Are Fenty Beauty by Rihanna lip products worth the price?

In a word–YES!!!

On December 26, Fenty Beauty added the Mattemoiselle Plush Matte lip collection to the already comprehensive makeup line with 14 shades of magic–at least based on how they look on Rihanna’s IG posts.

yup. (photo courtesy of

A December 28th visit to Sephora–both the main store and in JC Penny’s one–was the perfect opportunity to check them out in person.

There was a swarm around the kiosk at the main Sephora, but I used my old school boxing out skills and was able to swatch the colors I was most interested in.

Namely, the ones in more familiar color families than blues and greens.

The swatch was incredible and I walked out with two: Spanked–a “dusty rose” and Griselda–a “bold burgundy.” (after paying for them, of course.)

spanked (photo courtesy of

griselda –i look exactly like this when i wear it. (photo courtesy of

The Bullard sisters and I ventured into the JC Penny’s Sephora to see what they had for holiday sales and I was surprised to find they were carrying the Fenty Beauty line, too.

And per usual, there was NO ONE there. So I had all the time in the world to play with the UNTOUCHED lipsticks on the display.

the monogrammed tops shows they haven’t been used (photo courtesy of

I ended up trying on PMS– a “moody brown” (how great is that!)–and fell in love. But I didn’t buy it. (i will. more on this later.)

I also had time to swatch some of the other colors like the lavender and the sky blue.

Look, these totally don’t work for me and even at $18, which is not bad for a higher end lipstick, I wouldn’t get enough use of it. I’ll stick to NYX for crazy colors.

But all the shades are wonderful for the right person.


Because they function like a lipstick but last like a liquid lipstick.

If liquid lipsticks are too messy for you or you don’t like the time it takes to apply–these are perfect for you!

The color payoff is incredibly bold and it lasts. I drank, ate dinner, was out in the cold with a scarf over my mouth and the color was still holding on.

They are also incredibly wearable. Not at all drying. In fact, they feel even better than most lipsticks because they are very lightweight.

And they are really easy to apply and clean up.

One perceived downside could be their size–they are very slim–appearing like there’s not much product in there.

But it’s really a fair amount and the sleek size is really convenient to throw in a purse or pocket.

While I was at the Sephora, I grabbed the new Sephora Favorites, Give Me Some New Lip Kit, which has Candy Venom–a “hot pink” (aka soon to be jess’ new favorite! you must try it!)

(photo courtesy of

I was really interested in the Marc Jacobs’ full size and the bronze Smashbox that was in there, but I’m super excited to have Candy Venom, too. (and at $28, I would recommend picking up this kit! i really like what i’ve tried so far.)

Let’s talk for a minute about the actual liquid lipstick in the Fenty Beauty line, Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color.

Currently, the only color available is Uncensored, billed as the “perfect universal red”–and I completely agree.

(photo courtesy of

There is some kind of voodoo magic in Uncensored that is very much like the witchcraft involved in Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer.

(photo courtesy of

They are perfection and would look amazing on everyone.

I think the applicator on Stunna is genius and will be duped by everyone soon. It’s a very interesting take on the classic doe-foot shape.

At $24, I think it’s definitely worth it.

But, if liquid lipstick isn’t your jam, I found the Mattemoiselle in Ma’damn to be very close and I think would still be flattering on everyone.

And even if you think you don’t like gloss–because I don’t like gloss–I still think you should try this one. It’s also $18 but it’s my new favorite product in a long time.

I love it so much, I have two. (or maybe try this new duo with a mini of the gloss and signature highlighter?)

So why didn’t I get PMS–the color? I balked the first day I saw it because I just bought two–but after a day of wearing it–I decided it was so worth it.

The couple days later, I went back to the JC Penny’s at Sephora because I had a return (a hilariously terrible dress from kentaro’s project runway collection i needed to see and promptly return) and when I tried to get it–it was sold out! Which is insane since it was super stacked when I went their originally.

I see online they have all the colors available, but there were only a few of the more out there colors remaining.

So yes–I’m ALL IN for the Fenty Beauty lip products I’ve tried.

I haven’t tried any of the Starlite Hyper -Glitz Lipsticks or the Cosmic Gloss Lip Glitter.

But I’m curious.

Let me know your thoughts on the Fenty Beauty line and if you’ve check out any of the other colors or lines I’ve missed.

And yep–still buying everything myself.



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