This concealer trick has changed my life!

I’ve been super into Colourpop lately (evidenced by the one million lip products that just came today off a lip BOGO i went nuts on recently. i’ll save that until later). So when they had a special on their new No Filter Concealer for its recent launch–again with the BOGO!!!–I jumped on it. Mostly because I’m always on the hunt for the best concealer but also because they’re $6 or in this case 2/$6 so it’s worth a try.

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I ordered two: Fair 04 and Light 10.

There are quite a few colors and a little system to help you select one based on your skin type and undertone which whittles down the options a little.

But buying concealer–or foundation–is tricky to online. You can see from the two I received, they seem like they are very close in color.

And they are, one is just slightly lighter than the other and the Light 10 is more yellow.

I tried them each separately and loved the formula but the Fair 04 was too light. Even more me.

I was thinking about returning it–mostly to see how their return process is to report back to you–but then I saw this:


This video changed my life!!!!

Have I mentioned I struggle with dark circles and bags under my eyes? Maybe once or twice or five times? Hahaha! It actually is my number one makeup concern–how to cover under eye circles.

So when I came across this video off the recommendation on a KathleenLights video, I watched it immediately.

And seriously–HOW IS IT POSSIBLE MORE PEOPLE DON’T KNOW THIS TRICK?!!!!! Did you know this trick? Did everyone but me know it?!!!

Here’s the jist of it: dark circles are both a pigment issue and shadows, so what you need to do is separate the under eye circle into two parts, the top part and the darker bottom part (the shadow).

You then cover the circle by applying two separate concealers to the area. You put your general concealer over the top part of the circle and then a LIGHTER ONE on the darker bottom half one to balance the shadow.

If the lighter concealer gets up into the top part, it doesn’t work because it’s not lightening the actual shadow caused by the top part. WHAAAAAAAT?!!!!!!

I KNOW!!!!!!! SCIENCE!!!!!!!

I’m not gonna lie. I watched this video two times in a row and silently wept with the promise of hope this could work.

And then I tried it. I’m not kidding you–it works!!!!!!

Basically, I accidentally bought the perfect combo to try this with these two Colourpop shades.

I put the Light 10 under my eye over the top part of the circle using my Beauty Blender. Then I dot the Fair 04 into the bottom crease that is the monstrous lower shadow and then carefully blend it going more down in direction instead of up to make sure it’s not mixing with the Light 10. I then apply the It Cosmetics, Bye Bye Pores Pressed Anti-Aging Finishing Powder that I picked up during the Ulta 20% off sales based on Anjee’s recommendation–and boom!–I’m good!

i tried to take a picture in natural light so you can see how good this method looks. i’m telling you–i’m tired and a mess right now–but this double concealer situation is saving me!!

It might seem putzy and an extra step, but I promise you it really only adds a minute to my routine and it lasts all day.

The Colourpop concealer is great. The formula is really nice. It’s thicker than my Urban Decay, Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer but thinner than the Tarte Cosmetics, Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Contour Concealer. And that concealer is $27!! Even at full price you can get the two concealers to try this option for less than half the cost!

I use the Light 10 on other spots ,too and dust it with the IT Cosmetics powder to set it and it’s really nice all day.

Truly, it’s not cakey or streaky or nasty looking.

In fact, I took a photo at the end of the day from the early photo just to show you how it wears:

So if under eye circles are your thing–get on this!!! It is amazing and I’m seriously freaking out daily about how much better that area looks.

And the Colourpop concealers are legit. At any price but especially at $6!

Seriously. DID YOU KNOW THIS TRICK AND DIDN’T TELL ME?!!!! Come clean in the comments below.

And yup–my circles, my money.


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