboi Carti


Sampha (not that new but finally releasing a full length)


Everything else

I love the song Night Changes like whoa. And Story of My Life never gets turned off if it comes on. But it’s not like I was the world’s biggest One Direction fan. I have no shame in saying that Zayn, Harry and Niall all make my list of favorites so far. (and if you believe that Sweet Creature is about Louis–they are all there!)

My love of Future has been one of my challenges in checking out new music this year. Considering he seems to drop a new album or song every other week, I’m constantly checking out new Future tracks. And I really liked both Future and HNDRXX. So I put on one from each on the list–and really–I kinda count Selfish as a Rihanna track anyway.

And then there’s everything else.

So here’s my full list of favorite songs so far. And as I said–I feel behind on checking out new music–so let me know what you’ve been loving in the comments below and I’ll create a new playlist with your suggestions!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend–and I hope you enjoying spinning this mix!

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