Wet N Wild–a full face review

Like Target, Walgreens has become my new top stop to randomly purchase things I don’t need–and by things–I mean makeup. A recent Walgreens pop- in (for nails, obvs) lead to a Wet N Wild haul.

In my defense–there was a 3/$10 deal and some other markdowns–AND they had a bunch of new products to try.

My love for the MegaCushion Foundation is well documented–it is now my every day foundation. As the color drains on the daily from my face (thanks, winter) I thought I’d try a lighter shade from my normal Creamy Ivory to Light Ivory. And since it was $3 off, why not?

I also love stick foundations, so I decided I’d give the Foundation Stick in Porcelain a whirl.

Part of Wet N Wild’s new products are face primers and sprays. I tend to like products that feature coconut water, so I grabbed two sprays: one coconut water based and one for a natural finish, and a coconut primer.

We are big fans of Wet N Wild’s lip products, so naturally I needed to try the new MegaLast Liquid Catsuit High-Shine Lipstick (as opposed to the MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Lipstick which Jess turned us on to) in Cedar Later.

And they’ve expanded the Liquid Catsuit line with eye shadows, so I got two muted tones to use as primers in Camel Back and Sand Castles. I was nervous about the more metallic ones and didn’t try any of those.

In the end, I got two sprays, a primer, two eye shadows, a lip stick, a foundation stick and a cushion foundation for $24–not too bad!

I did a look on Instagram with drugstore makeup with some of the new products, especially the lipstick and decided since I was so close to having a full face of Wet n Wild makeup, I should do one more Walgreens run to do a full face review.

be kind–i’ve been hella tired lately! (and notice, i never actually put those nails on.)

I had the Ultimate Brow Retractable Pencil off Jess’ recommendation, a highlighter (a gift from Jess back in the day) and a few eyeshadow palettes. I only needed lip and eye liners, bronzer, blush and mascara (which in retrospect was actually more things than i anticipated to buy.)

So back to Walgreens. Sadly, the sale was over, but these are still very reasonably priced products and I had points to use! Yay, Beauty Enthusiast program!

Armed with all the products, I’ve done a few days of looks to give them a try and let you know my thoughts. Here are just some of the ones I used:

ugh–i forgot to take pictures of the blush and bronzer.


The MegaCushion is so great! The Creamy Ivory is too light so Creamy Beige is still my best match. But it’s okay–I just use the new one as a concealer! LOVE.

Liquid Catsuit lipsticks are fab. If you hate the drying effects of a liquid lipstick–which is totally fair especially in winter–grab the High Shine options instead. (white top vs. black top)

Perfect Pout Gel Liners are a steal at $3! Seriously, these are so pigmented and creamy without slipping. I’ll definitely be laying this down with my favorite Marc Jacobs glosses over it. I got Bare to Comment which is a really universal nude shade.

Retractable Brow Pencil is one of the greatest finds around. Thanks, Jess!

MegaGlo Highlighter is really the only powder highlighter I use. Again–JESS WINS! (i didn’t actually wear it in my look though–see below.)


Color Icon Eyeshadow Quads gets the job done. They change their colors very frequently so the one I used isn’t available anymore, but there are lots of great ones out there. These are also very nice to pack when traveling.

Liquid Catsuit eyeshadows are surprisingly good! The colors I got function exactly how I wanted–as primers. They stay on, don’t create and work as a nice base. And you could totally wear them without putting shadow on top. I could’ve put these in the “Great” category, but I haven’t tried the more adventurous ones to verify that for sure.

Stick Foundation was magic one day and just okay another. I don’t love a fuller coverage foundation, which this one definitely is, so I liked it better the day I wore a heavier moisturizer under it to give it a little more dewiness. With just a basic primer, it was a little patchier, but that’s more because my skin is wicked dry right now than the product. I still really liked it and will use it on days where I am looking for more coverage. And the color is a better match than even the MegaCushion right now.

Color Icon Blush in Apri-Cot in the Middle is a very nice peach blush. If you need a peach blush at a very cheap price point–this is a good one. It’s not my favorite and I doubt I’ll reach for it much, but it works.

Coconut 3-in-1 Primer Water is fine. I put it in the “Good” pile because of its price and it did seem to set my makeup and save it from looking too cakey which was an issue at one point. But I do like the Milani ones better for drugstore and I’m currently obsessed with Morphe’s setting spray available at Ulta. Both are double the price of this one. For the money–it works.


Color Icon Bronzer in Palm Beach Ready is one of the new products and it’s a pass for me. Here’s the thing–I just really, really love my Butter Bronzer. I felt like my look was good until I put this on and then it looked like too much makeup. The shimmer doesn’t help–so I didn’t wear a highlighter–but I don’t think it would matter if it had it or not. I’m just faithful to the Physicians Formula. (it also dawned on me that i DID have a wet n wild bronzer–one of the megacushion contours–and i threw it out because i didn’t like it either. and i think i liked that one more than this one.)

Retractable Eyeliner in Dark Brown is a disappointment. It’s very dry and tugged on my eyelids to get it on. There are much better drugstore eyeliners you can get–like any of them–so pass on this one.

MegaLength Mascara is also a pass. It said it was reformulated but I wasn’t into it. My hope is it would be a cruelty-free alternative to the CoverGirl LashBlast which I haven’t replaced yet (although spoiler alert: looks like I won’t have to…) and it wasn’t. Essence has such good mascaras–go with theirs for a cheap but great drugstore mascara.

PhotoFocus™ Water Drop Primer in Coconut Dreamin’ is a NO! I actually had to quickly remove it–it was burning my skin. So no no no no no.

still. so. tired. and it’s weird to wear a flannel, but i’m trying it. also–i got my hair did and my brows tightened right after i took this which is major.

Overall–I think the Wet N Wild line is like any other line with some standout offerings, some really good options and ones that are not worth your attention. The benefit is the price. These products are cheap which makes the highs even higher and the lows not so bad.

Did I miss anything? Do you have Wet N Wild favorites I should try? Have you tried the MegaCushion yet? Let me know all your Wet N Wild comments below.

And thankfully, this line is both cheap and often on sale, so I could afford to do a full face using my own money.

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