Undercover Hero Products: or three things we can’t live without that you might not know exist

Magicians keep their tricks close to the vest. And while we believe our patron saint, Gwen had it right when she sang “magic’s in the makeup” we are more than happy to spill our secrets!

Each of these products serves a specific purpose, but also acts as a secret multi-tasker and makes life easier all-around. But surprisingly–we were each unfamiliar with the others’ selection!

So here are the products we are dubbing our personal “undercover hero”–and perhaps just what Bonnie Tyler’s been holding out for all these years:


Dermalogica Skinperfect Primer SPF 30


I’ve tried lots and lots of primers through the years and have never really seen the benefit of them… in other words, none of them seemed to do anything for me. Until this one. If I had to guess, this is just totally different because of the dual purpose it offers. We all love killing two (or in this case more than a few) skincare jobs with one product.  Dermalogica’s Skinperfect Primer does just that with an SPF30 for sun protection, silicones paired with soy protein to create a smooth “primed” texture to the skin and peptides to improve the firmness of your skin. It also has a neutral tint which helps even out skin tone. In addition to all those awesome properties I feel it is by far the best primer I have used in regards to increasing the longevity of my makeup.  I use this daily, over my moisturizer – sometimes on it’s own for a “no makeup” day, otherwise I wear my foundation or tinted moisturizer over it. Pro tip: Dermalogica loves to sample their products. If you can find a salon/spa that retails their products, swing by and see if you can get a sample!


Urban Decay Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil


This is seriously one of those products that you look at on the display at Sephora and roll your eyes. What the hell do you need a clear lip pencil for?? Lucky for you, I bought one during a sale where I needed one more thing to get free shipping, and now I’d be pressed to live without it. Here’s why:

As a lip primer, this thing is priceless. It is made with jojoba oil (my favorite!), so it adds some moisture to the lips, which I need-always. The formula, though, is more tacky than slippery, so it really works well to grab onto any pigment (lip color) that you put over it. This little pencil is a godsend underneath drying liquid lip or matte formulas, since it gives you that protective buffer layer and fills in any cracks or bumps in your lips that get magnified with a matte lip. Think of Ozone like double-stick tape for your face- I also like to use it in my waterline to help grab onto eyeliner and prolong the wear, or over a blemish to help concealer grab on.

But that’s not all! If you have issues with feathering, you can line outside your lip line to create a magic “fence” your lipstick won’t cross! If you didn’t do that, and have some feathering, or your lip color went off the rails and you need to clean it up, YOU CAN USE THIS AS AN ERASER. Did I just blow your mind?!?! You can also use it to erase non-lipstick emergencies, like when you sneeze just after putting on your mascara.

Both Sephora and Milani have great dupes for Ozone if you’re interested in giving a clear pencil a try. As we head into fall trends of deep, matte lip colors, I think it’s worth having in your makeup drawer!


First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy: Brighten, Depuff and Smooth


I was born with dark circles under my eyes. And if I get  three minutes less than my requisite eight hours of sleep a night, my bags are packed and ready. Plus I’m always running late in the morning. And by always–I mean–ALWAYS. Thank goodness I found this First Aid Beauty under eye treatment!

I use the light/medium, but it’s also available in medium/deep. As soon as I dry off from my morning shower, I dot a little of this pink cream under my eyes and smooth it across my under eye area with the flat metal applicator. The cool metal helps to settle down any puffiness and the pink cream has a little shimmer that brightens the dark circles and smooths out fine lines.

On low make-up days, I put on a little mascara and lipstick, and I’m done. When I’m going for a more polished look–after I brush my teeth to allow the cream to sink in–I’ll cover the area with my foundation or tinted moisturizer and maybe dot on a concealer. But the great thing is that I really don’t have to use anything else. It’s a fabulous product that accomplishes a bunch of stuff at once–just like the name suggests–and is a huge time saver on days when I need to get moving quickly! I get to moisturize my under eye area, reduce bags, and cover the circles in one sweep. Who doesn’t love a triple threat!

What’s your Undercover Hero? We can’t wait to give it a try! Share in the comments below!

These heroes were purchased with our very own hard earned cash–and are worth it! All photos courtesy of the brand websites.

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